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Legendary: The Best of Belladonna

  • Release date:
    July 31, 2013
  • Runtime:
    6h 16m
  • Cast:
    Sandra Romain|Cytherea|Joanna Angel|Belladonna|Aiden|Dana Dearmond|Alexis Texas|Bobbi Starr

Legendary: The Best of Belladonna

Evil Angel/Belladonna Entertainment/Deadly Nightshade

Genre: Compilation, Belladonna

Director: Belladonna & Aiden Riley

Cast: Belladonna, James Deen, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong, Mr. Pete, Mark Wood, John Strong, Cytherea, Joanna Angel, Dana DeArmond, Bobbi Starr, Alexis Texas, Sandra Romain

Length: 375:52 minutes (176:52 minutes & 199:00 minutes)

Date of Production: 5/14/2013

Extras: There was a cast list on both discs (the kind that annoys me endlessly-a revolving one), some trailers, filmographies, a photogallery for each scene, and a company trailer.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Legendary: The Best of Belladonna was presented in widescreen color as shot by directors Belladonna & Aiden Riley for Evil Angel. This was surprising since a number of the scenes originally were released in full frame or at least non anamorphic widescreen, the enhancement not going unnoticed by this critic. The camera movement was jerky at times and the other technical aspects lacked some of the polished approach the very best in the field tend to offer but the raw energy of Belladonna going at it with men and women alike was certainly well worth the price of admission. There was a company watermark in the lower right hand corner but it was light and relatively unobtrusive so unless you’re even more jaded than I am, you probably won’t care. The aural aspects of the movie included a stereo soundtrack that relied primarily on vocals to forward the visual elements, a few scenes coming across as quieter than others but none of them particularly bad in terms of the sexy commentary provided (some great dirty talk in some of the scenes too!).

Body of Review: Belladonna & Aiden Riley have offered some of the hardest of hardcore porn at Evil Angel over the last ten years or so, Bella pushing her limits on both sides of the camera to cater to her legion of fans in the extreme queen niche. While Aiden has more recently taken up the credited directing for the duo and Belladonna is off chasing other dreams, her work in front of the camera has often been awe inspiring, even to the jaded like myself. As such, it makes sense that she be provided a compilation of her own favorite scenes, the double disc release coming out yesterday called Legendary: The Best of Belladonna. While I have not seen all of her works over the years, I will say that I have a variety of personal favorite scenes starring the well known force of nature, some of them offered up on this set. That said, since porn is so personal when it comes to taste, feel free to check out the scene descriptions by myself and friend Mooninite who have both adored the young lady’s exploits for a long time. The first disc of five scenes contained her work with men and the second offered up some of her lesbian trysts with ladies like Alexis Texas, Joanna Angel, Sandra Romain, and others of noteworthy status.

The company website described the compilation like this: “Legendary: The Best Of Belladonna is a double-disc compilation showcasing a true porn icons varied career. With fetish-flavored girl-girl sessions, graphic cock worship, nasty interracial fucking and anal mayhem, the 10 scenes cover the gamut of the gap-toothed, tattooed beauties distinctive performing, directing and sexual talents. Assembled by Bella's longtime filmmaking partner, Aiden Riley, the new collection delivers the finest scenes they created together, constantly demonstrating the originality, quality and genuine lust beloved by Belladonnas legion of fans. Disc One is all filthy heterosexual fun, while Disc Two is dedicated to lesbian sex. Handsome stud James Deen manhandles the star in two scenes of anal ramming and foot fetish. In two separate scenes of intense interracial double-penetration, the star takes on the enormous black cocks of Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong. Joanna Angel and Bella spend a romantic afternoon of intimate, dyke-punk passion. Gorgeous Bella, Dana DeArmond and Bobbi Starr have a butthole-stretching sleepover. Big-assed beauty Alexis Texas joins Bella for some dirty discussion and sex toy product testing. Nasty Euro-mistress Sandra Romains bizarre dinnertime session re-defines silverware etiquette. The Legend shares outrageous, perverted action with Mr. Pete, Mark Wood, John Strong and Cytherea. One of the worlds timeless porn performers, Belladonna pursues her art with a smiling enthusiasm that can't be faked ... because her creative output has always been about pleasing the fans by doing what she loves best. Legendary: The Best of Belladonna is the perfect retrospective of an uninhibited, extremely popular sexual explorer.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Butthole Whores 3: Belladonna, James Deen: This scene starts off with Belladonna hanging out in the bathroom fingering her ass and pussy for the camera. Once she's warmed herself up, James Deen comes into the room and slips his dick up her ass. They kiss and she gives him head for a bit and then he fucks her doggy style and crams his fist into her mouth. She stands up and bends over and he fucks her ass some more, chocking her a bit and smacking her face while he bones her. At one point he forces her eyes open while forcefully ass fucking her and later he stretches her asshole as wide open as he can with his fingers. He crams a few fingers up her ass while his dick is still pumping, and then he fucks her face and mouth for a bit with his cock and his fingers where he eventually blows his load. This is a pretty rough scene with some serious stunt fucking. Those looking for tender, intimate sex will probably be appalled while those who appreciate the more extreme side of things will definitely dig it. (review by The Mooninite)

