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Mike John’s POV Overdose 3

  • Release date:
    July 31, 2013
  • Runtime:
    4h 27m
  • Cast:
    Avy Scott|Lela Star|Velicity Von|Mike John|Cody Lane|Tim Von Swine|Jennifer White|Ava Addams|Holly Michaels

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Mike John’s POV Overdose 3

Jules Jordan Video/Mike John Productions

Genre: POV, Compilation

Director: Mike John

Cast: Avy Scott, Mike John, Lela Star, Katie Cummings, Holly Michaels, Velicity Von, Jennifer White, Cody Lane, Carolyn Reese, Stacy Adams, Ava Addams

Length: 267:00 minutes (130:13 minutes & 136:47 minutes)

Date of Production: 6/15/2013 (compilation itself, not the scenes)

Extras: All of the extras were located on the second disc, including some trailers, a cast list, a photogallery, a pop shot recap, and web access.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Mike John’s POV Overdose 3 was presented in a crisp widescreen as the scenes were originally shot by director Mike John for Jules Jordan Video. I took the liberty of comparing a few of the scenes to the originals, a benefit of having a decent sized library of discs to be sure, and all the test scenes looked the same and lasted the same amount of time. The camera work was as solid as you will find in the point of view (POV) market even now, the care put forth working even years later in some of the older scenes. Of interest to some of you was that there was no continuous company watermark on the lower right hand corner of the screen, this proving a marked difference from similar efforts at all the larger companies out there (and appreciated to boot). The aural qualities were not as markedly superior as the visual elements but the vocals were crisp and easy to understand, few ambient noises in the background getting in the way of the otherwise superior technical aspects of the show.

Body of Review: Mike John is one of the highest quality gonzo directors ever to grace the small screen with his gonzo efforts, his specialty in the point of view (POV) field such that everyone who is someone tries to emulate his techniques to varying degrees of success. His works for Jules Jordan Video and elsewhere have garnered him numerous accolades and awards, his casting and steady hand with a camera setting him far apart from the crowded field in most cases. His latest release comes out later this week with Mike John’s POV Overdose 3, a compilation of scenes taken primarily from his POV Perverts series, Mike serving up a plethora of perfect pussy and ass the kind of POV love they demanded of him, each scene sporting lots of chemistry and enthusiasm as well as replay value to give it that edge over the competition. With names like Holly Michaels, Avy Scott, Jennifer White, and scores of others in the ten full scenes, my appreciation for the lengthy double disc set grew with each passing scene.

The back cover of the movies provided some minimalist commentary regarding the individual scenes, including the following:
Ava likes the flava of Mike's Spuzz!
Avy Scott eats a lot of ball snot.
Carolyn’s a perfect 10 ball drainer.
Cody takes it up the ass and down the hatch.
Holly’s hobby is bouncing on boners.
Jennifer White Jizz Junkie.
Sperm Addict Velicity Von loves to swallow.
Katie’s so easy & sleazy & the wad was greasy!
All natural Lela Star, didn’t too get far.
Stacy goes crazy on Mike’s milkbone.
Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: POV Pervert 11: Avy Scott, Mike John: Opening up between Avy's legs, Mike rubs her kitten with a free thumb, prompting her to ask "can I kiss it hello?" referring to his man pouch. Avy tugs and blows him on the edge of the bed while he fondles her sizable, honestly delicious breasts, smacking the three together before hurdling into missionary (with Avy still halfway dressed). "This is way too good," Mike mutters as he darts and shakes the frame, pulling back so Avy can defrock herself completely. On her knees she strokes his flesh pill, spitting and rubbing those tits of hers together in a wrap, eventually throating it down to the hilt. Another run of missionary fucking brims the two into a smooth frenzy, Avy pausing for a brief suck before switching to a giggly cowgirl squat. At an angle she leans while Mike grabs what bit of her isn't jiggling, causing him to shoot a short sample of whiteness into Avy's mouth. We fade into doggy-style action, her legs pressed together and Mike prying her ass cheeks apart, a mist of sweat accumulating on her back with each thick push. After plenty of ass swatting of her apple bottom, Avy throats his dick once again, floating along in even more doggy afterward. Mike feeds her his unplugged thumb straight from her ass, which Avy laps up before yet more prick swishing and a final session of missionary and titty fucking. The final dose pops straight into Avy's mouth, downing it all and capping it off with a "nice to meet you". On the whole, the scene sizzles along nicely, with Avy's unflappable proclivities keeping Mike all but unhinged throughout. She's more than willing to keep his givings going and going, be it via her deep throat or her beautifully natural & wonderfully malleable tits. As even Mike himself ends up popping his top more than once before it's all over, the same could be said for anyone watching the two of them in action. Sure, the camera may wobble a bit, but so would you! (review by Wind Tunnel)

