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Devinn Lane Show Episode 4, The

  • Release date:
    October 29, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1 h 28m
  • Cast:
    Ian Daniels|Steve Hatcher|Billy Glide|Kyle Stone|Holly Hollywood|Paris|Chris Cannon|Natasha Dolling|Mary Carey|Rhiannon Bray|Nicole Sheridan|Mia Smiles|Devinn Lane|Felicia Fox|Lezley Zen

Director: Devinn Lane

Cast: Devinn Lane, Nicole Shreidan, Lezley Zen, Mia Smiles, Paris Showers, Felicia Fox, Holly Hollywood, Rhiannon Bray, Natasha Dolling, Mary Carey, Chris Cannon, Ian Daniels, Kyle Stone, Steve Hatcher, Billy Glide.

Length: 1 hour 28 minutes

Condoms: Yes

Extra's: This disc has TONS of extras, and I only wish other discs had this much content! To start, there's an extensive 28-minute behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Devinn Lane Show: Episode 4. There's also a Star Interviews section, where we get to watch interviews with Mary Carey, Holly Hollywood, Paris Showers, and Nicole Sheridan. In addition, there are 3 seperate photo galleries (a star gallery, a behind-the-scenes gallery, and a regular photo gallery). Not enough? How about some Star Stats? They also include a Bonus Sex Scene, a FF scene featuring Dru Barrymore and Holly Hollywood. In addition, Wicked's included their usual promo material, and 8 steamy trailers for other videos. All in all, some great stuff here!

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame and had rich colors and good lighting. The picture quality was some of the best I've seen in an adult DVD! You can always count on Wicked to come through in the sound and video department, and this is yet another example of their talent. You really couldn't ask for a better picture! The sound was equally great, with your choice of Dolby 5.1 Surround, 2.0 Stereo, or 2.0 Stereo with an audio commentary by Devinn Lane herself. The 5.1 mix is just sensational, with the rear speakers getting a healthy workout, and the subwoofer even came alive a few times throughout the movie. Top notch stuff!

The Movie: Me and my girlfriend are HUGE Devinn Lane fans, first discovering her on "7 Lives Xposed", so when I saw this title, I just had to check it out. I'm not sure what the other episodes of this series were like, but I wasn't overly thrilled with this one. The premise of the "show" seemed to fall apart rather quickly (and I'm not complaining about that),and the sex scenes seemed to be completely unrelated. They tried to cater to too many people on a single disc, and ended up alienating their core audience. Out of 7 scenes, one was an S&M scene with an Asian girl, 2 were girl-girl scenes, one was a female masturbation scene, one was a MMFF scene, and one was a (HOT) MFF scene. This just didn't work for me.

Scene One: This scene begins with the game show "Show Your Stuff". A fat guy comes out in a thong, and gets the boot. Then the next contestants come out, and start having sex on the set, oblivious to the cameras. The girl (Lezley Zen) has one of the worst boob jobs I've seen, with nipples that sit too high on her breasts, and VERY noticable scars from the operation. In addition, the head she gave in the scene looked terrible. They did your traditional sex positions, finishing with the guy cumming on her tits.

Scene Two: This scene starts with a guy bound and blindfolded, with his Asian mistress in full domination gear. They're in a dungeon-type place (what happened to the game show?). There was some light S&M going on here, but pretty soon it went into your typical sex scene, with the guy finishing up with a facial.

Scene Three: This scene was shot to look like a commercial for sex toys. But before you know it, Devinn and Mary Carey decided to try the merchandise, and were using the vibrators on each other. A full-on lesbian sex scene ensues. Devinn has some pretty nice breasts herself (36D's), but they look so small compared to Mary's gigantic ones!

Scene Four: We're ringside, watching a foxy wrestling match between two beauties in skimpy outfits. The moves get more and more suggestive, and eventually the 2 judges jump into the ring to join the fun. They get and give oral, have sex in a variety of positions, and then unload all over the girls faces.

Scene Five: Here we have a lone ring girl (who's unbelievably hot), wearing a VERY skimpy patriotic get-up, which she quickly removes. She masturbates for awhile with her fingers, and when they can't do the trick, she whips out this crazy vibrator contraption to finish the job.

Scene Six: Devinn's back in this scene, poolside with another lovely lady. They're playing with their vibrators, and before you know it, they're playing with each other. Fingers and toys are exploring every orifice, and they get down and dirty. I wasn't really feeling the costume jewlery they were wearing, but whatever..

Scene Seven: This scene begins with Holly Hollywood visiting a psychic to find out about her future. From there, we somehow jump into a barn with 2 girls and a lucky cowboy. I watched this a few times, and still couldn't figure out how that transition was supposed to happen. Anyway, an extremely hot MFF scene ensues, with them doing every possible position. To me, this was the best scene on the entire disc!

Final Thoughts: I applaud Wicked for continuing to put out top-notch material. Their video and sound can't be beat, and they pack a TON of extras onto their discs. However, even being the huge Devinn fan that I am, I just couldn't get into this disc. Maybe if Devinn had some MF sex with someone, it may have helped things, but I'm just not a huge girl-girl fan. The diversity of the scenes didn't appeal to me (if I want to see S&M, I'll buy an S&M disc), they weren't that hot in my opinion, the girls were just average (with a few exceptions), and the whole concept of the show was lost on me. Others may feel differently, so read my description of the movie, and you make the final decision.



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