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Big Dick Brother 3

  • Release date:
    June 25, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 2m
  • Cast:
    Nacho Vidal|Amanda X|Brenda Boop|Ana Marco|Penelope Crunch|Jenny One

Big Dick Brother 3

Director: Nacho Vidal

Feature Running Time: 3 hours 2 minutes

Date of Production: 6/24/2013

Genre: Gonzo, anal, rough sex, POV, squirtting

Condoms: None

Director: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Starring Penelope Crunch with Amanda X, Ana Marco, Brenda Boop, Jenny One and Nacho Vidal.

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Motion chapter index, multiple chapters per scene, photo galleries, cast list, cumshot recap, trailers, evilangel.com previews

Overview: If you’re a Nacho Vidal fan like me, you already know that any movie he’s directing and performing in is going to be chock full of sweaty, intense hardcore fucking, slapping, spitting, piercings, tattoos and everything else in between. Nacho doesn’t disappoint with most of the scenes in Big Dick Brother 3. The Big Dick Brother series is really a Gonzo-style series showing Nacho fuck the shit out of gorgeous European women in his bedroom. That’s it. Nothing but pussy punishment by the European stud himself. Nacho brings us five seductive scenes with Amanda X, Ana Marco, Brenda Boop, Jenny One and Penelope Crunch, lots of special features, including motion chapter index and multiple chapters per scene so you can start and stop right where you want and the all important cumshot recap. Three of the five scenes bring us that hard pounding fucking Nacho is known for, but a couple of the scenes are interrupted by his POV camerawork, stopping the fucking action to adjust camera angles. That stopping and starting kills the buzz in a few places, but overall, we get enough of the pussy pounding we’re used to from the other scenes. I recommend this movie. All in all, we still get the intense sex with European babes Nacho is known for.

Scene 1: Amanda X and Nacho Vidal

big dick 1

We meet up with Nacho Vidal in his bedroom in the middle of a photo shoot with sexy bombshell Amanda X. This Betty Boop, pin-up looking starlet is posing for Nacho and the camera with her jet black hair, bright red lips, tattoos and lacey lingerie. She’s taking direction from Nacho as she puckers her lips and shows off her ass. Amanda crouches like a cat ready to pounce on all fours across the bed as Nacho snaps more photos then plugs her ass hole with a red, jewel-toned butt plug. She lays on her back with her legs spread wide showcasing her pink pussy and red butt plug. In the middle of the photo shoot, Nacho puts his camera down and starts eating Amanda’s pussy. She’s sitting and grinding on his face as Nacho pulls on the metal piercings in her nipples.  We’ve got a clear shot of Amanda’s ass as she squats over Nacho’s face. Nacho jumps up with his dick pointed like a torpedo ready to be fired. He splits her tight pussy with his cock standing doggy style with her on all fours on the bed while pushing that butt plug even further up her ass. She’s one plugged hole away from being air tight. Nacho whispers in Spanish as we get a close up of his dick running in and out of her cat, and Amanda gets more heated. She’s taking every inch of Nacho’s monstrous man meat and the fucking is just beginning. Nacho keeps us right in the middle of the scene, zooming in close on Amanda’s open mouth as she screams in pleasure. Si! Si!  Amanda does some ass to mouth with the butt plug then keeps sucking it. The pair move to a standing position in front of the mirror and Nacho goes into overdrive, stuffing her box from behind with her breasts flapping. Still standing, they face each other, allowing Nacho to fuck her head on. She finally gets to lick her own pussy juice off Nacho’s cock, slowly swallowing his mushroom head and licking his balls, leaving a trail of spit on his shaft and on her breast. She likes sucking dick. Nacho tittie fucks her, lubing her breasts with his own spit, and putting us in POV position, looking down into Amanda’s eyes. He takes her to the bed, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl fucks her, making sure we get a clear picture of the pussy punishment being inflicted, slapping her pierced clit before sticking his dick up her ass. She seems to beg for mercy while taking Nacho’s full girth in a spoon position. By the time Nacho flips Amanda on her side, her ass hole is open, wet and taking Nacho’s full length. Nacho squats to push his cock deeper into her ass then fingers her like a mad man before attacking her pussy again and shooting cum across her mouth, face and bed sheet.

