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3 Into Tia Bella

  • Release date:
    April 22, 2003
  • Cast:
    Dyanna Lauren|Felecia|Sindee Coxx|Roxanne Hall|Charlie|Johnni Black|Ashley Renee|Leslie Glass|Kobe Tai|Tia Bella|Dee|Jessica Darlin|Leanni Lei|T.J. Hart|Heather Hunter|Lori Michaels|Corinne Williams

3 Into Tia Bella

Genre: Compilation

Cast: See review. 

Length: approx 2hrs

Extras: "Bonus Room" [3 extra scenes], "Behind the
Scenes", & a Photo Gallery. There are also some previews, an ad for
Vivid's website & something called "Sexy Talk" which is actually
the FORCED phone sex ads at the beginning [does anyone actually PAY for that..?]

Audio/Video Quality: The video is 1.33:1 full frame ratio. The picture
quality and audio is inconsistent. The ten scenes are culled from ten different
films. The majority are shot on video and have acceptable audio and video.

Preface about my method: It's my belief that compilations are
much better than full features. I mean, think about it. Why do people watch
Adult films? Is it for the compelling storylines? How bout the Oscar worthy
acting? Nope. It's for sex. Plain and simple. These Vivid compilations serve
that purpose. They present you with a DVD that cuts all the bull and gets down
to business. 

Now, as far as Tia goes...i'm a BIG fan of hers. Well, maybe I shouldn't say
FAN...by definition that'd be the wrong word. How 'bout...admirer. While I don't
racially discriminate when it comes to females, I find i'm more attracted to
Latin females. Tia [according to a bio I read] is of Latin/Greek descent. So you
know what that means...

I really can't judge her on her acting ability [not that you'd necessarily
CARE about that], but I can tell you that i've YET to see a scene of hers where
it seems she's just "going through the motions". That's why in the
following review, i'll rarely comment on her performance. You know that old
saying: "If you can't say anything nice...don't say anything at all"?
I'm the opposite. If I think she's giving a bad performance, hormones aside,
i'll let ya know.

Here's a breakdown of the scenes:

Scene One ["Fresh" featuring TJ Hart & James Bonn]: This
scene is also featured on Tia Bella Uncensored. Although, here it begins with a lil
extra foreplay between Tia & TJ before James joins the fun. Once she's done
playing with Tia,  TJ administers some oral satisfaction to James while the occasional person walks
by. Eventually, James bends TJ over for some doggystyle while she munches on
Tia who's reclining. Position switch to missionary with TJ reclining this time
while Tia watches. Eventually James climaxes with some manual stimulation from
Tia. The extra footage between Tia & TJ make this scene slightly warmer than
its previous rating of lukewarm.

Scene Two ["Gettin' Lucky" featuring Johnnie Black & Marc
The scene begins with Johnnie & Marc both undressing Tia and
before you know it, Johnnie's between Tia's legs getting a taste [at least until
Marc forces Johnnie out]. When he's done, he strips down and lets Tia & Johnnie take
turns giving their lips [and tongues] a good workout. There's a little doggy
action and at times it look like the action might shift to anal, but he's just
teasing Tia. He saves the anal action for Johnnie [while Tia watches]. The scene
seemed short to me and Johnnie is automation at its finest. We wrap up with a
weak climax from Marc. For shame...

Scene Three ["Extreme Close Up Tia Bella" featuring Ashley Renee
& Corinne Williams]:
With the girls taking turns watching and/or
stimulating themselves, this scene was hotter than the previous one. I'm guessing
Corinne is another Janine "i'll do men in my personal life, but not on
film" Lindemulder..? Anyways...a dildo is brought in to liven up the party [which was already
pretty lively to begin with]. The scene fades [not ends, fades] while Corinne is
getting anally probed by Ashley with Tia looking on. How does the scene end? Don't
know. It faded before the end...

Scene Four ["Where the Boys Aren't 10" featuring Heather Hunter,
Leslie Glass & Kobe Tai]:
Great. Another all girl scene. This time with
RAP music. Joy. It's your standard carpet munching stuff. All four of
the girls looked like they were enjoying themselves [AND each other]. They did
all look good though...

