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Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

  • Release date:
    March 29, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 18m
  • Cast:
    Barbie White

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend
Viv Thomas/Girlfriends Films
Directed by Gabor and Hugo Boss
Date of Production: Jan 2013
Running Time: 2:18:54


Sunny Diamond
Viktoria Diamond
Pearl Diamond
Aleska Diamond
Simony Diamond
Nicole Smith
Allison Star
Barbie White
Adrianna Russo

Special Features:

Trailers: 1:42 reel
Filmed in HDV

Technical Stats:

Audio: Linear PCM 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 1.5 Mbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Diamonds are the sexiest thing known to women and women are the sexiest things know to man! Revel in the sparkle that these five diamonds bring to the screen in another sultry lesbian collection of dazzling girl on girl sex. Starring five beautiful diamonds and their girlfriends. Take care not to be blinded by their brilliance!

And once again I am dealt with another movie with a bunch of ladies I am not too familiar with and I will do my best to figure out who is who. Luckily they give us a little hint of who is in each scene before it starts. It took me awhile to get the whole diamond joke, if you look at the cast, it seems Diamond is a fairly popular last name for porn girls.

And if you remember correctly I had a previous movie to review that was an all girl movie and that one was horrible and a waste of my time. And I can say that this one is a step up, even though it’s not a huge step up, I would say that this one deserves a RENT IT, as there are some decent movies here and there .  Although the lackluster audio and the pretty much non existent special features aren’t helping this one out at all.

Viktoria and Colette

She is having some issues and I guess the way to help her out is to get a little frisky, with some hand exploring, followed by some playful kissing and some tongue play. After some slight pussy teasing she dives into her bra, sucking and teasing them. But she wants to have some fun too, as she lays her back and licks her stomach , then heads north to her tits. The clothes continue to come off slowly as the teasing continues along the way. The bras come off and it’s back to more boob love from both ladies. And when the panties come off, we get some face sitting, as she licks her way to get her motor running and her body moving. She pulls out a little toy and uses it on her pussy, along with a few tongue licks. And we can throw in a little finger in the ass teasing as she is back to licking her pussy. After a long session, it’s time for the girls to change positions and return some oral love, as her tongue goes to work on her pussy, along with some finger action. After the pussy play, she bends her over and is back to licking her ass, while she fingers her pussy. The finger in the ass is back, while she also has two fingers in her pussy, getting her motor running and the breathing a little heavier.

Pearl and Allison

And we join these two as they are already in the middle of action. Pearl, the short haired blonde, is already getting some up close and personal time with Allison’s big boobs. But Allison would like some time with Pearl’s boobs, while she reaches down and plays with her pussy, and then Pearl joins in the fun too. As Allison lays back in the chair, Pearl dives in and gives her pussy a few licks with her tongue, while both ladies can’t seem to keep their hands off their boobs. And as the panties come off and some showcasing of the booty to the camera, Pearl takes a seat as Allison works over her pierced pussy with her fingers, and when Pearl offers a helping hand, the moans and purrs get louder. Allison takes a seat on the side of the chair and prepares herself, as Pearl comes in with a big pink toy, and after some time in her mouth, she slides it in and out of her pussy, while also giving it a few licks in between. Allison turns around and bends over and the toy is back inside her pussy. And when the focus turns to Pearl, she spreads her pussy wide as they slide the toy inside her, while also adding in a little finger play. And like I said her hands seem to be drawn to boobs, both hers and Allison’s.

