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Lust, Will & Testament

  • Release date:
    May 28, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 23m
  • Cast:
    Don Fernando|Dick Nasty|Juliana Kincaid|Dino Bravo|Ava Vincent|Tawny Roberts|Herschel Savage|Marty Romano|Cherie|SinNye Lang|Rick Roberts|Rob Spallone|Robert Martin|Wit Maverick

Lust Will & Testament


Genre: Feature

Director: Wit Maverick

Cast: Ava Vincent, Don Fernando, Dick Nasty, Juliana Kincaid, Herschel Savage, Sin Nye Lang, Marty Romano, Tawny Roberts, Rick Roberts, Cherie, Dino Bravo
Non-sex roles by Robert Martin, Kitty Rizzo

Length: 83.5 minutes for the whole feature and 63 minutes for the wall-to-wall sex option

Date of Production: 12/02

Extra's: 3 trailers, wall-to-wall option, star bio's with direct to scene function, photogallery, cast list with picture at the beginning of the show
Note: The credits mentioned a behind the scenes feature but it wasn't present on the dvd.

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:! ratio full frame color-the industry standard. VCA is usually known as one of the top companies in the porn world for features with regard to their technical aspects but this time, they dropped the ball. More often than not, there were problems with the lighting which problems with grain and with the color being too saturated, not to mention shadows. If you watch the movie at regular speed, you notice these things. The audio was in the usual stereo with no real separation between the channels. The problem with this aspect was that the levels didn't seem to be equalized very well. If you set your sound levels for the first part of the movie, you'll soon find out that you can't hear Robert's lines, and if you set it for another scene, the following one will be too loud or soft, depending on which scene you set it for. The editing of the movie wasn't great either and the whole thing seemed like a rush job.

Body of Review: VCA is almost synonymous with high quality feature porn. If you liked porno's with plots, you could do a lot worse than randomly selecting any of VCA's recent (i.e.: in the last 3 years in particular) high end dvds. That said, there have been a number of changes with the company and sometimes this impacts the quality of the output. Case in point, Lust Will & Testament.

The movie is about a rich guy who is dying. He is revising his will so that perhaps a few of his greedy little relatives may get a piece of the pie. His biggest condition is that they don't get a piece of the "other" kind of pie-that's right, no sex while they are at his mansion. Needless to say, everyone plots to cut their brothers and sisters out of the will by setting them up for sex. On the surface, this is as reasonable a premise for a porno as you'll find.

The bad news is that for all the wonderful past releases by VCA, this one fell flat. The technical aspects, as briefly mentioned in that section of the review, included mistakes that should've been caught. Had there been proper lighting, including fill in lights to minimize shadows and lower the amount of grain, proper sound engineering to minimize the distortions and variance of the levels-not to mention the canned add in sounds and dubbed moaning, it might've been better. The problems also included the length of the sex scenes and the variety of camera angles displayed-at times, I really noticed them which is unusual to say the least (read 100 of my reviews and tell me how many times I mention it). I've seen most of these performers and know how they can heat up the screen-Tawny is so hot you could've set the camera on a tripod and told her to brush her teeth and it would've been better than most of the scenes here. That said, here's a look at the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Ava, a yummy blonde who plays a nurse, Don and Dick, had a scene outside of a big mansion. It was fairly limited with Dick boning her while she orally did Dick, switching around a bit, and then a pop shot to her abdomen/chest. Like most scenes here, condoms were used but my biggest problem was the shadows and lack of variety in the camera angles.

Scene Two: Juliana, a cutie with great eye contact and a curvy body, took care of Herschel by the fireplace. It seemed, at first, like a romantic scene and there was some chemistry between the two but it was also somewhat limited by the technical aspects of the movie.

Scene Three: Sin, a lean young Asian, and Marty provided a bit of contrast in terms of the couples. To this point, the pairings were kind of standard, boilerplate scenes, so I was hopeful that this would be better. The two were outside on his motorcycle and the premise was for him to get back at his brother by doing her. Sadly, her overly loud vocals seemed like she was not as pleased as her body looked-her nipples were always erect and her face was flush so I think she was enjoying herself more than it looked otherwise but the fake moaning and groaning reduced the heat for me and made this scene average.

Scene Four: Tawny, the major hotty from Double O Blonde, and her real life hubby, Rick, had a scene outside on and around a limo. The two had fun and were the only ones that didn't use a condom. Her dirty talk alone should be enough to get a guy off, I just wish the scene lasted longer. Oral and straight only.

Scene Five: Tawny, Cherie, and Dino had the next scene on a bed. Tawny propped up the scene but Cherie also contributed some heat with Dino more or less just laying there as a stunt dick. Parts of it seemed mechanical but overall it wasn't bad.

Scene Six: Tawny, in her third scene in a row-good call, and Ava had a scene indoors. Both were looking good, both had plenty of sexual heat and only the technical limitations weakened the scene. The lighting hurt the picture and the whole thing seemed like it was an after thought which stinks but it's hard to deny (pun intended) the two worked well together regardless of the circumstances.

Summary: I'm still a fan of VCA's movies because I know this one was a fluke. Fans of Tawny's will want to at least rent it but otherwise, Skip It because of the problems this one had.



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