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Deep Inside Tori Welles

  • Release date:
    January 9, 2003
  • Cast:
    Julia Ann|Jamie Summers|Heather Hunter|Raylene|Devon (I)|Tori Welles|Barbara Dare|Jennifer Stewart|Savannah

Ah, Tori Welles. Wild cat in the sack. Exuberant knob gobbler. I count Tori among my very favorite porn performers of all time. She's made many scenes that still inhabit a lofty place in my memory, and she'll always be enshrined at the altar of my own sexual awakening, way back in the day.

This DVD collects twelve and a half scenes that feature Tori. Unfortunately, she's not represented as fabulously as she could be, because the disc contains its fair share of mediocre scenes. But there are at least three or four scenes that are blistering and are worth a look. The presentation runs 2 hours long.


The first scene is a credit sequence in which Tori gets right to it, immediately taking a condom-fitted cock from behind as we view names. She also very briefly takes it in the anus. It's an inauspicious way to begin the proceedings, as she's mostly got her face buried in a bed. I would have preferred to watch her face during the credits. Grade: D


This is more like it. An all-nude lesbian scene! Tori (pre-boobjob) starts by licking a woman's vagina with characteristic energy and verve. Yes, Tori is a champion labia wrangler. The scene has some creative angles, showing Tori manipulating her own G-spots as she muff dives. Then, the ladies trade duties, and the other girl proves almost equally adept at vagina spelunking. A vibrator is introduced into the activities very briefly, and then some nice passionate kissing and dirty talk, but it seems to end abruptly. This scene definitely showcases Tori's enthusiasm for her occupation. Unfortunately, the image is soft and hazy, and the sound is hissy. Grade: A


Tori (pre-boobjob) starts doin' the nasty outdoors with a humorous-looking young Italian stallion. She starts with one of her trademark blows, then suddenly decides to join Joey Silvera in a hot tub. Soon, she's blowing him on the edge of the tub, and then he starts giving it do her missionary style. Before long, the Italian stud hops into the water, and thus begins a wet threesome that includes doggy-style, more fellatio, reverse cowgirl, more fellatio, and strange music. Image quality is slightly better than the scene before. Grade: C


Here's a threesome between two ladies and Randy Spears. Tori (pre-boobjob) again shows her skills on the knob, and then buries her face into vagina as Randy takes her from behind. But that's short-lived and we get to a marvelous sequence of the other girl reverse-cowgirling Randy while Tori licks. Next, Tori masturbates while Randy receives a pedestrian blow. The scene ends with a double blow and a pop. Image quality is fair—too dark—and the music drowns out a lot of dirty talk. Grade: B


Another threesome with Randy Spears, this time with a different girl who has, like, totally 80s hair. The music is also laughably 80s. The action starts with a double blow, then proceeds through the usual variations. Tori (post-boobjob) spends a long time in the other woman's crotch while Randy does push-ups in and out of the blonde's mouth. The scene has nice energy. Unfortunately, the image is washed out and hazy. Grade: B


Tori (pre-boobjob) starts by rubbing something through her crotch, watching herself in a bathroom mirror. Switch to a weird-looking dude masturbating on a toilet. He looks like a thin Sam Kinison, complete with beret. Tori goes in a blows him while he's on the toilet, then she mounts him there. The action moves out of the little potty room onto some green carpet, as they go from missionary to cunnilingus to doggy-style. They watch themselves in a mirror. Image quality is mediocre, and the sound drops in and out. This is one of the least erotic scenes I've seen in a while, mostly because of that skanky dude. Grade: D


Tori (pre-boobjob) plays domineering bitch and finally starts playing with herself in earnest. A slob in a green shirt watches, then eventually receives the gift of Tori's mouth around his cock. You might want to turn the sound off on this one, because his dialog is supremely irritating. In fact, he makes this scene virtually unwatchable. He starts licking her and soon missionary follows, then cowgirl, then disgusting spitting, then doggy. Image quality is again mediocre, but sound is full and accurate. Grade: D


Five girls are writhing around on beach towels. I kid you not. This is immediately a fabulous scene. Soon, they're all over each other. Trading tongue and fingers and gasps. There are lesbian threesomes and twosomes and 69s going on simultaneously, and then a five-lesbian chain, connected at vaginas and mouths! Wonderful! After a while, each girl has a toy and is playing on her own, and that's nice and all, but I prefer when they're all touching each other—and they get right back to that. Tori is post-boobjob. Image quality is nicely detailed, but colors are slightly off—not quite enough pink. Grade: A+


Here's a way-too-dark scene that features Tori later in her career, with shorn hair and a more mature (i.e., heavy) look. She has sex with a guy on a bed, and everything seems very routine. She gives head, he give head, he gives missionary, he gives missionary anal. He has a condom on. She looks as if she should have stopped doing porn at this point. Grade: C


To a rap soundtrack (!), a young Peter North licks the vagina of a pre-boobjob Tori. Meanwhile a buxom blonde materializes in the bathroom, Back to the bed, where Peter is giving some serious tongue. Then, Tori returns the favor in a nice fellatio scene in which her ass wriggles behind her in all its young glory. Then, reverse-cowgirl, then doggy. Apparently, that blonde in the bathroom was just watching them the whole time. Image quality is washed out, but detail is adequate. Grade: A-


A young and repellant Tom Byron gets to have sex with Tori (post-boobjob) in a hot tub. While the jets whine irritatingly over the soundtrack, we watch Tori bestow an energetic blow, and then Tom returns the oral favor. Then, wet doggy-style and more fellatio and then pop. Image quality is hazy and a tad washed out. Grade: C


Tori (post-boobjob) has sex on a bed with a tall dude. They flail around on the sheets in a fun way and then get to it. After a short bout of cunny-lapping, he slips right inside her, missionary style, and he licks her feet a lot. Then, doggy, and then, somewhat rudely, he gives her a pearl necklace. Image quality is OK. Grade: B-


Tori (post-boobjob) gets right to the prick-sucking with a dude in a chair who demands that she use her teeth. Ouch! He's a manly stud, oh yes. Make no mistake. And then, blam, he comes in her mouth, and the movie's over. What a lackluster ending. Grade: D


Under Vivid Girls Get Fucked, you get two bonus scenes. The first is a twosome scene from Commercial World, featuring a jarhead dude and a nice-looking blonde. The second is a scene from Creating Kate, a two-girls-and-a-guy threesome on top of a car. The guy is a complete skank (where do they get these guys?) and the girls are, frankly, amazing. I liked the denim-outdoors-and-girls-in-ponytails quality of this scene. This is a great scene, and if the guy had been somewhat palatable, it would have been transcendent.

The next interesting supplement is called On the Set of Girl of My Dreams. It's a 17-minute featurette that features interviews and behind-the-scene sex footage of the making of the film.

None of these features has anything to do with Tori.

You also get a Photo Gallery and Previews.


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