Scene Two: Dark Meat 3: Belladonna, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong: A blonde haired bespectacled Belladonna is hanging out in the kitchen with Prince Yahshua, who isn't happy with her. They talk and then they make out. She sucks his cock and takes it pretty far down her throat. After that lengthy suck session, during which he wraps his tie around her neck, he bends her over the kitchen island and slaps her ass a bit. He tongues her back door and fingers her a bit and then fucks her from behind, cramming his hand inside her mouth and playing with her tits. She blows him and he carries her from the kitchen to the living room where she rides him cowgirl style. Rico Strong comes into the room and she goes back and forth, sucking one and then they other. She rides one and then rides the next, sucking as she goes, and then she rides Prince reverse cowgirl style with her ass so Rico can fuck her pussy. After that lengthy DP, she sucks them off again, then they DP her again. They fuck her ass and then her pussy and then spunk all over her face to end this almost forty minute long session. (review by The Mooninite)

Scene Three: Cock Happy 2: Belladonna, Mr. Pete: After washing some lemons in the sink, Belladonna makes some lemonade. She pisses into a cup. What the fuck? Pete comes in and they make out. He puts her on the counter and strips her down, eating her out from behind and fingering her. He fucks her missionary style then she drops to her knees and sucks him off for a bit. He fucks her from behind and then they move to the bedroom and she rides him cowgirl style. She blows him again, they spoon fuck for a bit, then he rubs her off and spits into her mouth and she squirts a bit. He sucks her feet while he fucks her missionary style and then she jerks him off so he comes on his stomach. (review by The Mooninite)

Scene Four: Belladonna’s Foot Soldiers: Belladonna, James Deen: Belladonna, dressed up in her outfit seen on the front cover, was up last on the second disc as she teased the camera with her feet, eventually getting James Deen in on the action. She stood above him while the weird music played, alternatively placing her foot in his mouth to suck on and walking on him, manipulating his dick and balls as part of the show. He seemed more interested in the face sitting part of the scene but Belladonna took advantage of the situation to render him her full line of foot fetish services, trampling him before slobbing his knob and jerking him off with her dainty digits. That led to them vaginally fucking as they kissed, more of her feet being sucked by the guy and his cock trampled by her feet before he teased her biscuit some more. The large bathroom setting was okay for the pair to work in, both doing oral service from time to time until he rubbed out a wad of genetic juice to her feet for her to lick clean, the splooge much to her liking.

Scene Five: Manhandled 2: Belladonna, Mark Wood, John Strong: Belladonna, a reigning extreme queen of the last seven years in porn, was up first as she exercised in her living room wearing skin tight clothing that most would consider particularly sexy. She was sporting the "Eddie Munster" look with her closely cropped hair and if it were anyone else, I'd be disinterested in seeing what took place next. Thankfully, Bella does not rely on her feminine looks so much as her ability to get men and women off like few in the industry are capable of doing; using a no holes barred approach that was enhanced by her tease session during the workout. She continued to work out as movers John Strong and Mark Wood maneuvered her furniture about; interrupting her a bit in a manner that annoyed her. They finished quickly and it occurred to her that she already paid for their time, quickly whipping out their cocks to suck on before they could protest. She inhaled the meat pipes with energy and enthusiasm; jerking one off while going balls deep on the other as she alternated between them. As expected, it was an excellent oral experience as only Bella can provide, her need for seed moving her to bounce on their cocks vaginally and anally with a lot of passion. They continued screwing like this in numerous positions, Bella doing a lot of taste testing along the way, with the men giving her the DP she sought without any arguments. Not once did she let up or let them take a break, ending the heated scene by taking their facials of ball batter and swallowing them down easily; yet again establishing her dominance by kicking them out of her house. Whew!

Scene Six: Evil Pink: Belladonna, Cytherea: Belladonna, and Cytherea, a cute little gal with long straight hair, started working each other while Cytherea was on a tire swing outdoors. The two passionately kissed for a while and then went down on one another. A cool glass dildo was used and Cytherea squirted (real or fake? You decide) before Bella got it inserted in her ass. Not a bad scene at all!