Sunny and Nicole

The girls are having a nice picnic, enjoying some wine, and some small talk. They are both dressed in some lovely spring dresses and I am guessing if I strong breeze comes through, we are going to get a nice view. They break out the strawberries and cream and you can guess where this is going. Some heated kissing as they try to inhale each other, and then the brunette unleashes one of the blonde’s boobs and gives it a few sucks and licks. But they are not done with the strawberries as they share one in between their mouth, and then it’s back to some boob love from the brunette. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but I have a feeling this is an early contender for spotlight scene, perhaps it’s the food play, it is almost lunch time. The blonde lays back and as the kissing continues, the brunette reaches down and teases her pussy through her panties, which soon come off and after some time with her boobs, she slowly makes her way south to her pussy, kissing her body along the way. And as she works over her pussy with her tongue and fingers, the blonde reaches over and being to tease her pussy with some finger love too. The blonde lays down on the blanket as the lovely brunette takes a seat on her face, as she gets a nice tongue licking of her pussy. But that is short lived as the brunette sets herself on the giant rock and the blonde is back to licking her pussy, getting her motor running nicely. She turns around and bends over as the licking moves onto her ass, as she really gets in there with some finger action too. And it’s the ole bowling ball trick as she fingers and pussy at the same time, while still trying to add in some tongue action to her ass. They come together for some more tongue play and embrace each other as the scene ends.

Aleska and Barbie (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

We are once again watching two lovely blondes, who are already exploring each other with their hands, which leads to some kisses. Aleska is in a purple dress and Barbie in a pink dress, how ironic. But Aleska’s dress slides off and after they get rid of both dresses, they are both sporting some sexy pinkish lingerie with stockings and garters, so you know they have my attention. Barbie sucks on Aleska’s tits, and then it’s time to Barbie to get rid of her bra, and show off her perky boobs, that Aleska wastes not time licking and sucking. Barbie slides off Aleska’s panties and goes in to give her pussy a nice licking with her tongue, along with some finger action. And as Barbie’s panties come off, Aleska props her body nicely for the camera, showing off her curves, as her tongue is enjoying her pussy, and a few fingers make their way inside her too. Aleska brings in a few toys and let’s her choose which one, and after some teasing, she makes her way to her pussy and slides it in and out of her pussy. But as she spreads her legs, the toy makes her way into her ass, while she rubs her pussy. And Barbie rolls over and shows off the curves as the anal play continues. Not a whole lot of energy but can’t say that watching these lovely blonde ladies is a bad to watch in any way. But it seems both toys are going to get some use in this scene, as the lick and swallows the dildo and then Aleska lays back and plays with her pussy, until Barbie moves in with some love from her mouth, followed by the dildo, sliding it and out of her pussy. Some kisses and then Aleska turns on her side and Barbie, along with some help from Aleska, shoves the dildo in her tight ass.

Simony and Adriana

Our two cover ladies are going to wrap up this movie. I am going to guess that Simony is the brunette. It seems that once again a girl is having some issues and once again some sexy fun times seem to be the solution. As Simony walks over and takes a seat next to her and begins to explore her with her hands, then leans in for a few kisses. Adriana opens her shirts and goes for the bra, while Simony is running her hands over her ass.  Simony licks and sucks Adriana’s tits, and then it’s back to the girls rubbing their hands all over each other. They come together for some heated kisses, as Simony rubs Adriana’s pussy through her panties. But I am going to say that these girls must really like boobs, as they seem to always end up back at them. Adriana lays down as Simony kisses all over her body before making her way to her pussy, licking it through her panties, before pulling them to the side, and this gets her motor running a little. And to get her purring a little more she slides in a few fingers in her pussy, and then it’s Adriana’s turn to work her magic. She spends some time on her tits, getting plenty use of her tongue, and then slowly makes her way to her pussy, first with some finger rubbing and then dives in face first. She works it over nicely with her tongue, swirling her way around and inside her pussy. And she gets her to moan and shiver her body while she is down there, spreading and licking her pussy. After the oral fun is over, they scissor each other as they seem to moan in unison. But the tandem fun continues as they 69 and continue to give each other a nice lick fest with their tongues, although Simony adds in some finger fun, which pretty much distracts Adriana from licking her pussy. But after some kissing, Adriana is right back inside her pussy with her fingers, diving them in and out of her.


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