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3 Into Briana Banks

  • Release date:
    July 23, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 6m
  • Cast:
    Chloe|Jenna Jameson|Taylor Hayes|Dee|Shelbee Myne|Lee Stone|Chloe Dior|Briana Banks|Logan LaBrent|August|Dillion Day|Raylene|Pat Myne|Kelsey|Lola (I)|Cherie|Cheyenne Silver|Darla Crane

3 Into Briana Banks


Genre: Compilation, Briana Banks

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Briana Banks, Darla Crane, Rafe, Cherie, Tony Tedeschi, August, Manuel Ferrara, Eric Masterson, Kelsey, Michael J. Cox, Shelbee Myne, Erik Everhard, Bobby Vitale, Logan La Brent, Lee Stone, Dillion Day, Dee, Anton Michael, Chloe Dior, Pat Myne, Jenna Jameson, Taylor Hayes, Raylene, Cheyenne Silver

Length: 123 minutes

Date of Production: 6/9/03 (compilation only)

Extra's: 3 unrelated sex scenes, behind the scenes to the movie "Chatterbox", trailers, photogallery, double sided dvd cover, spam

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The limitations of the source material were evident in most scenes as they had a lot of grain and video noise. The audio was presented in stereo English and had issues as well but none were so bad as to reduce the heat. The dvd transfer was okay here with minimal artifacts in some scenes.

Body of Review: Briana Banks is the lean blonde bombshell with the large implants that signed a contract with Vivid not too long ago. Her fans favor her for her very attractive face and ability to enjoy sex in a number of ways with men and women both. Those who've followed her career know that she's always in demand and has a number of solid compilations under her belt, such as And The Winner Is…Briana. In the latest compilation from Vivid, 3 Into Briana Banks, we get to see ten scenes, most of which had the lovely young blonde in them. If you're a fan of hers, read this breakdown of the scenes by original movie, director, cast and actions:

Scene One: Bankable: D-Chi Chi LaRue: Briana, Darla, and Rafe had a scene in the bank on a couch. This was a pretty warm scene on a couch at a bank. I think I like it more now than I did when I first saw the original movie too.

Scene Two: Chatterbox: D-Cleo Edwards: Briana, Cherie, and Tony had a short little scene on a couch in a dressing room. The sex was mostly oral and some straight tossed in for good measure. Fair.

Scene Three: Gold Digger: D-Chi Chi LaRue: August, a brunette that looks a lot like Gina Ryder, took on both Eric and Manuel on a bed. The scene wasn't bad but there wasn't much chemistry between this threesome and she really didn't look into the action, which consisted mostly of oral and vaginal sex in a few positions. Please take note that Briana was not in this scene.

Scene Four: Heart Breaker: D-Paul Thomas: Briana returned along with Kelsey to take care of Michael in the store. They all participated fully and the scene included oral, vaginal, and anal sex. It didn't have the energy of some of the other scenes but it was better than Vivid usually makes.

Scene Five: Hidden Desires: D-Michael Raven: Shelbee, looking all hot and sweaty, took on Erik and Bobby in a smoky room. Not great but worthy of watching several times. She does love to grunt and groan during the act. Please take note that Briana was not in this scene either.

Scene Six: Raven: D-Robby D.: Briana was also not in this scene. It had Logan taking of Lee and Dillion on a couch and the scene was pretty solid but fans are looking to buy this DVD hoping for all Briana scenes.

Scene Seven: Shape Of Sin: D-Chi Chi LaRue: Briana, the lean blonde, and Dee, everyone's favorite light skinned black gal, took care of Anton in a dinner. Also a pretty good scene but oral and straight only.

Scene Eight: Vixen: D-Cleo Edwards: Briana, Chloe, and Pat all shared a bed together after the ladies warmed each other up. Briana liked having his thumb stuffed up her ass while he plugged her pussy. This was a solid scene.

Scene Nine: Where The Boys Aren't 14: D-Chiu Chi LaRue: Briana, Jenna, Taylor and Raylene had a scene together while male dancers gyrated around them in cages. Jenna was especially energetic here and all the ladies had fun. Yum!

Scene Ten: Where The Boys Aren't 15: D-Chi Chi LaRue: Briana, one of Vivid's sweeter looking gals, got done up by butch looking Taylor and Cheyenne in a public bathroom. Pretty warm stuff. Yum!

Summary: While this is not Briana's best compilation, it was easily good enough to rate a Recommended from me. I would have liked it better if all the scenes were with the lead performer and if the extras had been a bit better but overall, it was worth checking out for those who want to see Briana's threesome (or orgy) scenes with Vivid.



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