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Latin Girls 4

  • Release date:
    May 20, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 22m
  • Cast:
    Chris Charming|Simone|August|Rio Mariah|Tristan Seagal|Foxy Lady|Ray Anderson|Tony Pounds|Karen Bless|Ben (Israel)

Latin Girls 4


Genre: Young Latin Women

Director: Ray Anderson

Cast: August, Tony, Foxy Lady, Tristen, Karen, Ben, Simone, Chris, Rio

Length: 82 minutes

Date of Production: 1/10/03

Extra's: Behind the Scenes, trailers, photogallery, cast list, director's profile, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.85:1 ratio widescreen and looked very solid with accurate fleshtones and no color bleeding that I noticed. The sound was in stereo with minimal separation but music that was too loud.

Body of Review: More often than not, when a porno has the word "young" in the title, it is often an advertising gimmick since the women tend to look in their mid 20's rather than the implied barely legal 18. In Young Latin Girls 4, Hustler presented 5 women that all looked to be in their late teens or so with black hair and of Latino background. The settings are minimal and the sex included only oral and straight with no condom, but if you take a quick look at the dvd cover, you'll know if this one is for you. If you've seen Volume 3, you'll be happy to note that Hustler's Young Latin Girls 4 was an improvement. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Sweet Surprise: August, a cutie that can be seen on the front dvd cover on the left side of the box, and Tony had a scene on a bed. It had chemistry and some warmth with oral and straight sex (no condoms in the entire film either).

Scene Two: Hard Day At Work: Foxy, a lean young gal with a temperament to appreciate the finer things in life, and Tristen had sex outdoors on a lawnchair. She attacked his meat with her mouth, proving her oral talents, before the went to vaginal sex. Pretty good.

Scene Three: Wine & Romance: Karen, a gal who looked to be about 18, and Ben had sex in front of the fireplace after making out for awhile. The scene included anal and I must admit her ass looked really good for such a lean babe. Warm!

Scene Four: Sugar Daddy: Simone, a cutie making her first video, and Chris, had a decent time on a couch that included a spanking for his misuse of his credit card. Not bad but he looked way too old for her.

Scene Five: Lucky In Love: Rio, Chris and Tristen had a warm scene on a bed that included not only anal but a DP. She seemed inexperienced and that might appeal to some viewers. Warm.

Summary: The series continues to improve and I'm suggesting this one as Recommended based on it's very attractive and youthful cast as well as having some real warmth in the action. If they'll only turn down the music a bit, or maybe provide an alternative audio track where the music is absent, and add a scene or two, I'm sure it'll get even higher ratings.



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