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Best Ass In The World

  • Release date:
    April 16, 2003

The Best Ass In The World

Evil Angel/Tropical Angel

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Director/Producer/Writer: Stanlay Miranda

Cast: Jazmine, Nacho Vidal, Deborah Taylor, Christian Wave, Nicole Maya, Crisbel, Fabio Scorpion, Tabitha, Vivian Mello, Maurinho Manson, Sharon + Gisele Prado (bonus scene only)

Length: 139.5 minutes

Date of Production: 4/1/03 (box), 3/10/03 (credits)

Extra's: Bonus scene with a she-male, photogallery, cast list, filmographies, paper insert catalog for Evil Angel, fetish menu

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in full frame format and was admittedly one of the weaker looking shows I've seen from the folks at Evil Angel. It looked like something from Legend or Sin City much of the time. The audio varied quite a bit too but was generally okay. The good news is that the actual sex was better than average, if somewhat weak for Evil Angel, so the technical problems didn't kill it this time.

Body of Review: Ask anyone for a list of the best Gonzo companies in porn and you'll hear very few choices. Aside from some newer startup companies that are beginning to make waves, the long standing champion until recently has been Evil Angel. Why? Quite simply, they have some of the best directors in the business and the experience most companies only wish they had. The company founder, John "Buttman" Stagliano, has a passion for ass that is unsurpassed, even after all these years. As the company expands it's product line though, not all titles will be able to meet the high expectations of the past. Sure, Jules and John are considered keen eyes but there's a need to find bright new directors to fill in during the expansion. Enter Stanlay Miranda and the title I'm looking at today, Best Ass In The World.

The movie focused on ass and that's a good thing but the director seemed to forget the basics of camera work and lighting far too often. I'm used to Evil Angel providing the best asses in the world even if the technical stuff takes back seat to the actual sex (i.e.: rather than the sanitized looking lighting and clear picture of a Red Light District movie, they focus almost exclusively on sexual heat) and Miranda's heart seemed in the right place as he imitated his hero Buttman, but he just couldn't pull it off as well (an impossible task, to be sure). Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and a bit of action but know that there was lots of anal and this time condoms were used in most scenes (safety issues):

Scene One: Jazmine, sadly billed as having her last scene with Evil angel, took on the world famous Nacho. The two certainly had some chemistry together and I'd be lying if I said they lacked chemistry as she held on for dear life. No, she's not the cutest looking gal who ever gave her ass for the pleasure of millions but she does help make a case for ability over looks. Very warm scene in both oral and anal categories.

Scene Two: Deborah, the gal on the upper right of the dvd cover, took on Christian in this scene. Frankly, I wonder whether or not the gal that was originally hired for the scene flaked and she was a last minute replacement as she didn't have a very good looking ass and her looks were not up to par either. The two fought and I suppose that was to introduce a grudge-fuck element but it didn't work. She did lactate here which may appeal to some fans but not me.

Scene Three: Nicole, a blonde that had a great ass although her face looks better from a slight distance (dvd is harsh, sorry) and is on the upper left of the dvd cover, took on both Crisbel, the gal on the lower right of the dvd cover, and Fabio after a bit of teasing for the camera. Foot fetish fans will appreciate this one even more than I did. It was pretty warm at times although I'm not sure if Crisbel fingering him in the ass was all that special.

Scene Four: Tabitha, the mixed blood gal on the left middle of the dvd cover, took on Christian as he licked her feet and hoochie. The two liked the oral but she wasn't as into it as some of the other gals. Most of her moans seemed a tad overacted which is a turnoff for this reviewer.

Scene Five: Vivian, the middle gal on the right side of the dvd cover, warmed up by teasing the camera on the patio. She then engaged in sex with both Fabio and Maurinho in a very warm scene that included oral, vaginal and anal sex. The big kink here was that she took over and bent rover over to give the poor guy a bone of his own. In layman's terms, she used a strap on dildo on the guy. Ouch! Interestingly enough, it looked kind of hot (readers should please refrain from sending this reviewer offers to do likewise to him-the term "exit only" still applies to my behind). It was a pretty hot scene and she did have a great looking ass. In a sense, Evil Angel has been on the cutting edge in the past and this may be an attempt to do so again rather than sit on it's laurels.

Bonus Scene: Sharon, owner of a very nice ass, masturbated and played with herself for awhile until Gisele had a turn. I suppose it'd be fair to say that Gisele is the best looking guy with breasts that I've ever seen but since he's the only one, it wouldn't mean too much. I'm not into she-males so I really don't have much to compare him to but that's just an aside. In any case, the two of them fool around a bit and he wraps his rascal before they bone. Not the best action I've seen between a guy and a gal but I've seen worse too.

Summary: Personally, I prefer the titles that are directed by one of Evil's two Johns or Jules but variety is the spice of life and maybe Miranda can learn enough technical know how to improve with his next outing. Otherwise, the movie was certainly easy to Recommend although not quite enough to go with Highly. The asses were often very nice and thick/round and the action was very good or better in several scenes. I'm glad the company isn't fixated on going condom free but the circumstances should dictate the terms. I look forward to future efforts and hope they tend to the technical stuff quickly.


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