Scene Seven: Belladonna’s Fucking Girls 5: Belladonna, Joanna Angel: Belladonna, the brunette on the left side of the front cover, and her playmate Joanna Angel, the gal with the funky hair beside her, were up first as they drove around Los Angeles trying to figure out what to do with their day. Bella drove and they engaged in a lot of small talk with Joanna being naughty by flashing a time or two in public. They were then roller-skating and making out, going back home about 12 minutes into the show to continue their sexual exploits to a greater degree. If you want to see ladies that are into other ladies, these two sure started off the movie on a solid note; the kissing leading to oral sex and various rubbing as they mutually masturbated each other. Bella seemed dominant most of the time but neither gal could claim the title of “more into the other” from what I saw, Joanna giving as well as she received. There was some minor foot fetish stuff too but the toys (like a fake hand, glassware, and such) came into play; the fake fist plunged deep inside Bella’s gaping asshole. The scene ended at the 48+ minute mark and was quality all the way!

Scene Eight: Belladonna’s Girl Train: Belladonna, Dana DeArmond, Bobbi Starr: After laying around and talking for a few minutes Bella starts to rub Dana's pussy before going down on her while Bobbi holds her in place and kisses her. Bella sits on Dana's face while Bobbi eats Dana out, and then Belladonna and Bobbi fuck Dana up the ass with some dildos. Dana and Belladonna work Bobbi's ass wide open for a bit and take turns kissing it and one another. Everything gets nice and sloppy by the time this is over! (review by The Mooninite)

Scene Nine: Belladonna’s Toy Box: Belladonna, Alexis Texas: This last scene follows the same formula as the five that came before it. The girls talk in front of the wall of sex toys and then Alexis sucks Bella's hooters. They make out and go down on one another and finger one another before busting out a big pink dildo that Alexis uses on herself. Belladonna gets on all fours and Alexis goes to work on her from behind and then Belladonna rolls over on her back and Alexis fucks her pussy with a purple vibrator. Alexis eats her out and then Bella fucks her mouth with the toy after which they both share the vibrator and ride it at the same time. Alexis works Bella over with a plug and then she gets on all fours so that Belladonna can eat her pussy and ass from behind until they're both very well taken care of. (review by The Mooninite)

Scene Ten: No Warning 3: Belladonna, Sandra Romain: Sandra Romain, a world class anal queen from Eastern Europe, was up next as she dressed down a sulking Belladonna in the loft. Sandra was bossing Bella around and Bella acted a lot like a teenager in terms of her contempt, the couple eventually finding common ground to enjoy as they pulled off their clothing to engage in sex. The scene lasted the better part of an hour and there was a lot of tease interspersed into the mix. One of the things I have long found interesting about these two is how on top of their games they tend to be, even though they tackle the anal sex dynamic from different angles (the same could be said of Katja and Ashley for that matter). The etiquette lesson led to the sexual play; Bella’s nipples getting erect almost instantly as the couple massaged each other’s chests. I wasn’t too keen on the use of silverware as sex toys but the playful quality displayed by the ladies went beyond the appliances they used for the larger picture efforts they gave into. The first half of the scene had Sandra working Bella’s ass and pussy really thoroughly before the reverse took place in the second portion of the scene. If either gal likes sex more than the other, it was not readily apparent though and the result was a first rate bit of boning that will likely lead to fans jerking out copious amounts of population pudding to clean up in their homes. This was no the most extreme sex of the movie but it did manage to cater to the lesbian lovers out there almost as much as anything else on the market not completely driven by the couples crowd; the first disc ending on a solid note as the ladies gave each other tremendous pleasure.

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Summary: Legendary: The Best of Belladonna by directors Belladonna & Aiden Riley for Evil Angel had something for everyone with five scenes of lesbian antics and another five scenes of cock infested fucking of her mouth, pussy, and ass at length. I appreciated the widescreen upgrade and thought that even if I might pick a few different scenes, this selection definitely served up some nice variety, the only real complaint being that there was nothing new here (like a commentary by Belladonna and coworkers or even an introduction to the scenes by her) to enhance the final product. After all, true fans should probably already have each of the scenes in the original movies but I won’t quibble over minutia, this double disc compilation easily earned a rating of Highly Recommended or better depending on your personal tastes. In short, Legendary: The Best of Belladonna was a surefire hit in terms of capturing the spirit of performer Belladonna, a young lady with few sexual limits and boundless sexual creativity.


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