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Wet Asses

  • Release date:
    June 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 45m
  • Cast:
    William H.|William Nutsack|Bailey Blue|Skin Diamond|Mischa Brooks|Sheena Shaw|Gabriella Paltrova

Click for Trailer; individualized trailers to some scenes attached below

Wet Asses

Jules Jordan Video

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Director: William H. Nutsack

Cast: Bailey Blue, Manuel Ferrara, Sheena Shaw, Ramon Nomar, Mr. Pete, Gabriella Paltrova, Mick Blue, Skin Diamond, Mischa Brooks

Length: 165:01 minutes

Date of Production: 5/15/2013

Extras: The best extra was the 28:57 minute Behind the Scenes feature, the ladies interviewed and some photoshoot material included. I thought this was a very nice upgrade over the typically short BTS features from Nutsack’s former company, Jim Orlando spotted repeatedly in the background doing much of the work. There was also a pop shot recap, a photogallery, some trailers, and company websites too.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Wet Asses was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director William H. Nutsack for Jules Jordan Video. There was great lighting, the tease montages were all in a white room with no distractions, and the look of the action was quite similar to Nutsack’s former series at his old company. Jim Orlando handled some of the heavy lifting in the production and Carlos D. took care of stills (from the back of his head, that’s who I thought it was), the plentiful oil & water mix brought over to make this just as smoking hot strokable as any of his established works in terms of technical values. There was a company watermark and the editing by Robert Laplanc was balanced enough that even I had no complaints, the ladies caught in action quite well in almost all cases. The aural component was as expected too, the musical interludes during the tease montages fairly generic and provided some beat to go by, the vocals loud enough to be heard with ease (and not having to crank the sound up) though little dynamic range.

Body of Review: William H. Nutsack had a spectacular run as a director in recent years, his former company seemingly imploding overnight which led him to working for Jules Jordan Video. I won’t speculate as to exactly what happened but I will say that one company’s loss is another’s gain, now both my favorite oil series will be available from the same company (Oil Overload and this one) with the debut of Wet Asses. Given my most common complaint of casting in the previous series by Nutsack was how half the asses just weren’t big enough, it made sense for him to evolve the title like this, my hope being that each volume still manages to find the biggest, wettest asses around to provide lots of replay value. I was half surprised that this debut did not include a second disc to make it an over the top series slayer of the BWA series but in terms of casting, there was a lot to love here. Anal queen Sheena Shaw graced the cover, exotic Skin Diamond, perky Bailey Blue, curvy Gabriella Paltrova, and heart throb Mischa Brooks were all present. The accompaniment of an assortment of men like Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete, and Ramon Nomar meant that little would change there, the technical aspects just as polished as ever in the five scenes. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Bailey Blue, an incredibly sexy blond with an all natural body, beautiful eyes, and growing collection of tattoos, was up first to christen this new flagship title with studly Manuel Ferrara. She looked at the camera a lot during the opening tease, her sparkling brilliant eyes giving a come hither look that enhanced her body’s gyrations nicely, the skimpy blue bikini cast aside as time allowed with all the oil poured onto her delicious body. She had a very neat pubic patch and her ass looked as tasty as her snatch. Once the montage was over, she was wearing a black bikini in the white room on a white couch, the gal pawing Manuel as much as he pawed her, his hand working furiously to get her pussy wet and to slap her boobs. They kissed and he gobbled her gash before rimming her, Bailey aggressively slobbing his knob in return. She stroked his meat while sucking him off, making all sorts of noises that led to Manuel porking her perfect pucker, the active riding positions punctuated with some taste testing, their chemistry nicely applied while she gave some superior eye contact throughout the scene. This continued until she used both hands to drain his dragon of genetic juice all over her face, the baby batter left where it was instead of swallowed but her sheer intensity alone making up for it.

Scene Two: Sheena Shaw, the anal queen sported on the front cover, was up next in her yellow bikini, the gal leaving the bottom on as the oil was sprayed on her to give that look I like so much. Sheena has made some awesome porn in recent times, throwing herself into her work like few others, resulting in her doing more than anyone else working in the movie thanks to Ramon Nomar and Mr. Pete. She was observed in a blue dress and colorful top when the montage stopped, all fresh and ready to rumble with the guys who just did not let up at all. She blew him actively and they rimmed her, slapping her ass a little before lubricating it with the oil again. She took cock in her mouth with ease, her pussy, and mostly her ass, pushing back to meet their thrusting members and taste test them clean, her devotion to booty duty just exceptional. She gave great eye contact and always seemed turned on too, her passion for pecker enhancing the final outcome like I knew it would. Of note too was how she begged to be fucked in the ass at times, showing her propensity for dirty talk as well, her lean frame accepting all the guys could offer her before the ending loads of population pudding glazed her face.

