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Virgin Surgeon

  • Release date:
    September 26, 2003
  • Cast:
    Mark Davis|Benjamin Bratt|Kurt Lockwood|Bobbi Eden|Shayna Knight|Wendi Knight|Mark Wood|Serena South|Tracy Kelly|Marylou|Diana Doll

Virgin Surgeon

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mark Davis (with help from Mike Quasarman)

Cast: Tracie Kelly, Mark Davis, Shayna Knight, Mark Wood, Sue Diamond, Mary Lou, Benjamin Brat, Bobbi Eden, Serena South, Kurt Lockwood

Length: 135.5 minutes

Date of Production: 8/4/03 to 8/6/03 (box), 7/4/03 to 7/7/03 (credits)

Extra's: 17 minute long Behind the Scenes, 14.5 minutes of striptease footage by the female performers, cumshot recap, photogallery, double sided dvd cover

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture looked a bit faded to me, most likely an effort on their part to make it look like it was recorded on film rather than videotape, but only the most discerning viewers (like me) will probably care. There was a bit of grain and some minor motion artifacts but it was otherwise okay. The audio was presented in stereo English and except for a couple of spots where the vocals were uneven, it was okay as well.

Body of Review: Zero Tolerance is a company that advertises they have zero tolerance for: dumb fucking dialogue, ugly bitches, stretch marks, Tijuana boob jobs, stupid tattoos, fake orgasms, limp cocks, weak pop shots, hookers who hate fucking, sorry ass suitcase pimps, crack whores, and bad pornography. While time has proven the tattoo aspect of their mission statement the toughest part to admit defeat on (to be fair, Zero Tolerance has kept the tattoos to a minimum on the women at least), they have a good formula and have been trying to improve their releases over time. In their latest release, Virgin Surgeon, the company shows a group of attractive gals who have mostly limited experience in front of the videocamera. Each of the six scenes started off with a short interview and tease sequence before the oral and straight action. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Tracie, a cute blonde 19 year old with a very lean body, and Mark, had a scene on a couch. This was her first time on camera for Z.T. and she looked like a champ. While not as sexually skilled as some of the professionals I've watched lately, I hope to see more of her soon. Like the other scenes, the emphasis is on oral and straight sex.

Scene Two: Shayna, an 18 year old German brunette with girl-next-door looks, and Mark W., had sex on a bed. This gal was quite a screamer and while I don't think his small penis caused her to yell out so much, a lot of guys like it when the gals are vocal. It was a bit too tame for me but she did end the scene with a no-hands blowjob and swallowed the tiny load her gave her.

Scene Three: Sue, a 27 year old attractive blonde from Slovakia, and Mark, had a scene on a couch. The couple was playful in their actions and the oral was interspersed with vaginal sex. I really liked this one and hope to see her more as well. Warm!

Scene Four: Mary, a tiny gal from Mexico with hardly any curves for those of you who like them to look very young, and Benjamin, had a scene after Mark undressed her on the staircase. She seemed to like the action but it wasn't as playful as it probably would have been with Mark at the helm. Like most of the gals, she took a facial and it wasn't bad.

Scene Five: Bobbi, a curvy blonde from Nederland that has just started working with guys other than her husband, and Mark, had a scene on a couch. I thought she was great in the scene. Her curves were kicking and sexual skill far beyond that of the other women in the show which made this a winner of a scene for me. I think it was the longest scene of the bunch as well but time flew when I watched it (twice).

Scene Six: Serena, a 20 year old gal I just saw for the first time in Trained Teens 3, and Kurt, had a scene on a couch by some stairs. I think she has a very attractive face but I wish she had a curvier figure (and fewer tattoos). It was a warmish scene.

Summary: While this wasn't the strongest release I've seen by Zero Tolerance, it certainly had a lot going for it. The women were attractive, even if a couple looked too young for my personal tastes, and the action was generally solid. I'm going to rate it as a solid Recommended although those of you who like younger women might think it's even better. Zero Tolerance is on the right track and hopefully their future efforts will continue to improve.


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