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Anal Fever 3

  • Release date:
    April 9, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 39m
  • Cast:
    Lee Stone|Austin|Cheyne Collins|Brett Rockman|John West|Melanie Jagger|Betty Blue|Victoria Givens|Austin O'Riley|Sky Taylor|Corey Jordan|Rocky Black

Anal Fever 3

Anarchy Films

Genre: Anal

Director: Corey Jordan

Cast: Austin O'Riley, Lee Stone, Eden, John West, Betty Blue, Brett Rockman, Melanie Jagger, Victoria Givens, Cheyne Collins

Length: 99 minutes

Date of Production: 3/17/03

Extra's: 6 minute long Behind the Scenes footage, 6 minute long photo shoot, trailers, photogallery

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The colors were off due to what appeared to be lighting issues and the camera angles were rarely optimal. There was some grain but it was better than the last volume of the series I watched. The audio was pretty good once the sex started but too low during the interviews. One last note, I couldn't get scene four to play for more than a few seconds on two different players (computer that plays everything and my home unit).

Body of Review: Anarchy Films is a newcomer to the porn world and their niche seems to be on providing gonzo porn with a twist or two. As the company expands its product lines, it may well become a force in the industry as long as it works on its dvd quality (I've had a few problems with their discs). I remember reviewing Volume 4 and thinking the company had some potential beyond what they've displayed to date and I got a hold of Anal Fever #3 and thought it was a pretty decent set of scenes (although I couldn't play one of them so be careful). Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast, noting that no condoms were used and all the gals did anal sex:

Scene One: Austin, the hot blonde with a sweet looking ass, and the massive Lee, had a very warm scene together. While I thing her biggest flaw is her need of better dental care (keeping in mind that the top porn star of all time, Jenna Jameson, only recently fixed her teeth), a few friends think she could drop a couple of pounds too. I like gals with a bit of meat on their bones and she put them to good use here. There was some ATN action here and it ended with an anal cream pie but otherwise this was the best scene and by itself worthy of renting the flick.

Scene Two: Eden, a curvy brunette with great DSL's, did John in this one. Lots of anal action to top off everything else but she didn't seem as into it as Austin was. Still, not a bad scene to enjoy if you're into anal-she didn't appeal to me all that much and needed better make-up.

Scene Three: Betty, a French gal with a cute accent and a nice body, did Brett by a bar. Mostly oral and straight with a fair amount of anal before the obligatory ATM, she licked up his semen from the bar after they dripped out of her. Fair at best.

Scene Four: Melanie did Brett but my home player and computer dvd player locked up on this scene so I had to skip it. Sorry.

Scene Five: Victoria, a North Carolina gal with kinky hair and a cute face, did Cheyne on a bed. She displayed a good amount of energy and the chemistry between the two was solid as well. Plenty of anal with her really getting into before the internal pop which she pushed out for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

Summary: Once again there wasn't the advertised "140 minutes" and one scene wouldn't play so the best I feel I can give this one is a qualified Rent It. There was some good sex going on here, led by Austin's scene and followed by Victoria's warm scene. I don't like the whole cream pie idea so watching a gal ooze out semen from her ass is not gaining any points here. In all, it had some fun but not enough to justify a higher rating.



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