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Pillow Talk

  • Release date:
    May 9, 2003
  • Cast:
    Shayla LaVeaux|Steve Hatcher|Mickey G.|Mike Horner|Joel Lawrence|Brittney Skye|Autumn Haze|Lezley Zen|Michelle St. James|Roy Karch

Pillow Talk

Adam & Eve

Genre: Feature, Couples

Director: Roy Karch

Cast: Brittney Skye, Steve Hatcher, Shayla LaVeaux, Lezley Zen, Michelle St.James, Johnny, Autumn Haze, Mickey G., Mike Horner, Joel Lawrence

Length: 96.5 minutes

Date of Production: 1/3/03

Extra's: 21 minute long Behind the Scenes featurette, 4 trailers, biographies, photogallery, bonus scene with John Decker and Ava Vincent from The Edge

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture looked clear and the fleshtones accurate most of the time. It looks shot on video and especially in the outdoors scenes, looks swell. The audio was in English and stereo but I didn't seem to notice any real separation between the channels. The dvd transfer looked fine.

Body of Review: Adam & Eve are best known to porn fans for making movies that couples, novice to porn couples, can enjoy. They don't make anal jamborees, gonzo ass to mouth, or address other extreme market niches that others lean towards. This focus allows them to get some pretty solid sales over time while other companies find that their titles disappear from the shelves after a few months. As such, a lot of reviewers, and sometimes consumers, make them the poster children for what's wrong in porn. If you're a long time, usually jaded, viewer of porn, you'll probably be better off with releases from another company. Their latest release, Pillow Talk, is no exception to this rule.

The movie looks at a couple (Shayla and Joel)who've been married awhile on their vacation to a tropical island. They enjoy themselves, as do the others here, but the plot disintegrates after the first few minutes-perhaps the budget went south or the performers schedules changed, it doesn't really matter. The point of this release is likely to be focused squarely at the people new to porn who will be getting some action before the first scene is over. In essence, a means to spice up a marriage more than something a single guy buys or rents to pleasure himself. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Brittney, the blonde from down under, took on Steve outdoors in a hot tub. No condoms were used and the sex was oral and straight only. She looked good and he did a better job than usual with her. I just wish the director would've added some medium to long shots in the scene. Pretty good.

Scene Two: Shayla and Lezley had a stylish scene in a dark room. The slow motion effects kind of sucked but the two seemed to have fun with their toys and each other. The audio was deliberately messed with and it didn't really work for me but it wasn't particularly bad either. The sex itself was not bad for a lesbian scene.

Scene Three: Michelle and Johnny, an older couple (I think they're a couple in real life too), had sex outdoors. It included anal and had some real energy with chemistry. This will appeal to couples who think older people can't have fun. Not bad.

Scene Four: Autumn, a cute redhead, and Mickey, had sex indoors on a rug by a fireplace. I liked it and at times, the director's camerawork seemed to convey the feeling of intimacy I think he was going for. The bad news was that it didn't quite work and some longer shots might've helped the heat a bit. Fair.

Scene Five: Lezley, perhaps the hottest gal in the movie, took care of Mike on a bed (that looks a lot like the one I sleep on). The couple had oral and straight sex with some energy befitting the two performers. Warm.

Scene Six: Shayla, the ten year porn vet featured on the dvd cover, took on Joel, wacky guy of porn, on a bed. There was definitely some energy here as well and the two had fun with one of the only scenes in the movie to use a condom. Warm.

Summary: This is boilerplate porn. Nothing exceptionally hot or interesting but the cast was pleasant enough on the eyes and the action was often at least worth your time. In all, I'm calling this a Rental-primarily a toss up between the most likely market niche it's made for (which would like it more than that) and the average guy who'll find enough here for a few uses but nothing to sustain the fun longer than a couple of viewings.


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