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Jenteal Uncensored

  • Release date:
    May 20, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 39m
  • Cast:
    Christy Canyon|Jenteal|Melissa Hill|Steven St. Croix|Felecia|Sindee Coxx|Tony Tedeschi|Mark Davis|Brad Armstrong|Cheyne Collins|Chris Cannon|Kira Kener|Blair|Rick O'Shea

Jenteal Uncensored


Genre: Compilation, Jenteal

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Jenteal, Mark Davis, Felecia, Sindee Coxx, Brad Armstrong, Christy Canyon, Steven St. Croix, Tony Tedeschi, Melissa Hill, Rick O'Shea

Length: 98 minutes

Date of Release: 5/20/2003

Extra's: 3 unrelated bonus scenes, behind the scenes for Innervision, trailers, a photogallery, spam, double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. There was too much grain and the colors bled when the lighting wasn't properly adjusted but aside from the occasional artifact, it looked okay. The stereo sound was in English with the vocals clear and the music at varying levels.

Body of Review: Jenteal was one of the best looking gals in the jizz bizz a few years back. While she wasn't known for circus act sex, she did have a beautiful face and body that many men would've loved to enjoy, myself included. Vivid, having most of Jenteal's scenes under copyright, have released a number of compilations in recent years. The latest one, Jenteal Uncensored, is a collection of ten scenes from the Vivid vaults. There were some good scenes here but keep in mind that condoms were commonplace and the scenes weren't all that hardcore (I know many porn viewers these days simply must have anal to enjoy a movie and there wasn't any of that here). Here's a breakdown of the scenes by title, director, cast and actions:

Scene One: Extreme Close Up Jenteal: D-Paul Thomas: Jenteal and Mark in a bike repair shop. Oral and straight with a tiny bit of heat and energy.

Scene Two: Stardust 11: D-Michael Zen: Jenteal and Felecia had breakfast in bed at a hotel before moving to the shower. Pretty warm scene between these two gals. I just thought the wacky voice should've been edited out.

Scene Three: My Secret Life: D-Toni English: Jenteal, Sindee and Brad had a warm threesome on a couch in a cabin. Not bad but mostly oral.

Scene Four: Where The Boys Aren't 9: D-Brad Armstrong: Jenteal and Christy had a slightly warm scene with some hot wax. I just wish it were longer and more complete since it looked so good for it's age.

Scene Five: Open Wide: D-Toni English: Jenteal and Mark had a scene in a dentists office that most guys wished they had. Yum!

Scene Six: Wishbone: D-Michael Zen: Jenteal and Steven on a bed that seemed more romantic than most scenes. Fairly well made except for the lighting problems.

Scene Seven: Riding Lessons: D-Toni English: Jenteal and Tony had a scene in a diner. They had an energetic romp and I liked it a lot.

Scene Eight: Smoke Screen: D-Toni English: Jenteal and Melissa on a bed. The gals looked great together but the scene was way too short. Oral action all the way.

Scene Nine: Tangled Web: D-Toni English: Jenteal and Mark had a very warm scene together on a bed. Oral and straight with some feeling.

Scene Ten: Stardust 7: D-Michael Zen: Jenteal and Rick had a scene outdoors at night on a blanket. Another fairly short scene with oral and straight only. Not bad but limited.

Summary: I always liked the beautiful young lady known to us as Jenteal and that's why I'm rating this compilation as Recommended. I'd have preferred more scenes and a remastered picture but the power of this gals look simply works for me, a lot, so if you like her too-check it out.



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