Scene Two: POV Pervert 8: Lela Star, Mike John: Lela Star, the gal on the middle of the right hand side of the cover with blonde highlights, was up next on the couch as she showed off her booty in blue jean shorts. She's a bit leaner than I like but her all natural curves and winning personality served her well as she teased slowly and seductively for Mike John in the living room. This led to her blowing him aggressively, toying with him just enough to heighten the mood as her kiss turned into a full fledged hummer. Her hand to gland style complimented the oral nicely, with some limited titty fucking added in to spice things up. Granted, after hooters like those used in the previous scene, this was anticlimactic but she can use them on my two inch rod any time she wants to. The penetrative sex was extremely hot as she warmed up to him endearingly; doing a booty bounce in reverse cowgirl that looked especially hot. The PTM was frequent and the level of energy and chemistry seemed to elevate throughout the scene ending with her sucking his semen out and swallowing as she waved goodbye to the camera.

Scene Three: POV Pervert 11: Katie Cummings, Mike John: Cute newbie Katie meets Mike down by the pool, showing off her barbell-pierced right titty, displaying her healthy pair in a waltz into the house. Atop the bed she rubs her bald purse, a few fingers finding themselves between both sets of her lips while she warms up to Mike's hardness. On her knees she slows down her oral intake, spitting up and utilizing those lightly tan mounds to squish her partner's cock between them, gliding along as per Mike's commands. In missionary, her balloons swings as she pushes her palms against the wall for balance, swinging her legs out and around before diddling her clit once again. As she smokes his pole, Mike paws around with her, continuing the missionary for another round, pacing himself to a crawl and testing Katie's ass with a finger (she passes with flying colors!). Cowgirl is tenuous at first and soon blends into a light thump, with a brief taste preceding a run in doggy, with even more ass teasing to follow. Between the cheek smacks and the crack spreading, Katie utters out a few bolts of joy, going to the floor for a final blow off, jerked by her own hand onto her tongue, down to the very last bit of butter. Overall, Katie is a little green overall, though her skills with her tits and hands are the most pronounced, with her cowgirl riding leaving a bit to be desired. The final run of doggy (as well as all that missionary fucking) is probably the highest peak of the action, and I'm sure many will find her just too cute to refuse watching. With time, she could be something special, though she could use a brush up in her overall skills. (review by Wind Tunnel)

Scene Four: POV Pervert 15: Holly Michaels, Mike John: A fun-loving Holly Michaels does a very good job in playing with herself in order to turn-on Mike John and the audience. Thus far, her pretty body is solid eye candy. Next, she applies a heated cocksuck while Mike shoots her POV style. I really liked the titty fuck moments since the sight of her love pillows are hot. Then, the guy drills her well with his dick and Holly enjoys the feeling sensations that occur as her horny attitude and energy level are pretty noticeable. Lastly, Mike cums on her receptive mouth. (review by George the Apache Warrior)

Scene Five: POV Pervert 10: Velicity Von, Mike John: Velicity Von, the curvy blond piece of "candy" seen on the middle of the left side of the cover, was up last on the first disc, her dress barely concealing her neon pink thong and "lollipop" breasts from the gazing view of Mike John. I've always liked her playful demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile to please her partner, this scene no different in that regard. These two actually shared some chemistry together as well, ramping up the heat a few notches as she looked on in delight at his response to playing with her titties. She slobbed his knob actively, more than the rest of the cast for the most part, and the bedroom seemed to get really small as they set out to performing. The blowjob led to a vaginal fuck in multiple positions, including some anal where she was not as aggressively bouncing but still seemed to be enjoying herself. Her moans and groans may have been fake in the porn sense of the word but she did appear to appreciate the action almost as much as Mike did, draining his balls dry with a laugh by using her titties to get her well deserved facial. Yum!

