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Love & War

  • Release date:
    November 19, 2003
  • Cast:
    Steve Hatcher|Julia Ann|Eric Masterson|Aurora Snow|Joelean|Randy Spears|Felix Vicious|Nicole Sheridan|Voodoo|Lezley Zen|Toni English

Genre: Feature

Director: Toni English

Cast: Julia Ann, Lezley Zen, Aurora Snow, Nicole Sheridan, Joelean, Felix Vicious, Randy Spears, Eric Masterson, Voodoo, Steve Hatcher

Length: 111 Minutes

Date of Production: April 23, 2003

Behind the Scenes: All Access: the Making of Love and War:
This is a 20 minute featurette of behind the scenes of the making of Love and War. There were insights from the director and her interaction with each of the roles within the scenes of this feature. It was informative, but nothing really special. It lacked the humor that is found in behind the scenes of features that star Evan Stone. No one in this feature was really that comical.

Director/Star Commentary with Toni English and Julia Ann:
This dialogue presents the view and opinions of the director and main actress of this feature during various events in the feature regarding acting, props, etc. It was somewhat entertaining, not really comical.

Star Profiles: Brief biographical statistics of Julia Ann, Lezley Zen, Aurora Snow, Nicole Sheridan, Joelean, Randy Spears, Voodoo, Steve Hatacher

Star Galleries: Individual photo galleries from this feature of Julia Ann, Lezley Zen, Aurora Snow, Nicole Sheridan, Joelean, Felix Vicious

Interview with Julia Ann: A short interview regarding her role in this feature

Interview with Aurora Snow and Eric Masterson: A short interview regarding their role in this feature

Interview with Felix Vicious and Steve Hatcher: A short interview regarding their role in this feature

DVD-ROM Content: Wicked Casino Game, All of the Wicked Awards Winners and Nominations, Desktop Background in 3 different sizes

Other Extras: Photo Gallery, Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery, Trailers, Promotional Materials,

Audio/Video: The video was presented in 1.85:1 ratio Widescreen color. The picture quality was excellent. It was a little dark in some scenes, but it added to the mood. However in one scene there was a lighting issues that was most likely not for effect. It was Scene 4 specifically. The sound was presented in Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. The audio quality was excellent. The background music during sex scenes was a little bit too loud at some points. The background music sounded really good though.

Body of Review:
Wicked presents a Toni English feature, Love and War. This feature consists of several big names in the adult industry. The cast consisted of Julia Ann as Sophia, Lezley Zen as the unnamed friend, Aurora Snow as Andy, Nicole Sheridan as Marsha, Joelean as Julie, Felix Vicious as Christy, Randy Spears as David, Eric Masterson as Freddy, Voodoo as Mick, Steve and Hatcher as Stanley.

Sophia Brooks (Julia Ann) is a graphics design artist. She's the kind of girl who is in control of everything in her life. Whether it is her work or relationships, she's doesn't have any problems. Her friends on the other are always making mistakes. They don't seem to understand that men need women and women don't need men. When it comes to Sophia's boyfriend, she knows "how to keep him and how to keep him in line." If only her friends were as smart as she was. Marsha's (Nicole Sheridan) boyfriend Mick (Voodoo) has just run off with some girl Julie (Joelean). And then there's Christy (Felix Vicious) who just lost her boyfriend Stanley (Steve Hatcher) to another girl. What are they to do? Well they could be more like Sophia and follow her five step rules. In fact she's a bit of a player when it comes to controlling men.

Possible Plot Spoiler: skip down to Scene 1 if you don't want to read the entire plot of this story.

1. Confront him with his sin; let him know that you know
2. Make it harder for them to reach you; it's harder on them if they can't reach you to apologize
3. Accept his apology and let him know there are other fish in the sea

Well while Sophia is convinced that she has all the answers, she doesn't. She seems to be having a lot of problems with her own boyfriend David (Randy Spears) and his secretary Andy (Aurora Snow). Little does she know that the actual problem isn't her boyfriend cheating on her, but it's actually Freddy (Eric Masterson) who is feeding David all sorts of bad advice. Freddy figures out Sophia's angle and plays her own game against her. At this point her rules have changed. She realizes they don't work the way they used too.

So what's a girl to do? She spends a little time searching on the market for other guys. But they're all losers! It becomes apparent that the one solution that will solve all her problems is that if she becomes gay.

Julia Ann plays the main role in this feature. She does a fabulous job playing as Sophia Brooks, the overconfident successful independent woman who realizes that she may not be as right as she thought she was. Likewise Eric Masterson did a wonderful job playing as Freddy, the cynical manipulative sidekick to Randy Spear's character David. Randy also did a pretty good job playing as Sophia's boyfriend. The other roles cast did a moderate job in their acting. Again the three mentioned, Julia, Eric, and Randy did a wonderful job playing their roles. I was thoroughly impressed.

