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Below Tha Belt

  • Release date:
    August 19, 2003

Ever lock eyes with a beautiful girl and have a fantasy about her just dropping to her knees and giving you a blowjob right there and then? No, it's never happened to me, either – but we (sort of) get to live out some of those fantasies in Below Tha Belt, a blowjob-only DVD from All Great View.

The first scene brings us what a lot of guys wish would happen at least once in their lifetimes. You're sitting in your car with your girlfriend at the drive-thru (because you're such a cheap date!) and the girl gets frustrated that the line is so long and the place you are at doesn't offer the kind of food that she wants. So she takes her pent-up frustration and starts giving you a blowjob right there and then! Justine Romee is the girl featured in this first scene and she does a great job playing out this little fantasy.

If a lot of guys have a fantasy about being blown in a drive-thru line (or another public venue), I guarantee you almost every guy has a fantasy about scene two on this DVD – which has blonde Calli Cox and brunette Gia double-teaming a guy's tool. I've never been lucky enough to experience this kind of action (hell, finding one girl is hard enough work!), but this scene sure helped me fantasize about what it might be like!

Even though my personal ethnic background can best be described as WASP, I must admit I've been harboring a fetish for Asian women for many a year. Once again this is probably due to the fact that I live in a part of the country without a huge Asian population – but that probably also explains my enjoyment of the third scene on this disc, where young Asian girl Sin-Nye Lang gives a guy head.

If you're like me, at one point or another in your life you probably resided in an apartment and the only way to wash your clothes was to go to the laundry mat. Of course, any guy that's done this knows that there are occasionally some very hot chicks that come into the laundry mat – and I've often wondered if the girls were checking out the guys as well. Well, scene four of this DVD sort of explores that idea, as Belladonna (the one from the infamous PrimeTime Live special) is washing clothes and fantasizes about a cock popping up on top of the washing machine. She can't resist putting it in her mouth…and pretty soon she's got a gooey reward sprayed all over her face.

Although the second half of the disc doesn't explore the fantasy element as much as the first half does, the rest of the DVD includes scenes with blonde Lacey Barnes, brunette Sascha and redhead Brandi Lyons. Of these final three scenes, Sascha's is probably the best, due to the fact that she gets one impressive cumshot which practically covers her face. Lacey's scene is also somewhat cute, in that she begins by looking around the kitchen of her home for something she can't find…and then finds exactly what she's looking for when she comes across a guy's hard tool!

Even though the running time on this disc is only an hour, it is pretty well put together for a DVD and you'll find more stimulating action in the material here than you would in double the time on most adult releases. The DVD also contains a trailer for this movie, a chapter selection that enables you to jump to your favorite girl, and a listing for the website – should you want to find out more or keep abreast of future releases.

An excellent choice for viewers who love watching young girls give blowjobs!


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