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Baby Got Boobs Vol. 10

  • Release date:
    October 30, 2012
  • Runtime:
    3h 15m
  • Cast:
    Jayden James|Jazy Berlin|Juelz Ventura|Christy Mack|Emmanuelle London|Katie Kox|Tia McKenzie

Quick Thought: This installment of Brazzer's Baby Got Boobs series doesn't provide anything new to porn. Still there are 7 large breasted gals in 6 scenes. There's some good scenes and good replay value.

Genre: busty

Director: ????

Cast: Jayden James, Jazy Berlin, Juelz Ventura, Christy Mack, Emmanuelle London, Katie Kox, Tia McKenzie

Length: 2:50 (3:20 with bonus scene)

Date of Production: 9/28/12

Extras: This DVD comes with standard extras of cum shot recap, photo gallery and trailers. There is also a bonus scene (reviewed as scene #6).

Audio/Video Quality: The video is presented in widescreen color. The picture quality is good and does not have any noticeable defects in the picture. The lighting is also good. The camera work is steady throughout the feature and shows off the action in some very good angles. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo and sounds very good.

Body of Review: Baby Got Boobs 10 features 7 large breasted gals across 6 scenes. The feature itself is nothing different than most releases from Brazzers. Girls with big tits are in a situation that leads to them having sex. For the most part the role playing/stories did not seem to add very much to the overall mood. For those looking for a strong storyline will want to look elsewhere. However if busty babes are of interest, then you might want to give this video a try. I found it to be enjoyable. There's enough good content to warrant repeat watches. Here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Jayden James - Rating 3.5/5

Jayden is good looking brunette with large round tits and a nicely shaped ass. There isn't much to the story behind this scene. Jayden is a party girl out with her lady friends. There's some dancing and Jayden removes her top (none of the other girls do?). Naturally she grabs the DJ and they get into action. Jayden gives a hands intensive blow job. Next the dude eats her out. The oral action is a nice warmup. There is some good excitement. However the sex is where the real fun is. Jayden looks great getting fucked and her massive tits bounce like crazy. The scene ends with a facial. Overall I thought the scene was good. Jayden looked great and was pretty hot throughout the action. I just didn't understand the point to the scene. I was also a little disappointed that Jayden's female friends didn't join in the fun.

Scene 2: Jazy Berlin & Juelz Ventura - Rating 3.5/5

This scene has two attractive babes in a threesome. The first is Juelz. She is a very sexy dark haired gal with a smoking hot body. The other gal is Jazy. She's a busty fake blonde. In this scene Juelz is going to a party. Her boyfriend isn't excited about it and calls one of his buddies to make sure Juelz stays out of trouble. At the party, the friend catches Juelz and Jazy making out. Before you know it, he joins them. The fun starts off with heavy petting. Next Juelz sucks on the dude's cock while Jazy lets him fondle and suck her tits. The oral action gets really steamy when Jazy helps Juelz out. These girls looked great in the act. Afterwards, the gals go to work on each other. They take turns and finger/eat each other out. Then the dude returns to the action and fucks the girls. There is a lot of energy as the dude pounds the girls hard. The gals are also fairly active with each other throughout the action. The scene ends with a shared facial. Overall this scene had a lot of good action. Jazy and Juelz were great together and full of energy.

Scene 3: Christy Mack - Rating 3.5/5

Christy is an attractive dark haired babe with a curvy ass and tasty big breasts. In this scene we find her on a balcony. Her outfit does a nice job revealing her curves. The dude is a porn scout and looking for Christy. She spots him approaching the house and scares him off with a rifle. She doesn't want to do porn anymore. She heads in the house and strips down naked and masturbates on the couch. Out of nowhere, the dude appears on the couch next to her. They talk and she decides to fuck him. So she puts on some clothes (not very much) and gives him a striptease. As clothes come off, the dude sucks and fondles her massive tits. Next he titty fucks her and then they engage in sex. The penetration starts off in reverse cowgirl. It's a very nice view of Christy's front side. Afterwards she gives him a nice blow job. The scene continues with more steamy sex and oral action. The scene ends a messy facial. Overall this scene had some good energy. Christy made for a nice fuck on camera.

Scene 4: Emmanuelle London - Rating 3.0/5

Emmanuelle is a good looking dark haired babe with a massive sized rack. In this scene she is dressed in a lifeguard outfit (red one piece swimsuit with white visor). She's teaching the dude CPR. They practice some techniques and it is very sexual. At the end of the lesson she says she wants to give him a "reward". With her big tits free, Emmanuelle sucks off the dude. She looks pretty good in the act, but the energy levels felt low. Next they 69 and briefly titty fuck. Then sex comes into play. They fuck at a decent pace and just about every motion leaves Emmanuelle's big tits jiggling. The action ends with a facial. Overall I was not as excited with this scene as the previous ones. Emmanuelle looked good but the action was less energetic.

Scene 5: Katie Kox - Rating 2.5/5

Katie is an attractive blonde with a curvy figure and really big fake tits. She plays a gold digger who is taking money from a dude and his father. Long story short, he finds out and she offers to fuck him to keep quiet. He is reluctant but changes his mind after she reveals her massive jugs. The dude proceeds to fondle and suck them. Next he buries his face between her legs and eats her out. Then she returns the favor and gives him a blow job. The oral exchanges are decent but nothing outstanding. The sex offers better action but it is not outstanding. We get some nice shots of Katie's big tits bouncing like crazy. The energy was lower than I liked. The scene ends with cum swallowing. Overall I did not think this scene was really great. It was not bad either. Katie looked pretty good, but the fucking lacked any real energy.

Scene 6: Tia McKenzie - Rating 3.5/5

Tia is an attractive blonde with large tits and a hot body. In this scene Tia is at camp. The girl's room is being fumigated and she was told to stay with two guys. Of course one thing leads to another and she ends up fucking one of them. The fun starts with the dude going to town on her tits. He fondles, sucks, licks and titty fucks them. It leads to oral sex. She sucks him off and then he eats her out. The oral exchanges are heated. Tia's pretty face looks good stuffed with cock. The sex continues to offer plenty of excitement. Tia's got a great body and looks great being penetrated. The action ends with cum on her face and chest. Overall this scene was pretty good. There's enough fun to enjoy it over and over again.

Conclusion: I was pretty happy with Baby Got Boobs #10. It is not my favorite in the series, but there is still enough exciting sex to make it a good watch and the video has good replay value. So if you enjoy watching large breasted gals get into action, then this video will be worth checking out. The scene that I enjoyed the most was with Jazy Berlin & Juelz Ventura. It was a good pairing of hot babes and had plenty of excitement.


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