Scene Three: Gabriella Paltrova, a lean brunette with a well endowed ass, was up next as she teased in a green bikini, her stripper moves assisting to make her look as fuckable as any of her peers in the movie while her face looked stunningly attractive for Mick Blue to play with. She bounced around in a smiling manner, her ass cheeks looking even better oiled up which led to the scene starting when she changed into a brilliant pink thong bikini. Mick jumped right up her ass to smother himself as she provided a stream of dirty talk, his tongue flicking her pussy as well as being jammed down her dirt hole until some oil came along and he fingered her. This led to her power sucking his pecker, stroking his turgid rod with all the oil glistening on it. He smacked her ass and then fingered her some more, her shaven slit eventually followed by her ass as the targets Mick was going to penetrate hard. The frantic fucking in all three of her holes added to the fun as much as her eye contact and active riding, the dirty talk exciting Mick enough to push himself harder along the way. Fans of spitting (not me) will also enjoy that he spit on her gaping asshole to provide additional lubricant, fingering her and repeatedly giving her all he had before jerking off a big nut of spunk to her mouth that she seemed to swallow at least some of it.

Scene Four: Skin Diamond, the exotic black gal with light skin and a sleek physique, was up next as she followed the formulaic acts quite well before engaging in sexual misconduct with muscular Ramon Nomar. Skin has an all natural body and those who like their ladies thin will appreciate her, the gal never really suited for any of the “big wet” anything titles finding a decent home here. She does have a nice ass but it just isn’t big enough to merit that specific nod, her active oral and riding skills helping to make her as welcome as any of her peers this time. It should be noted that her hair was red this time, the gal changing into a blue bikini for the actual scene and Ramon fingering her rather than going down on her at length initially. Skin slobbed his knob instead though, the initial penetration leading to her sloppy hummer that used both hands in conjunction with her mouth to provide a superior level of service. They did a lot of vaginal here and her puffy pussy looked good given the way it was shaved and glistening with oil, Ramon roughing her up the way she liked it a little to throw some sparks before they went to ass fucking. This ended up unleashing his splooge all over her chest and tits, Skin blowing him clean as she started licking up the goo while the camera faded out.

Scene Five: Mischa Brooks, an all natural babe wearing a very patriotic combination of booty shorts and tiny top, was up last as the redhead shook her body for all it was worth before lucking out to work with Manuel Ferrara. They did not skimp on the tease or the oil, Manuel making sure that there was plenty of oral endeavors too once she changed into her tiny rainbow bikini. Her thong crept up her sweet ass and the couple kissed as he diddled her pussy underneath the fabric, his oral truncated as was hers initially since she had a growing need for seed. She aggressively rode him while making all sorts of noises, rubbing herself on his crotch and displaying great chemistry with him as she maintained solid eye contact. Mischa slowed down when they switched to anal but not for long too, the gal getting her bearings quickly to appreciate the throbbing bone plowing her that was driving her wild with desire for more, her heart shaped ass as terrific as ever while she enjoyed watching Manuel use it to completion. The scene ended when he tossed off a round of ball batter to her open mouth as she looked up to him, some post coital head finishing things up quickly.

Summary: Wet Asses by director William H. Nutsack for Jules Jordan Video was an amazing first volley for the director’s new home, the elements combining to make this so close to his former works that no one outside of Elegant Angel will be able to tell the difference (well, except for the much longer BTS extra included here). Given the wonderful cast of ladies, the solid technical values, the strokability and replay value, I thought this merited a rating of Highly Recommended, the ever present oil and shapely ladies making it a winner on all accounts. As each lady provided some active riding, all of them did anal, and each gave great eye contact to their partners, I could not pick out just a few highlights either, the mark of a superior fuck flick if you ask me. In short, Wet Asses allayed my initial fears that Nutsack’s new home might alter the strokable magic he and Jim Orlando worked so hard to provide over the years, I definitely think fans of the former series will appreciate just how nicely they started off on the right foot once again.


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