Scene 2:  Ana Marco and Nacho Vidal

big dick 2

Nacho continues his model photo shoot with a topless Ana Marco sitting cowgirl across a white chair, standing in front of a mirror then lying in various poses across Nacho’s bed. She sits on the floor while he stands over her to take photos. Nacho then bends over, spits in her mouth several times before sticking his dick in her wet mouth. The cock sucking begins as Nacho instructs her in Spanish. She’s holding on to his dick with two hands, jacking and sucking, while Nacho grips the back of her pony tail, pulling it tight and pushing her head into his dick. He starts making her gag by hand feeding his meat down her throat. Her gag reflex is in high gear and she’s dribbling like a faucet. They stand in front of the mirror with Nacho working his pole into her hole from behind, still spitting into her mouth every time she opens it to scream and pulling her arms tightly behind her back. He lifts her into a standing reverse cowgirl before they both fall onto the bed in the same position, with Amanda’s red panties pulled to the side. This time, she’s in control, riding and grinding tightly on Nacho’s cock, but it’s not long before Nacho is back in the driver’s seat, spoon fucking her while she sucks his toes. He starts slapping her face and spanking her ass all while drilling her. Nacho sits up to let her ride him then pulls her body close to his in cowgirl position so he can suck her tits. Nacho flips her on her stomach, squats over her ass and runs his cock in and out of her like a sledge hammer. He pins her head in place with his foot and continues to fuck then stands up quickly to blow his cum load in her cupped hands. She rubs it all over her face like precious moisturizer. They end the scene in the shower, with Nacho dousing her with cold water.

Scene 3:  Brenda Boop and Nacho Vidal

big dick 3

It’s hard not to notice that all these girls in Nacho’s bedroom have big, juicy asses and nice tits, and Brenda Boop is no exception. She walks across Nacho’s room and plants herself on his bed with her ass up in the air. Nacho’s controlling the camera and we’ve got POV vision. He starts eating her ass and pussy but has to stop to position the camera so we have a full view of him burying his face between her cheeks. Nacho moves straight into the doggy fuck, starting to push his dick into her pussy, but stopping to zoom the camera in. He’s finally got the scene perfectly positioned on the screen and we see him fucking her. But he stops again to adjust the camera then continues fucking Brenda, who’s now lying on her stomach across the bed. Despite the false starts, she’s really enjoying Nacho’s cock and light spanking. Cut to a closer view of the action. Nacho’s holding the camera with his right hand while fucking her. He’s pretty good at keeping Brenda’s body in full view while manhandling her with his meat. She sits up and moves closer in to the camera, jiggling her tits for us, highlighting her chest piercings before attempting to deep throat Nacho’s tool. The POV puts her face right in ours with those big brown eyes staring up at us while Nacho tittie fucks her, spitting down her cleavage. Nacho throws her back on the bed, opening her legs up in a 90 degree angle so he can carve into her. The action is hot if you don’t mind the starting and stopping and the repositioning of the camera. He finally puts the camera back in a stationary spot across the room so we can watch Brenda ride him cowgirl in full view. They move closer to the end of the bed so her pussy riding his pole is in full perspective. Caliente, she says as Nacho shifts gears in the cowgirl action, forcing her up and down his dick. Nacho goes back to handling the camera himself, zooming in on Brenda riding him.  We get a better view of the piercings at the top of her cleavage and through her left nipple. She starts sucking his tower and licking his shaft with Nacho whispering how much he likes it. With the camera back in a set spot, Amanda lays on her stomach on the bed then sits propped over a high chair, letting the standing Nacho slam her from behind. Her pussy is squirting now. Nacho grabs the camera and brings us closer to action to see Brenda’s wet, dripping box. The pair continues the standing, doggy action over the white sofa. We see the fucking from across the room then in POV. Brenda is taking it like a trooper as she moves to sit on him, bouncing up and down on his man muscle and being spanked like a naughty girl. Nacho grabs the camera for a little more POV, following Brenda from behind, watching her crawl across the room before he spits down her ass crack and plugs her pussy with his prick. This pair loves standing doggy and now Nacho’s making her pussy fart unbelievably loudly. He keeps the piston pumping, moves the camera in closer then sits her on his cock again before laying her on her back to penetrate her POV. The fucking just doesn’t stop as they move from position to position on a lounge chair. Brenda’s hosting Nacho’s dick from every conceivable angle, including being pinned to the floor before Nacho cums on her face and spits on her tongue then finishes her off by rubbing his feet across her tits and mouth. Not a bad scene if you can get over the starting and stopping to adjust the camera.