Here is a scene by scene break down of the sexual activities within.

Scene 1: Julia Ann, Randy Spears
Julia is an extremely attractive blonde with large breasts and a nice body. In this scene she's wearing (not for long) a one piece red dress. This scene opens with her entering Randy Spear's office. The two make some idle chat and then jump into the sex. In this scene they have oral and straight sex. The scene ends with the money shot on her lower region.

I was very happy to see this as the opening scene. It was very hot; the pair had very heated chemistry with one another. Specifically Julia gave a wonderful oral performance. Similarly the sex scene was also very passionate and energetic. This was definitely an exciting scene.

Rating: 9/10

Scene 2: Felix Vicious, Steve Hatcher
Felix Vicious is a cute dirty blonde gal with a very young look. She also has small breasts and a good body. In this scene she's wearing a white top, a plaid miniskirt, and fishnet stockings. She's looking pretty good. In this scene she is reminiscing the time she when she met her ex-boyfriend played by Steve Hatcher. We find the two in an old run down apartment. The two engage in oral and straight sex on an old looking green couch. The scene ends with a facial.

Overall this was a pretty good scene. There wasn't anything that really stood out; it was pretty much your basic sex scene

Rating: 7/10

Scene 3: Aurora Snow, Eric Masterson
Aurora is a very cute brunette with small breasts and a tight body. This scene opens with Eric and Randy discussing Aurora. Eric begins to describe his fantasy with her. We find Aurora dressed in a bra and a short skirt. Eric enters from the balcony and approaches her from behind. He places his hand on her left breast and removes it from its prison. The two continue in this flirtatious manner. They then engage in oral and straight sex. The scene ends with a facial.

This was a beautifully presented scene and it was really hot as well.
Aurora went above and beyond the call of duty in her oral performance.

Rating: 9/10

Scene 4: Nicole Sheridan, Joelean, Voodoo
Nicole is a hot blonde with a great tight body and large firm breasts. Joelean is a cute curly haired blonde with small breasts and a nice body. This scene opens with Nicole reminiscing with her friends (Julia, Felix) about when the last sexual engagement was with her ex-boyfriend before he left her. Nicole along with Joelean and Voodoo engage in oral and straight sex. Also during part of the scene Nicole puts a strap-on toy on her back. Joelean then had sex with the toy while Voodoo had sex with Nicole from behind. The scene ends with Voodoo giving Joelean a facial and the two girls swapping.

This scene had some severe issues with lighting. There was an extreme amount of glare from the sun or too much lighting. Either way it just posed some annoyances for viewing pleasure. Well, with that out of the way, it was still a pretty good scene. The interaction between the two girls and Voodoo provided a very enjoyable and excitable scene.

Rating: 7/10

Scene 5: Julia Ann, Lezley Zen
Lezley Zen is dark haired gal with large breasts, a nice body, and a good looking face. She joins with Julia Ann in this scene. The two girls are in front of a fire place sharing a dialogue. Eventually it leads to the girls kissing which leads to undressing and you can guess the rest. The girls have a very clean girl/girl scene in which they employ the use of their hands and mouths.

It was a pretty good scene. Seeing these two beautiful girls with one another was a definite plus. It was pretty exciting, but it wasn't a real eye popper.

Rating: 7/10

Concluding Words: I was very happy with the presentation of this feature. The acting was surprisingly fairly good. During the director/star commentary we learned that director Toni English used what is called "breaking the fourth wall" in this feature. The main actress Julia Ann spoke directly to the audience (camera), which added a comical effect to the feature. Also this entire feature was modeled after a mainstream romantic comedy, which was not named during the commentary. I also could not identify which mainstream film this was.

Love and War when compared to another review of a Wicked feature I've done, Improper Conduct, did not have the same level of exciting sexual content. I felt that Love and War was a much better presentation in terms of plot, it was just much more enjoyable, but again the sex in this feature was not its strong point. This isn't to say that the sex in this feature isn't enjoyable, because it is. I'm just stating that I think there are other titles out there that the sex is much hotter. But again, I think this feature did well because of the combination of the non-sex scenes with the sex scenes had excellent results.

Similarly to other Wicked features, this is jammed pack with extras. We get a directory/star commentary, interviews, behind the scenes featurette, and several photo galleries. I am always happy to get an opportunity to hear about the making of the picture, various insights from the cast/director, and so on.

This title was beautifully done. I was truly happy with the content in both non-sex and sex roles. This sex is all clean and straight forward. This title is for anyone who enjoys a decent entertaining story while at the same to seeing some good sex. I suggest this title for anyone and everyone.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being bad and 10 being good.


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