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Too Big For Teens 11

  • Release date:
    March 28, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 2m
  • Cast:
    Avril HallManuel Ferrara|James Deen|Prince Yahshua|Adrianna Luna|Billy Glide|Alyssa Branch|Abby Cross|Avril Hall

Genre: 18+ Teens, Big Cocks, Gonzo, Widescreen

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Alyssa Branch, Adrianna Luna, Avril Hall, Abby Cross, Billy Glide, Manuel Ferrara, James Deen, Prince Yahshua

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were both excellent.

Length: 2 hours, 2 minutes

Release Date: 3/28/13

Extras: Extras included Cumshots, Slideshow and Trailers for Babysitter Diaries 9, Girlfriends Get Even 3, Mom’s Cuckold 10

Condoms: No

Overview: These cocks may be too big but these teens certainly can handle all those inches that are being pounded into them. Not only that but at no point did they ever looked scared but eager to have their mouths wrapped around those veiny meat sticks. And when it came time to fuck these girls were already lubed up naturally to have all that cock stuff their tiny little holes. The sexual performances on Too Big For Teens 11 are nothing short of amazing plus with Mike Quasar behind the camera, he only captures what us guys really want to see—nonstop closeup views and tight shots of sexy teen girls getting their pink stuffed balls deep!

Scene 1 Abby Cross, Manuel Ferrara

Manuel plays a cranky catering chef and gets on Abby for her inexperience and ditzy ways. After the catered affair the two talk about the work day and Manuel apologizes for his behavior but Abby says all is forgiven and offers herself up to Manuel. He takes her up on her offer and the two are off in the bedroom, Manuel slowly taking off her clothes and admiring her skinny body. Abby pulls out his cock and is amazed how big it is and stuffs her mouth with it. Manuel then pushes her on the bed and begins to fuck her. Manuel always makes the girls cram and Abby is no different. I couldn’t help but notice that while Abby clearly enjoys having his French cock digging into her snatch Manuel just didn’t seem as into the scene as he normally is. Hopefully he’s not getting jaded about his but it’s still a top notch scene with Abby managing to keep his wood hard by knobbing on his member and getting him to blast all over her face.

Scene 2 Adrianna Luna, Prince Yashua

Prince is going into the army and Adrianna is his going away gift. Hesitant at first Adrianna convinces him he’ll regret not nailing her when he’s naked in front of a bunch of guys. Prince relents and Adrianna takes his black pole out of his jeans and begins to throat it down. Prince pushes her head in and begins face fucking her, takes Adrianna upstairs and continues fucking her mouth. She then undresses in front of him, exposing her sexy hard body to Prince, opens her legs and takes his rod in easily. Adrianna rides Prince like a pro, easily handling his member wether in mish or doggy. She turns around and cleans his cock then continues on with the pounding. Prince gets Adrianna to unleash her own sweet loads over and over again before he drops his creamy white load all over Adrianna.

Scene 3 Avril Hall, Billy Glide

Billy is trying to teach Avril proper tennis techniques but the only ball handling Avril wants to do is handling Billy’s balls with her mouth. When they go into her house Avril immediately pulls down his shorts and begins sucking away at his white monster. Billy’s erect cock reaches down to her throat, chocking the sweet teen piece of ass but she still manages to suck off Billy. He lays her down and starts servicing her orally, munching on her clit but not ignoring her butthole either, Avril trembling as though it’s her first time getting her salad tossed. Billy then glides his cock into Avril and pounds her hard as is his trademark, causing Avril to tremble. They go at it hard but Avril manages to keep up with the much older cocksman and then climaxes. Billy then dumps his hot load all over Avril’s face, covering it up completely.

Scene 4 Alyssa Branch, James Deen

Alyssa begs hot shot Hollywood actor James Deen for a part in his film despite her inexperience. She takes out his cock to prove she will do anything to get the part. Alyssa is a sexy little white teen who has an innocence about her but she exudes sex. She throats James’ monster and does so with ease. They head into the trailer where James undresses her, revealing her amzing body. After she’s done sucking him off James enter her pussy and she becomes pure puddy in James’ arms, her eyes locked on James and her pussy creaming instantly. For the entire half hour they go at it Alyssa is in constant orgasmic nirvanna as James keeps digging into her snatch. Alyssa really lets James handle everything as she lays there enjoying his pipe. James gets her in spoon and mish, her body trembling and her pussy getting wetter with every stroke of his cock. He pulls out and she sucks off her pussy juice then lets James spill his seed on her sexy face.

Summary: Mike Quasar is at his best here, shooting a film that was made just to jerk off to. Sure, many can but very few have the eye to really capture key parts of the action. Mike rarely takes the camera off the girls, ignoring prolong shots of the guys and makes sure there’s always a shot of the girl with a cock in hand or mouth. Sometimes directors think focusing in on the cock on similar-themed films, however briefly, is what guys want to see, giving the cock it’s brief moment in the spotlight but the truth is, anytime I see any shot of cock or man ass I immediately reach for the fast forward. You want to make me lose my wood that’s the best way to do it. Mike is concentrating on making a strictly jerk-off vehicle for us guys who’s focus is on the girl, doesn’t matter what the theme of the film is. The girls look eager to get to work and eager to get naked. The casting choices were superb as there was excellent chemistry between all perforners. I like teen performers but I liked that the intimidating angle wasn’t really played up despite the looks of the girls on the cover. Instead of fear it was more joy that they got a really big penis to play with at work. The sex in this volume was the best of any other previous volume making this not only a superb stroke flick but a keeper. You’ll want to keep this one around. Adrianna Luna is at her best here especially taking on the likes of one of the best cocksman around in Prince Yashua. I was impressed with the other ladies who nicely took on these footers. Alyssa Branch was a total submissive as soon as James entered her snatch, becoming puddy for the male performer of the year. These young girls all brought out their best plus even brought out the best in their male partners, all of whom have long distinguised careers. For any newbie girl to do that is quite a feat. This simply made, simply shot film with no big budget, no special effects, no character study teary eyed melodramatic script has earned itself a Highly Recommended rating!