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Chasey Lain Uncensored

  • Release date:
    June 17, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 30m
  • Cast:
    Chasey Lain|Sindee Coxx|Asia Carrera|Jill Kelly|Stephanie Swift|Rocco Siffredi|Kobe Tai|Dillion Day|Gwen Summers|Bobby Vitale|Daniella Rush|Deva Station|Niki Talon

Chasey Lain Uncensored


Genre: Compilation, Chasey Lain

Director: varied per scene

Cast: Chasey Lain, Rocco Siffredi, Missy, Bobby Vitale, Daniella Rush, Asia Carrera, Jill Kelly, Sindee Coxx, Nick East, Kobe Tai, Nikki Talon

Length: 91 minutes

Date of Release: 6/17/03

Extra's: 25.5 minute Behind the Scenes feature for Wife Taker, trailers, photogallery, 3 unrelated bonus scenes, double sided dvd cover, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. Most of it was grainy and there were the usual problems with older material, some of this came from 1995 or earlier, but most of the short scenes were watchable. The audio varied nearly as much.

Body of Review: Chasey Lain was once one of the top contract stars in porn, having worked for Vivid and Wicked Pictures among others. As time progressed, she had personal problems and fell out of the limelight but some of her older scenes were pretty good. Vivid has access to some of those scenes and decided to cash in with their compilation Chasey Lain Uncensored. A selection of 10 scenes, with some of them way too short, this is for those who want most of what Vivid has on tape for the little former porn queen. If you're a big fan, read on. Here's a breakdown of the scenes but remember that you don't much for your money this time:

Scene One: Chasey Loves Rocco: D-Toni English: Chasey and Rocco went at it on a bed. Not the best work either had done.

Scene Two: House On Chasey Lain: D-Michael Zen: Chasey had a very short solo scene. Pass.

Scene Three: Chasey Saves The World: D-Judy Blue: Chasey and Missy had a short scene on a bed. Not bad but again, way too short.

Scene Four: Nymph: D-Paul Thomas: Chasey and Bobby had a scene that lasted about as long as my personal scenes last. If you blink, half of it will be over. Pass.

Scene Five: Chasin' Pink 6: D-Robby D.: Chasey and Daniella had a warm scene together that was only slightly marred by the sound and visual effects used.

Scene Six: Hawaii: D-Toni English: Asia and Chasey did their dance routine and did a bit of loving on the stage. Too short and too limited (and why wasn't it labeled like most of the scenes here?). Fair but weak.

Scene Seven: Interview With A Vibrator: D-Michael Zen: Chasey, Jill, and Sindee had a pretty warm scene together. It was playful and warm at the same time. Nice!

Scene Eight: White Wedding: D-Paul Thomas: Chasey and Nick had a scene on a bed. I liked what was here but it was also short on action.

Scene Nine: Chasin' Pink 3: D-Ralph Parfait: Chasey and Kobe in the back of an RV. Not bad for a veggie scene but not as good as scene seven either.

Scene Ten: Chasin' Pink 5: D-Robby D.: Chasey and Nikki had a warm scene on a couch. I just hated the fact that the music replaced the vocal track but the action was good.

Summary: Anyone who's a fan of Chasey will already own the features these scenes came from and there wasn't enough material for me to rate this as anything higher than Rent It. Not a lot of fuck for your buck compared to other Vivid compilations.


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