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Young Kira Kener

  • Release date:
    July 10, 2003
  • Cast:
    Ian Daniels|Mark Davis|Sharon Kane|Vince Vouyer|T.J. Cummings|Cheyne Collins|Tyce Bune|Azlea Antistia|Kira Kener|Pat Myne|Voodoo|Ms. Paris

Director: various

Cast: Kira Kener, Azlea Anitistia, Tai, Sharon Kane, VooDoo, Ms. Paris, T.J. Cummings, Cheyne Collins, Pat Myne, Mark Davis, Tyce Bune, Ian Daniels, Vince Vouyer

Length: 2 hours

Extra's: The disc has your typical photo slide show, previews, a bonus room with 3 sex scenes from other Vivid titles, and a behind-the-scenes look at the production of another movie. Once again, Vivid disappoints with their scene selection menu - There are no descriptions of the scenes, just a short video clip to identify the scene, which really gives you no idea of the content.

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame. The picture quality varies from scene to scene, as is expected with compilation discs. Overall the picture is clear with minimal artifacts and correct color levels. The 2-channel stereo audio was adequate, as there's very little dialog and no background music.

The Movie: Young Kira Kener brings you some of Kira's earlier work. Those of you expecting Kira to look different are going to be disappointed, as Kira hasn't really aged at all over the past 3 years (all the clips on this disc are from 2000). I was hoping to see Kira before she got her Double-D implants, but she apparently got them before getting into the adult industry.

That said, this isn't really a bad disc. It contains 10 scenes from different Vivid videos she did when she first signed with them. Most of the scenes are your typical sex scenes, differing only in their locations and male counterparts. The one scene that stood out among the rest was a MMF scene on a pool table, where Kira looked like she was REALLY enjoying the sex. It even had lots of foreplay, which was a refreshing change. If you're a Kira Kener fan, you'll probably enjoy this disc, especially if you haven't seen her earlier movies. However, for the average joe, the disc gets repetative pretty quickly.

Final Thoughts: I think Vivid had the right idea with the first few of the "Young" series, but now they're just dumping new ones on the market to score a quick buck. If you watched this disc without seeing the box, you'd have no idea that the scenes were 3 years old, unless the video quality tipped you off. To me, that betrays the original concept of this series. Unless you're a true Kira fanatic, I'd advise you to skip this, as there are bettery discs out there.


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