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Hollywood Orgies: Asia Carrera

  • Release date:
    June 11, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 50m
  • Cast:
    Christy Canyon|Janine|Dyanna Lauren|Asia Carrera|Tammi Ann|Jenna Jameson|Julia Ann|Leslie Glass|Taylor St. Clair|Dee



Hollywood Orgies Asia Carrera

VIVID Interactive

Genre: Compilation featuring title star.


Director: Toni English, Ralph Parfait, Paul Thomas, Bud Lee, Austin Ellison, Ernest Greene, Chi Chi LaRue, Robby D, David Stanley


Cast: Asia Carrera, Debi Diamond, Janine, Alex Sanders, Tony Tedeschi, Dee, Meka, Shawnee, Christy Canyon, Steve St. Croix, Kylie Ireland, Jonathan Morgan, Amber Woods, Valeria, Brooke Waters, J.P. Anthony, Andrew Wade, Tammi Ann, Bobby Vitale, London, Nina Hartly, Misty Rain, Dyanna Lauren, Christina Angel, Veronica Sage, Isis Nile, Chad Thomas, Damian Zeus, Brad Armstrong, Leslie Glass, Tom Byron, Julia Ann, Jenna Jameson, Lola, Wendy Divine, Vanessa Blue, Vince Vouyer, Taylor St. Claire, Randy Spears


Length: 110 minutes


Date of Production: various from 1994 through 2002.


Extra's: bonus room, behind the scenes, photo gallery, previews, and sexy talk ( advertising)


Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture was either crisp and clear or grainy or washed out. The scenes that were transferred from earlier films were grainy but some of the more current productions were washed out and grainy as well. The sound was sometimes distracting because it was so clear and immediate.


Body of Review: We need a Asia Carrera compilation release so here it is. Some scenes can stand on their own like Crazy Love and Night Nurses. Other scenes were teasers for the whole feature. This is not a best of selection so watch this one with your remote handy. At least Asia Carrera appears in each scene. Here we go…


Scene 1: Bad Girls #1 - Lock Down


Asia Carrera, Debi Diamond, Janine, Alex Sanders, Tony Tedeschi


Directed by Toni English

I like this one. Good looking girls and good action. I didn't like the set though. The set is the interior of a barn with haystacks. The girls are wearing construction boots or white sneakers. Debi Diamond is always fun to watch though. She earns her pay. Aisa puts in a convincing performance without the trite smiles. Hang in there for the Debi's monster facial.


Scene 2: Chasin' Pink #1 Cops


Asia Carrera, Dee, Meka, Shawnee


Directed by Ralph Parfait

I din't like this one. The setting is an outdoor construction set and it is a poorly lighted one at that. The Girls are dressed in gang banger clothes, bandanas, big baggy pants or cut offs. It does feature a pocket knife which you don't see too often in an adult. Not a turn on. The action does not seem to get anywhere. Fast forward this one.


Scene 3: Comeback


Asia Carrera, Christy Canyon, Steve St. Croix


Directed by Paul Thomas

This scene is much better then the earlier ones. Good looking girls and they are better dressed. The action is quick moving but Asia looks like she is busy playing to the camera again. Christy Canyon is doing most of the grunt work and she is the one we are rooting for near the end. At least she looked like it was good for her too. This scene is just as good on the second viewing.


Scene 4: Crazy Love


Asia Carrera, Kylie Ireland, Jonathan Morgan


Directed by Bud Lee

I like this one. The girls are sexy and the scene is well lighted. I would say a near couples scene since there is a lot of kissing and the guy is meek, sort of a doormat. The girls are dress up with high heels and garter belts. I like that look. Kylie plays a therapy counselor who joins our couple latter on to give a hands on demonstration. The action looks convincing and heats up quite a bit. This one is a keeper.


Scene 5: Forever Young


Asia Carrera, Amber Woods, Valeria, Brooke Waters, J.P. Anthony, Andrew Wade


Directed by Austin Ellison.

Tons of hot chicks and hot action. One girl is wearing thigh high boots and a german iron cross with diamonds. The sex here is less mechanical and I am convinced quite a few involved here were turned on. No condoms used in this scene. This scene is full of good hard driving action. Add this one to your list.


