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Euphoria (Vivid)

  • Release date:
    December 17, 2002
  • Runtime:
    1h 26m
  • Cast:
    Mickey G.|Eric Masterson|Sugar Kane|Rafe|Faith Adams|Athena|Autumn Austin|Toni Brooks|Tony Pounds|David Stanley

Euphoria (Vivid)


Genre: Feature, Lesbian, Couples

Director/Writer: David Stanley

Cast: Autumn, Eric Masterson, Rafe, Faith Adams, Tony Pound, Mickey G., Sugar Kane, Athena

Length: 75.5 minutes

Date of Production: 9/8/01

Extra's: forced spam, positions room, trailers, photogallery, ~67 minutes of unrelated bonus scenes, 1.5 minutes of bloopers, 8.5 minute Behind the Scenes (photoshoot)

Audio/Video Quality: While this wasn't the worst picture I've seen from Vivid, it wasn't even close to their best either. The lighting was often too low and the picture was grainy much of the time. The audio was often dubbed and the music strange.

Body of Review: Euphoria is defined as: A feeling of great happiness or well-being. I wish this movie made me feel this way. The basic story is about a gal played by Autumn who is not all there (if you know what I mean) because of an accident in the shower where she hit her head. The story really isn't important since this is a porno but I wish the director would've just skipped it since it adds nothing to the enjoyment of the movie. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast member but keep in mind that there were no credits:

Scene One: Autumn, a cute young woman, had sex with Eric in a bed. It had oral and vaginal sex with him splooging on her feet at the end. It wasn't very hot but it was okay to watch once.

Scene Two: Autumn, having been hired, got a physical of sorts by Rafe in front of Mickey (who keeps his clothes on). Another average scene at best.

Scene Three: Faith, a leggy brunette, screwed Autumn in a lesbian office tryst that included tongues and toys. I actually liked this one the first time I saw it but the second time, it left me wondering what I saw of value. If you're in the mood for veggie action, you may like it.

Scene Four: Faith, then properly warmed up, had sex with Tony and Mickey in his office while Autumn masturbated. On a technical level, this was the best scene of the movie on mechanical grounds but I sensed little warmth from the players.

Scene Five: Sugar and Athena had a lesbian scene in the office. They seemed somewhat distant and not really into the action. Maybe they are new to porn and felt self conscious when the scene was made.

Summary: When the sex in a porno is better during the bonus scenes than in the main feature, you've got trouble. Such is the case in Vivid's Euphoria. If you are a big fan of Autumn, and she is cute, you will want to rent or even buy this one but others will find more value elsewhere. The technical issues compounded with a lack of energy/heat in the sex scenes make this one most people should skip. If you want to check out a great movie by this name, look for Wicked's Euphoria as it's better in every way.


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