Scene Six: POV Pervert 12: Jennifer White, Mike John: Jennifer White, the curvy hotty seen sucking cock on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up next in the first scene of the second disc. She had a yellow top on and a short blue jean skirt, her glass anal plug stretching her perfect pucker while her boobs freely played under her shirt for Mike John to play with. He kneaded her in the living room and she sat down to spread her legs wide apart, her meaty pussy as bald as could be before she slobbed his knob. The eye contact and POV camera work were great, her hand to gland combat style used at times but not always, suitable for all fans to appreciate. Jennifer took him to the bone with ease and seemed voracious in her appetite for pecker, a titty fuck leading to various positions of vaginally penetrative sex. Her snatch was so tight that I wondered if they would ever get to the anal boning, the couple getting to her ass after some taste testing as she actively rode the penis inside of her asshole. She then did more taste testing (ATM) before alternating holes, the gal sucking his nuts while beating his meat, Mike doing more anal with her before unleashing his nut of genetic juice, population pudding, or spunk into her mouth for swallowing.

Scene Seven: POV Pervert 9: Cody Lane, Mike John: Cody Lane, the busty brunette with pretty eyes seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was up next in the motel bed of Mike John. Instead of the usual tease, she started peeling her clothing rather quickly, leaving him speechless as she took off her pants and squeezed his cock. She wanted more than a squeeze and was soon orally nursing him to a full-fledged erection while maintaining eye contact. The sucking noises seemed more prominent this time as she worked him to the bone, soon impaling herself on his cock like he was her age and they were on a fancy date. Her tig old bitties bounced as they vaginally fucked, the eye contact continued as she verbally coaxed him on to deeper thrills. She did some PTM between positions and the doggy was really hot but she wanted to do anal so that was up next. Her ass was tight and she took her time accommodating his rod by sitting on it, panting heavily as she pumped with increasing speed (and gyrated on his dick). The ATM wasn't frequent as in some of the scenes but she seemed to enjoy the taste almost as much as the drilling she was getting. The scene finished up with a titty fuck and blowjob, enhanced by her hand to gland technique draining him dry into her mouth for swallowing. Yow!

Scene Eight: Jerkoff Material 4: Carolyn Reese, Mike John: Carolyn Reese, the sexy blond seen on the middle of the right side on the cover, was up next with Mike John, her skimpy midriff and loose blue jean shorts hanging off her frame by the pool as she teased him. The tease continued until she showed her boobs, the action picking up in the house where she slobbed his knob aggressively with her mouth and hand working in unison. The eye contact was again superior, the grunting noises punctuating her oral efforts quite well though she took some breaks to relish the moment too. The expected titty fuck and additional oral came soon after, her neatly trimmed twat taking his cock deeply as she actively rode him with a look of desire on her face. This eventually led to her jerking him off into her mouth, the splooge, ball batter, and goo all swallowed as his legs shook.

Scene Nine: POV Pervert 10: Stacy Adams, Mike John: Stacey Adams, the thick black gal seen on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next with Mike John, her tiny shorts cut a bit too short as she laughed in the living room. She wanted the blinds drawn and her large curves appealed to Mike, a sense of muscle tone not quite there permeating her dynamic. She followed the formulaic process and masturbated, soon followed by the blowjob and screwing, dodging the cum at the end of the scene but proving to be an okay bed buddy. I liked her large breasts and thick, shapely ass but she seemed kind of distracted this time, either chemically or due to something else.

Scene Ten: POV Pervert 12: Ava Addams, Mike John: Ava Addams, a thick brunette with an open mouth on the lower right hand quadrant of the front cover, was up last in her pink shirt that showed off her cleavage and her skirt revealing what a great ass she had at the time. A bright thong was nestled between her sweet ass cheeks and she teased Mike a lot with that fantastic booty of hers, bending over the couch to shake her ass before they gave her tits some air time too. He felt her up as she blew him, Ava slapping his cock as ordered while she gave him some fine eye contact. The happy lady showed a lot of personal chemistry for the guy too, titty fucking him and continuing to blow him with a huge smile before he hammered her neatly shaven pussy (just enough hair to almost cover her tattoo). She actively rode his cock and played with her boobs at the same time, the baby batter shot into her mouth after one last round of titty fucking since Mike was stroking it himself this time.

Summary: Mike John’s POV Overdose 3 by director Mike John for Jules Jordan Video was another wonderfully strokable compilation of POV scenes stuffed to the gills with hot women, hardcore sex, and enough sexual variety to keep most fans pleased for a very long time. Not one of the ladies dropped the ball in terms of giving a splendid performance, not of them seemed to be the kind of plastic Barby doll type who was all looks and no skill in the sack, and the kind of chemistry between the performers with the director was among the best I have seen in a long while so the double disc flick earned a substantial Highly Recommended as a result. In short, Mike John’s POV Overdose 3 was extremely well done, should provide those who haven’t seen the scenes before this with enough strokability and replay value to drain their balls dry for quite some time, and I doubt you will find a better made compilation of POV material from another director or company so check it out.


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