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Big Dick Brother 2

  • Release date:
    May 8, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 0m
  • Cast:
    Noe Milk/Amanda X/Marta Sauz/Laura Peralta/Carolina Abril/Jesika Diamond/Rachel Woods/Brenda Boop/Nacho Vidal

Category: Gonzo


Cast: Noe Milk/Amanda X/Marta Sauz/Laura Peralta/Carolina Abril/Jesika Diamond/Rachel Woods/Brenda Boop/Nacho Vidal

Director: Nacho Vidal

Extras: Photo Galleries/Trailers/Web

Release Date: 5/8/2013

Runtime: 180 Mins

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Scene 1: *Scene to Remember*---------------------------------------------------------------

Amanda X/Marta Sauz

Tit Fucking/Ass Eating/Doggie/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Cowgirl/Cunnilingus/Reverse Cowgirl/Spooning Rimming/Squirting/Facial/Cum on Ass (Low Volume)

The introductory moments of the weirdly titled 'Big Dick Brother 2' begins as we see a bts kind of viewing of Nacho snapping pics of mega eurobabes Amanda X and Marta Sauz. These girls are dressed whorishly to the nines looking utterly fantastic as they strike some poses for Nacho in the coming moments. The action begins after Marta opens her bikini to expose her tits as Nacho and Amanda spit on them before Nacho takes off his prison jumpsuit and rubs his dong over them. After the initial doggie style sex, a vibrant and sloppily wonderful double blowjob ensues. Wonderful segment here; Amanda lies under Marta and catches all of the dick drool that falls out of her mouth as she coaxes her along. Some very nasty sex acts laced throughout this scene, lots rimming and forceful deepthroats along with some epic squirting from Marta before Nacho shoves her head into the mess that she made on his bed. Great scene here with some good intensity from the girls as well as Nacho.

Scene 2:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Laura Peralta/Carolina Abril

Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Rimming/Standing Doggie/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Cum on Back/Cum Eating (Medium Volume)

The second scene begins again with Nacho snapping photos of Laura Peralta and Carolina Abril before he can barely contain himself and dives face first into Carolina's pussy. Laura steps in once the bj begins as each of the girls fight to take the better half of Nacho's meaty member into their mouths. In the latter stages of the scene Laura conjures up a nice and sloppy throat job as Nacho jams his member as deep into her mouth as physically possible before the scene eventually caps off with Nacho blasting a jizzload over Laura's upper back and Carolina laps it up. Great scene here that has some seriously strong sex in the closing moments.

Scene 3:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Amanda X/Jesika Diamond

Blowjob/Facefucking/Heavy Deepthroating/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Spooning  Missionary/Hand Release (Medium Volume)

Scene three starts as we see luscious big-haired punky girl Jesika Diamond alongside Amanda X as it seems that Nacho didn't get enough of her in the first go-round. Nice intensity from the start here as both girls feast on Nacho's pole like it's the last morsel of food left on the planet before the sex begins in a doggie style pounding given to Amanda. As the scene continues it gets progressively stronger and I'm simply loving Jesika's stylistic features when she becomes more prevalent in the scene. By the time this one ended it had me looking into this new euro girl as her addition to this scene was simply awesome. Great scene.

Scene 4:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Noe Milk/Rachel Woods

Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Standing Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Cunnilingus/Cowgirl/Double Facial (Medium Volume)

Next up is ebony beauty Noe Milk who first appears on screen with her ass jiggling nicely in our view before panning up to show Rachel Woods standing next to her. The two playfully tease for a short time before Nacho eventually enters view for the introductory bj. Rachel's red lipstick is smudged all over her face as well as Nacho's cock in mere moments as this sensual POV blowie is one of the films best in my opinion. Sloppiness gets downright awesome here as Nacho dunks his dickmeat down each of the girls' throats while they continue to show off their skills. This scene is another super-charged Nacho fuckfest and Noe and Rachel are fucking wonderful through its duration.

Scene 5:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Laura Peralta/Brenda Boop

Ass Eating/Standing Doggie/Cowgirl/Cunnilingus/Reverse Cowgirl/Tit Fucking/Cum on Tits (Medium Volume)

For the final scene in Nacho Vidal's 'Big Dick Brother 2' we see Laura Peralta in her second scene in the film, along with Brenda Boop as both girls are decked out in slutty schoolgirl attire. Laura is the first to wield Nacho's dick in a standing doggie style fucking, before some solid sloppy bj fun from the girls follows. The scene moves on very well, with both babes getting their fill of Nacho dick before Brenda finishes him off with a magnificent tit fucking finale. Great scene!


Nothing severely spectacular in this movie, but the sex is definitely there. If you've followed most of Nacho's recent releases as of late, you'd notice that many of them simply consist of him having girls up to his room and rifling through truck loads of hot euro pussy. This one was no exception to that, and the girls were gorgeous for the most part. This one definitely merits a recommended grade, if not higher for those who are big fans of Nacho's more simply created gonzo flicks. Fans of euro girls are also sure to enjoy.


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