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Anal Intensive 9

  • Release date:
    November 4, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 51m
  • Cast:
    Michelle (II)|Joachim Kessef|James Brossman|George Reno|Bob Terminator|Kevin Long|Barbora|Misha|Robert Rosenberg|Nika Blond|Pierre Woodman|Titof|Valentina Valli

Anal Intensive 9

Director: Pierre Woodman

Date of Production: 06/20/2003

Length: 1 hour 45 minutes

Genre: Gonzo

Cast: Michele, Bob Terminator, Kevin Long, Nika, Titof, Robert Rozenberg,
Valentina Valli, Kevin Long, Joachim, Babora, George Reno, Bob Terminator,
James Brossman, Misha, Kevin Long

Video/Audio: The video is presented in 1.33:1 color. Audio
is stereo. Nothing spectacular as far as the video or audio is concerned both
were crisp. Flesh tones did seem to fluctuate a bit between scenes.

Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailers, Director's Profile

Scene 1: Michele, Bob Terminator, Kevin Long
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, DP, Facial
Michele is a cute girl who says her ass is virgin as Pierre does his pre-scene
interview/grope/fingering of her. Kevin and Bob eventually show up to begin.
One dick goes directly in her mouth as the other guy fingers her. It's not
long before her "virgin" asshole filled with man meat as she is bent
over on a weightlifting bench still sucking on some cock. The guys switch places
when they move into the spoon position. The scene quickly changes to show a
close up of Michele's pussy finally getting a little attention as she rides
cowgirl. Shortly after the change The second man fills her ass back up to give
her a brief dp before they switch to reverse cowgirl anal. They dp her again
while in reverse cowgirl then have her hop off to suck a little more for the
cum shots. She takes both loads in her mouth and on her chin and does some
post cum sucking as Pierre asks if it was good. She looks at the camera and
pauses just long enough to say it was fantastic. Michele is very cute and seems
to enjoy herself here even though we don't see a lot of facial expressions;
she moans a great deal throughout the scene.

Scene 2: Nika, Titof, Robert Rozenberg
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, ATM, DP, Facial
Nika gets the standard Woodman intro showing off her body and rubbing herself
as he talks to her. After she fingers herself, Pierre gets his shot at putting
his thumb into her pussy and ass as she is on all fours. The scene jumps into
Nika riding reverse cowgirl with a cock directly in her butt. She hops off
of the first guy and plants her ass on to the guy laying next to them. As she
steadily has her ass pounded, the first guy gives her his dick to suck before
moving around to slide into her pussy. After the dp, Nika's pussy receives
some well earned solo fucking as she sucks the other guy. The vaginal only
doesn't last long as he slides out only to slide back in her backdoor. They
keep this position for quite a while before trying out more double penetration.
She receives the first load on her face as she is still riding the other guy.
After the first pop, they move to missionary to work up second helping for
her tongue. Both guys get in some more sucking to end out the scene. Decent
scene. Cute girl with a different look with her hair in several small braids.
I can't help but think there was some pretty good sex shown before what we
see as the beginning.

Scene 3: Valentina Valli, Kevin Long, Joachim
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial
Valentina's scene starts quick with two guys there getting blown moments after
the start. Joachim asks her to sit on him and we are shown his dick sliding
right into her butthole. Kevin probes her mouth as she rides Joachim's prick
in a hard reverse cowgirl. They move around to cowgirl for more anal and then
proceed to dp her. As they are double penetrating her Joachim seems to be having
problems staying hard so they move so she is jumping on Kevin's rod reverse
cowgirl and sucking Joachim. They decide to dp her once again and start having
more problems. Up until his point Val kept her bra on and her skirt around
her waist, but once the scene jumps to her ass being drilled in spoon she is
completely nude. Kevin gives her his load on her face while Joachim is still
nailing her backdoor. Joachim shoots his wad on to her shaved pussy and goes
back up her ass before Pierre begins talking to them. I've seen Valentina a
couple of times before and think she is capable of a lot more than what was
shown here. I think the main problem was the male talent not staying hard or
repeatedly slipping out of her. Once they move to the spoon position the problems
stop and they begin to generate some heat.

Scene 4: Babora, George Reno, Bob Terminator, James Brossman
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, DP, Facial
This scene starts out with more talking and playing. Babora talks about how
she wants to be fuck in her ass. Quick change of a shot of her sucking on a
very large red dildo and then that dildo in her ass. The guys show up and two
guys go for her mouth while the third replaces the dildo in her butt. She has
her ass fucked hard by all three guys as they rotate from her ass to her mouth.
By the time the third guy gets his turn they move from doggy to reverse cowgirl.
Babora lays all the way back to suck a dick as the other two fill her pussy
and asshole. Some switching between her mouth and pussy takes place before
they switch completely fucking her ass in spoon. More dp follows some very
hard cowgirl anal. All three guys cum on her face for the finale. Best scene
so far. Babora was really getting off on the hard fucking they gave her.

Scene 5: Misha, Kevin Long
Acts Included: Oral, Anal, ATM, Facial
This scene has no interview and it's actually shot outside which is completely
different from all of the previous scenes. Misha also gets something the other
girls get, she gets a little oral before Kevin starts fingering her backdoor.
She asks him to fuck her ass before they begin going at it in standing doggy.
Some great footage of Misha's large natural breasts bouncing is shown as she
rides his dick reverse cowgirl. She turns around and smiles really big before
they kiss. Kevin asks her to go down to suck his dick and then goes back in
her butt as they lay on the grass. He gets more vigorous as they are in doggy.
From here, he works up his cumshot which Misha demands from him by saying, "Give
me your fucking sperm.", before he shoots on her tinge and face. She offers
some more head and smiles to complete the dvd. Good scene. Misha appeared to
have fun.

Overall Thoughts: Pretty much to the point with it's title
being Anal Intensive because there is a lot of anal going on here. I wish however,
in the scenes
that use edits to jump right into the anal penetration they would set it up
more like the first and last two scenes instead. Those scenes didn't use the
editing and came out much better because you don't feel like you missed the
entire first half of the scene. The change of settings for the last scene was
very nice after watching 4 indoor sex scenes, he should mix it up like that
more often. Odd editing is what really hurts these movies because the flow
is completely ruined by all of the abrupt changes. The last two scenes with
the final scene having the fewest of these quick jumps held together really
well and were my favorite scenes of the bunch. Overall, it's not a bad anal
specific movie and falls in line with the other volumes of this series I've
seen. I'd definitely recommend to rent
it for anyone looking for an anal heavy dvd to view.


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