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Band Sluts

  • Release date:
    August 28, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 8m
  • Cast:
    Arabelle Raphael|Erik Everhard|Joanna Angel|Tommy Pistol|Veruca James|Small Hands|Nikki Hearts|Danny Wylde|Draven Star|Annika Amour

Band Sluts
Burning Angel Entertainment
Directed by Joanna Angel
Written by Joanna Angel and Spock Buckton
Date of Production:
Running Time: 3:08:13


Joanna Angel
Tommy Pistol
Veruca James
Arabelle Raphael
Draven Star
Nikki Hearts
Annika Amour
Danny Wylde
Erik Everhard
Small Hands

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: 10:47
Photo Gallery
Trailers: 4
Full Motion Chapter Menus

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 2-4 Mbps

Overall Thoughts

It’s time to quit your job and drop those text books because Langlade, Wisconsin’s most tragically ironic hipster band got booked for their first tour. Joanna and Tommy embark on a rock and roll adventure in search of fame, fortune..and fucking! Watch Tommy and Joanna sleep their way to the bottom in this hilarious mock-umentary style porno flick.

So we have a mix of Spinal Tap and the White Stripes, with a touch of Burning Angel thrown,  in this movie, and Tommy and Joanna pull it off great. And if you like the opening song, you can purchase it on Itunes, that makes two single for Joanna, both of which are worth buying, they are catchy tunes.

And we have another solid release from Burning Angel, a great mix of hot tattoed ladies, some great music, and of course some great laughs along the way. Add all of that up and we get a RECOMMENDED rating from me.

Joanna, Veruca and Erik

For her final sendoff his suggests a little threesome action, as Joanna gets working on his cock and Veruca is face deep in her ass. Erik finds his way into Veruca’s ass with some tongue action, as they all end up on the floor, keeping each other pleased. The girls turn their focus on his cock, sharing it as he continues to service the ladies. Some pussy attention for Joanna from Erik and Veruca, before he slides his instrument in her pussy. And we are back to the train as Veruca ends up in the middle of the action. Joanna gets mounted from behind as she dives her face in Veruca’s pussy. We get a little booty show as Veruca climbs on and goes for a ride on his cock, as her ass gets red from all the slaps. Joanna steps up the booty show as she rides him and shoves a finger in her ass. He rolls Joanna on her side and slowly slides into her ass with his cock, as Veruca shoves her pussy in her face. But have no fear, Veruca is going to have some anal fun too, as Erik guides his cock into her ass. The girls both suck and swallow the taste of their ass off his cock, and then props the girls on top of each other, as he splits time in both of them as the anal continues. And after a nice workout he spreads his love on Joanna as Veruca licks the cum off her body and share it before we are all done with this scene, not a bad way to start off at all.

Arabelle and Tommy

Didn’t bring a crowd, so now it’s time to bring the D. And no surprise that her tits are the focus of his attention as things get going, and then makes his way to her pussy, working his tongue in it. Big boobs fans, this one is for you. She gets a little louder with the moans as he finger bangs her pussy, and then out comes his cock, as she jerks him off while they suck face. She uses her oral skills to warm up his instrument before the big show begins. And there is going to be lots of spit in her oral appreciation. The boobs are a flying as he slides in from behind and makes her booty dance with each thrust. Seems to be some issues as they move onto missionary on the table. Watch out, she spits. After a short oral session, he lays down on the table and she climbs on his cock, this seems to be the best position for them. And she has some booty to go along with those tits. She ends up on her knees, as he jerks off and leaves his load on her mountains.

Joanna and Small Hands

After a fight, she needs to release some stress, so it’s some solo time as the camera man catches her, but she doesn’t seem to mind him watching as she strums her pussy. She flashes a smile and brings him closer as she rubs his crotch through his pants, and teases him some more with some pussy play. His cock is out and she has her mouth and hands all over it. She slides off a few layers of clothing as she continues her oral work. We are getting a very nice POV scene here, lots of eye contact and spit. She bends over in front of him and he slides right in for some doggy. A brief oral session and then it’s back inside for some missionary action in her pussy, with a little finger strumming from him. I think we have a contender for spotlight scene with this one. She works both hands and her mouth over his cock, adding in some spit along the way, and then it’s time for some anal, as she lays down and guides his cock inside her. And we are graced with some great doggy action as he continues to penetrate her ass from behind. After the anal she takes his load in her mouth and gives him a little show before it’s done.

Nikki and Annika

The girls aren’t amused, so they are off to have some fun on their own. Enjoyed Nikki in Beyond Fucked, so it’s nice to see her again so soon after. They let the camera man watch, as they find a couch and Annika lays down as Nikki grinds on top of her. She gives her tits some love, kissing and sucking, and then a few more articles of clothing come off, as the attention moves to Nikki and her pussy. Anikka gives it a nice tongue and finger combo and then it’s Nikki’s turn to return the favor. Some moments of great chemistry between these two ladies as the pussy fest continues. Nikki takes a seat on her face, as she works her fingers and tongue in her pussy. I think a better scene to get your Nikki fix would be the one with Bonnie Rotten. Some 69 action follows, as Annika seems to be hitting the right spots on Nikki. Anikka bends over as Nikki dives in with her finger  and mouth, getting her motor running.

Joanna has some solo time for the camera man once again, giving him another good show.

Draven, Tommy and Danny (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

After a little break, it’s nice to see Draven back in action, she was missed. And she’s going to show off her talent of having two cocks in her mouth. And that means she is quick to her knees as the guys have their cocks out and ready for some quality time in her mouth. Danny stands her up and bends her over the desk as he slides in from behind, while Tommy fills up her mouth with his cock. The guys switch position as they keep her mouth and pussy filled. They make their way to the couch as she takes turns riding their cocks, giving us some great booty time as well. I know I really enjoyed the Joanna POV scene, but I think I may have to give the spotlight scene to this, as I said, I am glad to see Draven back in action. Great body with some great tattoos and she’s got some energy and enthusiasm in this scene. And she is going to end this scene, the way she started, on her knees, giving their cocks a nice work over with her pierced tongue. I guess the guys want more, as they put her on the desk and continue to fill her mouth and pussy. And for the finale, she begs for their cum as they shoot their loads on her face and in her mouth.


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