Scene 4: Jenny One and Nacho Vidal

big dick 4

Scene four with Jenny One has more of a behind-the-scenes feeling. It opens with Jenny and a couple other girls chatting on the sofa. We can hear Nacho talking in the background. He walks up and tells the other two girls goodbye and begins to work on Jenny. She’s got long blonde hair with bright blue highlights. Nacho is rubbing her inner thighs and eventually makes his way to her plump tits, grabbing them, squeezing them together and sucking them. He stands up to hand his dick to Jenny, jacking it at first to make it harder. Jenny tastes it then gets into a better position for maximum reach. Nacho’s standing against the bed and Jenny is crouching in it, inhaling his pecker. She’s slobbering and chocking on it now while Nacho grips her behind her neck while he starts fucking her mouth. She comes up for air, revealing her pierced tongue. Nacho fucks her tits and chokes her around the neck, dropping strings of drool down her throat. She moves in to the camera, bouncing and squeezing her big tits. Nacho turns her around and fires spit balls between her cheeks, burying his face up her ass. He’s working the camera again and stops to reposition it before slowly fucking her from behind, wrangling his dick in deeper while Jenny gets more comfortable in doggy position on the bed. Nacho’s standing behind her, pile driving her pussy with cock. He’s in there good now and she’s feeling it. Nacho spoons her, filling her hole and keeping her leg up in the air. Her tits are spilling out over her corset, flapping up and down as she leans back to shove her tongue down Nacho’s throat.  “Muy grande,” she says, obviously talking about Nacho’s piece. He attacks her pussy with his fingers, making her squirt and causing a big puddle in the middle of the sheets. Jenny takes control now, cowgirling Nacho, in and out, fast then slow, but Nacho soon turns the tide, pumping her from underneath. He’s got her where he wants her. She’s pretty in blue with her voluptuous tits and thick thighs bouncing. Jenny sits on Nacho, reverse cowgirl, and leans back letting him plow her field.  But it’s not long before Nacho puts her in his favorite position, flat on her stomach while he squats over her ass and directs his dick straight down into her spot, like an oil drill. Her screaming says it all. She’s about to cum, but it’s Nacho who starts fast pumping, pulling out quickly and positioning his dick over her face and cumming, although not much. He pours a bottle of water over her face, washing it clean.

Scene 5:  Penelope Crunch and Nacho Vidal

big dick 5

The main star of the film, Penelope Crunch, steps into view in the final scene of the movie. We’re in POV porn again. Nacho is holding the camera and is busy admiring her soft, supple, smooth face, caressing it and zooming us in closer to admire her pink lips. He’s complimenting her in Spanish, feeding her mouth with his fingers and she’s responding with her tongue.  He pins her up against the mirror while they continue to kiss passionately. Penelope’s still standing when she drops her top and plays with her tits before Nacho sits behind her and pushes his face up her ass. She’s grinding her ass right into his face but Nacho stops to move the camera in closer to Penelope’s ass. She slips off her checkered pink shorts, revealing a checkered pink g-string tight up her crevice. After a little more teasing and ass play, Nacho slowly inserts his dick up her pussy, loosening it up with slow, long strokes. But it’s not long before they pick up the pace with Penelope grinding to capture more of Nacho’s cock and Nacho slamming his body up against her ass. Penelope is in full doggy mode now, pressed up against the mirror. The fucking stops just briefly so Penelope can swallow Nacho’s penis. She’s into slow swallowing, mashing Nacho’s dick head against the inside of her cheeks. Penelope’s a cock worshipper. Cut to Penelope on all fours near the edge of the bed and Nacho walking up behind her, reintroducing his prick to her pussy, and she’s taking it in stride. Nacho soon shifts gears, pounding harder and faster and Penelope’s begging screams get louder and louder. Nacho repositions the camera and Penelope moves into cowgirl position, riding him like a dominatrix. She switches to reverse cowgirl but we’ve got the POV perspective, so we’re seeing her ass checks go up and down, gripping Nacho’s meat. The pair moves to an ass pounding doggy fuck on the bed that gets Penelope excited followed by a slow, sensual spoon fuck with lots of tongue kissing action. Nacho puts her on her back and continues the slow fuck but adds some hard face slapping. Nacho positions Penelope on her stomach while he straddles her ass and fucks her hard before putting her in a reverse cowgirl, facing the camera so we see her face, tits and pussy while she rides. She plays twister on his dick, turning 180 degrees to a steady cowgirl before Penelope pulls his dick out, jacks him and licks up the cum shooting up toward her mouth. Overall, I think the action in this scene was a little slower than the rest of the scenes and it lost some of the sizzle Nacho manages to bring out with the other girls.

Final Thoughts:

International porn star heartthrob Nacho Vidal is at it again with his third installment of Big Dick Brother. He brings us vivacious European girls all getting fucked in his bedroom Gonzo-style. There’s no storyline, not plot, just the hard, body-slapping, rough fucking Nacho is known for. Overall, I recommend this movie; we get enough of the rough fuck in at least three of the five scenes. But the pace in two of them runs a little slow with Nacho’s POV filming, starting and stopping the sex to adjust the camera. It starts to drag a couple of the scenes down. But beyond that, die-hard Nacho followers shouldn’t be disappointed. There’s more than enough piercing, spitting, slapping, gagging, anal fucking and cum splashing to go around.


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