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Brand New Faces #42

  • Release date:
    August 5, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 30m
  • Cast:
    Heather Lee (II)|B. Skow|Bailey Blue|Liv Aguilera

Genre: Newcomers

Director: B. Skow

Cast: Bailey Blue, Heather Lee, Holly Green, Liv Aguilera, Zoey Foxx, Tommy Pistol, Xander Corvus, Barry Scott, Jerry

Length: 210 minutes

Extras: A nice looking photo gallery, pop shot recap, several trailers, spam advertisements, and “positions menu” option are included.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Condoms: None

Overview: Brand New Faces 42 is the forty-second installment to this very popular series that focuses on newcomers to the industry. It takes a lot of pride in getting the performer's first professional sexual scene on film. B. Skow has been the director for this series. It is going to be interesting to see who will take his place at Vivid for this line. Perhaps, it will be Ralph Long. Past performers who have performed for this series are Bridgette B., London, Keyes, Riley Reid, Sammie Rhodes, Daisy Marie, Adrianna Nicole, Chanel Preston, and Jennifer White.
Bailey Blue, Jerry
Scene One: An endearing Bailey Blue signs the release form and talks to director B. Skow for a while before she is seen with her sex partner Jerry in the bedroom. As for the earlier moments, I enjoyed her honesty about her family and being a bit nervous about her scene. The young lady caresses her breasts and ass as well as rubbing her puffy pussy. It was both strange and nice to see her so inexperienced since this woman has become a top-notch sex performer in this industry who does a lot of slutty work now. When the time comes for Bailey to be with Jerry, we see the man sucking on her vaginal mound solidly. I really like seeing a lot of inner delicious sweetness when he spreads her pussy. After Bailey receives his good oral work, she applies a nice looking and soothing cock suck on him. She looks comfortable. I like her stare. When they climb onto the bed, Jerry spoons her and Bailey really feels his actions. He increases his fucking pace well since the woman said she liked rough sex. She laid on top of him for the cowgirl rides with Jerry continuing to pump her solidly. Her performance is a worthy one since her fans will get to see her very first sex scene. You can see that Bailey had a promising future. The quicker paced fucking moments provided good excitement especially the doggie ones. After the missionary screw, Jerry pulls out and splatters his cum on her eager mouth and face.
Heather Lee, Tommy Pistol
Scene Two: Feisty newbie Heather Lee has an entertaining interview with B. Skow. It gives good insight on what a director has to cope with when he films someone's very first sex scene. We get some uncooperative behavior from Heather. Later, Tommy Pistol is brought in to eat her pussy in order to make her feel settled in. He does a very fine job in talking to her and finding out what makes her feel good while orally and manually pleasuring her in both holes. Heather feels comfortable with him as she gets turned on by his actions. We also get good shots of her pussy. Afterwards, the blonde sucks Tommy's dick with good effort as she tried to deep throat him. A doggie fuck follows with a bit of positioning logistics by Tommy to get the right angle and shot. Nevertheless, he does fuck her with good determination. Heather looked very cute while looking back at him. I enjoyed that she humped him at times. Her moans became louder during the reverse cowgirl ride when Tommy fucked her with quicker rhythm and Heather rubbed her clit. Most of the time, Heather provided a good steady ride. Next, Tommy mishes her and then, another cock ride by Heather follows. Her butt looks very cute. Later, he cums on the side of her face.
Holly Green, Barry Scott
Scene Three: Holly Green looks sexy on the white couch as her nipples are quite noticeable through her shirt. During her interview, she takes the pledge of this experience being her first sex scene. She gets totally naked and shakes her ass for a while. Then, we see her play with her pussy as she and B. Skow continue to talk. Later, Barry Scott joins her and soon, they are seen performing their scene. The red head gives him good head. I especially enjoyed seeing how wet her pussy gets later. I really enjoy the shots of her tits hanging down while she is on her hands and knees. I like seeing her breasts jiggle during the very solid spooning session. Barry really fucks her hard at times. Holly straddles and bounces on him afterwards. The camera stays close to her face momentarily.  A doggie screw and cowgirl ride follow. As their scene progressed, I wished that there would had been more lengthier cocksucking moments. A missionary fuck occurs afterwards which leads to Barry cumming on her breasts.
Liv Aguilera
Scene Four: I was impressed by Liv Aguilera's comfort level during her first day on a porn set. She spoke to B. Skow well and showed off her sexy petite body with ease. Her booty shake was cute.  Later, the young lady played with her pussy while continuing to interact with the director. Just her masturbation scene was enough to want a guy jack off. The close-up shots of her pussy was hot. Later on, Xander Corvus sits beside her in a different part of the house. They kiss a bit before he places her left leg across the back of his neck in order to eat her pussy. Unfortunately, it was too brief for me. The blow job activity occurred next with Liv on her knees. She orally pleasures his balls and sucks his hard cock. The pace is slow. Then, the Latina is on the white sofa and Xander spanks her before sticking his dick into her. A solid fuck occurs as Xander increases his fucking motion with the conventional doggie screw. As their performance rolled along, she continued to look very pleasing during the cock riding moments even though there was not much bounce in her effort. More cool cocksucking and ball pleasuring action follows. Liv gets turned on when he rubs her clit for a while. Then, he fucks her again. He squeezes her left breast. After his fucking session where Liv moans nicely, he ends up cumming in her mouth.
Zoey Foxx
Scene Five: Cute and adorable Zoey Foxx talks to the director for a long time. I like how they reenact her first sexual experience. She feels very comfortable with him. While Zoey is rubbing her pussy on the couch, Jerry joins her. He stares at it and soon, is sucking her tasty twat while fingering it too. Zoey lays back and taking it all in. I enjoy listening to the cutie's soft moans. When Zoey takes out his hard dick, she does a fine job in pleasuring it with good desire. Next, a cowgirl ride follows and then, a very appealing missionary screw where Jerry fucks her with more pace. Her pussy looks sweet in the doggie position. As Zoey goes through the positions, the viewer can sense that her small pussy is getting a work out. After the mish, Jerry shoots his load on her body.
Final Thoughts: It is always fun to watch newcomers in their first scenes to see which ones have the "it" factor and talent to succeed. Bailey Blue, Liv Aguilera, and Zoey Foxx definitely show future success. It's not surprising that they are the ones who are the most successful at present time among the five performers in this movie. Holly Green still has promise and we could hear from her in the future. As for Heather Lee, I enjoyed her scene and performance, but I hope that she stays in it for the right reasons. Overall, I recommend this film that has pretty good sex and insightful interviews among the cutie pies in it.


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