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Six Degrees of Penetration

  • Release date:
    June 2, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 35m
  • Cast:
    Chloe|Skye Blue|Violet Blue|Tyce Bune|Eric Masterson|Aurora Snow|Pat Myne|Rafe|Lezley Zen|Britney Foster|Trevor Zen

Six Degrees Of Penetration


Genre: Feature

Director: Skye Blue

Cast: Chloe, Rafe, Lezley Zen, Trevor Zen, Aurora Snow, Tyce Bune, Britney Foster, Pat Myne, Violet Blue, Eric Masterson,

Length: 95 minutes

Date of Production: 12/02

Extra's: trailers, photogallery, Star Biographies, and a paper dvd catalog

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture was crisp and clear this time (whew!) and all the minor problems with lighting or grain were not worth mentioning. The stereo audio track was clear as well.

Body of Review: In a return to their usual standard of technical excellence, VCA released Six Degrees Of Penetration recently. It was sort of a take off on the old movie that suggested people's social groups are interconnected enough that we are all within 6 steps of everyone else. Chloe, as the lead, describes her version of the theory and sets to putting it to the test, using sex (hey, this is a porno after all), as the means by which to test it. She uses a necklace and when someone has sex, they need to give it to their partner, who is told to pass it on the next time they have sex. In any case, the plot was barely there and if you buy this one for the plot/story, you're wasting your time. The reason to check this one out is for the sex scenes, some of which were pretty well made with heat. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Chloe, the lean little spitfire that always seem to get off when having sex, took care of Rafe in a bed. The sex included oral and straight but also anal before a popshot to her abdomen. A fairly warm scene but she seemed held back a bit compared to some of her more over the top performances.

Scene Two: Lezley, the implanted brunette, and real life hubby Trevor, had a scene on a couch at an art gallery. There was spitting and lots of oral before the no-condom vaginal pounding she took from him. It ended with a facial and was okay, if not her best.

Scene Three: Aurora, the cutie that so many fans love to see, and Chloe, teamed up on Tyce in front of a fireplace. Oral and straight with condom but loads of energy and chemistry. Pretty warm scene.

Scene Four: Britney, the hot looking blonde, and her former boyfriend Pat, had a scene on a table. She looked great here and the energy was unmistakable as they went at it. No condom, oral and straight only with some heat. Yum!

Scene Five: Violet, a gal that has really bloomed over the last year or so, Eric and Pat, had a scene together that was fair with condoms, oral, and straight before a pop to the chest.

Scene Six: Chloe, looking better than in her previous scenes (where she still looked good), and Eric, had a scene on a couch (and on the floor). Again, she showed some intensity even with no anal and a condom. Warm.

Summary: I'm enough of a fan of several of the females here to advise this as Recommended to couples who like them as well. The sex isn't the best I've seen of late but it often had enough sparks flying to keep me happy and the picture looked good. Personally, I wish there had been more extras, more sex, and/or a better story but that's water under the bridge at this point. Not a bad little feature.



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