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Black Sugar

  • Release date:
    November 5, 2003

Black Sugar

Genre: Compilation

Cast: See scenes. 

Length: 1 long hour & 50 long minutes

Extras: A "Slide Show". Also has a screen that lists the
Company Info & a separate one for Cherry Boxxx Picture's website.

Audio/Video Quality: Full frame. The picture was sharp and consistent
with a well-lit "Shot On Video" production. The sound quality was
similar to what would be accomplished with a camcorder too. 

Here's the play-by-play:

Scene One [featuring Aasia]: Aaisa is a girl that has bad skin and
bad teeth. Yet, she's still cute. She has a nice set of full lips. Of course,
she'd be MUCH cuter if these things were fixed...but, alas, they're not. Let's
move on, shall we? The scene starts out with some oral sex. So far not
generating any heat. Then we get into some missionary [with a condom]
followed by some doggy and then even MORE missionary. The scene ends [mercifully]
with a weak shot to the stomach.

Scene Two [featuring Ice La Fox]: Ice La Fox was featured on the first
Cherry Boxxx disc I reviewed. She looks just as fine here as she did there. And,
this scene began much like the first...with some oral.  He was down
on Ice for a while, but once it switched and she went down on him, it took him
some time to get it up...[doesn't make sense to me, but anyways...] After
a couple minutes of this, he lays her back and does her missionary style [no
condom]. This dude does some talking/boasting during the scene that was VERY
annoying. She does some time riding before finishing up with doggystyle. Now,
here's where it gets weird. He's doing her doggystyle and then tells her to get
ready, blah, blah. So she starts to move. That's when the movie cuts to the
title screen that has her name on it [this is how all scenes begin..]. After
about 4 seconds of this, she's on her side and taking a weak shot in her
mouth... Huh?

Scene Three [featuring Unave]: Unave is a cute, dark chocolate sista. A
self proclaimed "freak", she begins the scene by giving her thick lips
a workout. However, there really wasn't that much heat generated and she seemed
as uninterested as I was. So then we switch. Now it's his turn and he delivers
some WEAK head. I don't think i'm wrong with this assessment since Unave is
hardly moaning at all. In fact, I think when she finally sees the camera [I
could tell since she looked DIRECTLY into it], she realizes they're filming this so she
better start acting. CUE the fake moans. Whatever. After a few minutes of this Oscar
caliber acting, she gets on top for a ride on a condom. Blah. During this scene,
I found myself looking around the hotel room. Wondering if there was a bible in
the drawer near the bed. Trying to count how many framed pictures were hanging
on the wall. Then I noticed! They SWITCHED positions! I was hoping the position
change to doggy would mean that Unave would be face down on the bed which would lessen
her monotonous fake moaning. It didn't. After a couple of bad edits, we get
another position change. This time missionary. More monotonous moaning. Please.
Someone put me out of my misery. Thankfully a weak shot to Unave's face does it.
However, it doesn't come soon enough. [no pun intended]

Scene Four [featuring Miss Royalynn]: When we meet Miss Royalynn, she's
already being serviced by a guy. She's got THICK thighs, big [natural] tits and
a little gut. I'm not sure if it's due to thickness, or just the way she's
sitting on the chair. We'll see. Anyways, eventually, it's his turn and in the
space of 5 or so minutes, she proves she's freakier than Unave above [and she
didn't even ATTEMPT to brag about it]. After properly lubing him up, she gets
ready on the bed for some doggystyle [BTW...it's a gut. BUT, it's not
distracting. Well, to me it wasn't] It goes on for a couple minutes before she
hops on top to get a ride. Which she does like a champ. But, eventually all
champions must fall...and Miss Royalynn does too. On her back. For some
missionary. Towards the end, there's a brief discussion on where she'd like to
be shot. They both agree on her face -- resulting in a facial

Scene Five [featuring Tiny]: OK. I'm spending the first couple of
minutes of this scene wondering what's more repulsive...Tiny's anorexic looking
body...or the reappearance of the dude from Ice's scene. I've come to the
conclusion it's a TIE. We start off with some oral. I find myself hoping she
doesn't do it too long. The shorter the time she does him, the quicker he'll do
her. That means his tongue will be occupied. That means he won't be able to
talk. No such luck. They both go on far too long. Eventually she ends up on her
back for her turn. Remember what I said about him not being able to talk? WRONG.
His babbling was SO annoying, I couldn't even focus. I was trying to think of
what I could say to end this scene's review. So, i'll break it down like this.
Missionary. Riding. Doggy. A facial [Believe it or not, NOT as weak as his first
one...guess the talking helped...] A painful scene. Tiny is not ugly, however, a
weave, a change in hair color & some sandwiches would DEFINITELY help her

Summary: This was [hands down] a disappointment. First of all, there
was only five scenes on this disc [Unlike the other Cherry Boxxx compilation
that I reviewed which had six]. And out of the five, there was only one that I
would recommend [and even THAT one had some problems]. From the bad editing, to
the lack of  background music [yes, I know I said it was a pleasant
surprise on Latin Hoochies, but on this one, I REALLY needed something to
distract me from all the vocalization going on...
], to the unappealing
actors...this disc gets a well deserved Skip it.

Unless there's something lower...Is there a pain and suffering rating? I
think there should be.

Oh, and you may be wondering why I gave it a half star...That was for
Ice...and Ice alone. It would've been a FULL star if not for her co-star.


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