Scene 6: Layover


Asia Carrera, Tammi Ann, Bobby Vitale, London


Directed by Paul Thomas.

This one stands out because it is so different. It looks like a 1940's period USO stage. The girls are making out on stage while the guys in the crowd cheer on. Asia Carrera seems like a different girl here because she is more playful. You don't catch her playing to the camera. The action moves along at a pounding pace. Ends with dual butt facial. This scene is worth a second viewing.


Scene 7: Night Nurses


Asia Carrera, Nina Hartly, Steven St. Croix


Directed by Toni English

You must see this scene. The set looks like a real hospital room and you wonder who let this crew in to shoot. The tone here is light and comical. Fantasies featuring nurses are a staple of adult films and this one is pretty good. Who wouldn't want a nurse like Nina Hartly or Asia Carrera at your bedside? Nina Hartly can still bring on the heat. The money shot here is amazing because it even startles the veterans Nina and Asia. Rent this dvd one just for this one scene. Share this one with your buddies. Save this dvd in a time capsule.


Scene 8: Swamp #2


Asia Carrera, Misty Rain, Dyanna Lauren, Christina Angel, Veronica Sage, Isis Nile, Chad Thomas, Tony Tedeschi, Alex Sanders, Damian Zeus, Brad Armstrong


Directed by Paul Thomas.

Here is an 80's era big orgy, swinger scene with beautiful girls with the big 80's hair. Anytime garter belts and high heels are employed I am interested. No condoms used here which hints that this was shot awhile back. Don't skip this scene if you rent this dvd.


Scene 9: Vagablonde


Asia Carrera, Janine, Leslie Glass, Tom Byron


Directed by Bud Lee

You must see what happens to the penis shaped ice cube. You may be disturbed by the way it appears one of the characters (Janine) is coerced into the adult action but what happens to our boy is worse. The girls are very hot looking though. There is no money shot but you get a surprise as the girls find a use for the ice sculpture. Don't skip this scene if you rent this dvd.


Scene 10: Where the Boy's Aren't 7


Asia Carrera, Janine, Christy Canyon, Julia Ann, Dyanna Lauren, Jenna Jameson


Directed by Ernest Greene

This is a very good all girl orgy as orgies go and quite a cast of throw down knock out adult stars. One of the girls stands out with the outfit she has on. Jenna Jameson is dressed up in elbow length latex rubber gloves, a clear plastic miniskirt, a leather dog collar, black garter belt and black high heels with a red flame paint job. The set is an abstract darkened room with a white grand piano; a neon sign on a seamless wall and a black and white checkered floor. It tries so hard not to distract that it is distracting. The girls seem to be trying to out do each other with their moans and groans. No giant climax (did I miss something) but great to watch again and again.


Bonus Room Scene 1: Bankable


Lola, Kylie Ireland, Wendy Divine


Directed by Chi Chi LaRue

What's wrong with three girls stark naked in a shower room? This scene features good hot action provided by seamlessly tanned and perky bodies. The action is a little over the top but you gotta love Kylie Ireland. Don't fast forward this scene if you rent this dvd.


Bonus Room Scene 2: Color Blind 7


Vanessa Blue, Vince Vouyer


Directed by Robby D

Must see if you rent this one. A hot black girl with huge breast appears to be in an audition interview (a voice from off camera ask if she does anal). This girl is trash talking and taunting the guy, "you can't do better than that..Is that all you got white boy?" Monster money shot all into her mouth and they ask off camera "does she swallow?" She rocks the house. This one is a circus act.


Bonus Room Scene 3: Sweet Things


Taylor St. Claire, Randy Spears


Directed by David Stanley

This is a very different scene. It features weird costumes, blowup dolls hanging from the ceiling, feather boas and shaved bottom. The scene ends with a stocking foot money shot. I am neutral on this scene.

The behind the scenes segment shows some real time action behind and in front of the camera. You realize the guys usually scream louder than the girls do and they aren't faking it. Fun to watch.


Summary: I selected this dvd because it features Asia Carrera. I didn't like the grainy scenes though. I recommend renting this one for the hospital fantasy; all star all girl orgies, and the trash talking black girl.



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