Scene Five ["Second Coming" featuring Roxanne Hall, Johnnie Black,
Dee, Rob, AJ, Tim Hard & Rich Handsome]:

This scene takes place in [what looks like] a warehouse. It begins with Tia "cooling down"
Johnnie with an ice cube. From there, she takes her cube and moves on to Roxanne
[who's wearing an S&M collar]. Roxanne walks over to start playing with
Johnnie with Tia following to join the fun. While the munching & licking is going
on up on the stage, Dee's in the audience keeping herself occupied with Rob, Tim
& Rich. Jill Kelly makes a "bare breasted" appearance. Eventually, Tia gives
MY favorite male performer AJ [that was sarcasm, kiddies] some head while she's
getting some from Rox who happens to be getting some from Johnnie. After a short time, Tia
lays back and Rox & Johnnie each grab a leg and spread her open like a Thanksgiving turkey so AJ can get inside. We see some more of Dee giving her
beautiful lips a workout and then the scene shifts back to the stage. AJ's still
doing Tia, who is now laying on top of a kneeling Johnnie, whose face is buried
between a reclining Rox's legs. While this action is going on and positions are
shifting, we see Marc Wallice wandering down corridors. He eventually wanders
into where all the action is taking place, spies Tia and looks as if he's about
to run away crying. Well, okay, not really crying...but kinda distraught. Jill
sees him and tells some guy that was playing with her implants...er...boobs to
go get him. He brings Marc over to Jill. I'm guessing Marc & Tia
were married[?] or going out[?] and Jill's sorta like a sexual Mr. Roarke since
she asks Marc if that's what he wanted [while he's watching Tia give AJ some
limp head -- AJ was limp, NOT Tia's ability]. I'd like to tell you how the scene
ended and what all this meant, but I can't. The scene faded while Jill was
talking and AJ didn't even get to climax. Color me disappointed.

Scene Six ["Extreme Close Up Tia Bella" featuring Jessica Darlin'
& Leanni Lei]:
We join the scene as all three girls are in bed.
Leanni's working Tia over with a dildo while Jessica's bring up the rear. Well,
Leanni's rear, that is. The configuration changes and this time Leanni's working
over Jessica with the dildo while Tia's letting Jessica's tongue get a workout.
I was just about to type "Yet another typical girl/girl scene" when
the scene cuts and Jessica starts riding a STRAP ON that Tia's wearing. Then Leanni gets
to ride...which is how it ends. Non-climatic.

Scene Seven ["Fresh" featuring Barett Moore & Nick East]:
Barrett [who's topless] pulls Nick into a bedroom that Tia happens to be in.
While Nick is kissing/licking Barett's body, she motions to Tia to join them.
Tia adjusts her top and looks away. Eventually, Nick throws Barett onto the bed
which forces Tia to get off. Barett then proceeds to give Nick a 'lil
head. While this is happening, Tia's moved to a chair in the room and i'm
guessing the excitement gets to her since her breasts come out, her dress goes
up and she starts to manually satisfy herself. This goes on for the entire
scene. The sex is strictly between Barett & Nick while Tia handles her
business. I'd have to say this was a pretty HOT scene.

Scene Eight ["Camera Shy" featuring Charlie & Sindee Coxx]:
The FOURTH girl/girl scene on this disc. Tia's sitting in a chair while
Charlie's applying makeup. Sindee, who's the photographer, starts snapping
pics. Charlie decides to do a little "touching up" on Tia's breasts
with her tongue. Eventually, Sindee ditches the camera and gets involved, taking
over where Charlie left off. Charlie straddles Sindee and plays with her for a
while. Then, the double-headed pink dildo comes in. Tia's the first one that
feels it. Charlie's the second...and the position that Charlie's in, allows
Sindee to straddle the other end of the dildo -- making it the first double-headed
dildo double penetration i've seen on the disc. Unfortunately, it doesn't last
long [probably due to the uncomfortability of Charlie's position]. 

Tia & the double headed DP & Charlie made this the best
girl/girl/girl scene on the disc.

Scene Nine ["the Kiss" featuring Felecia & Lori Michaels]:
Here we have the FIFTH girl/girl scene on the disc. It begins with Felecia
stripping down [NICE tanlines] while Tia has some sexy black lingerie on. Though not for long. All three girls get down to business...and business is
GOOD. All three performers are sexy [and two of 'em are even NATURAL] which made
this a hot scene.

Scene Ten ["Where the Boys Aren't 11" featuring Leslie Glass &
Dyanna Lauren]:
Dyanna's dressed as a cop. Leslie's sitting on a piano
stool [naked] playing with herself. Tia's naked from the waist down and is wearing a
wifebeater. Dyanna asks Leslie if she wants to see Tia's breasts. Dyanna RIPS
the wifebeater off of Tia and the hijinks begin..

I take it back -- Dyanna's dominance + spanking + Leslie's tanlines + Dyanna's
"commentary" during
the sex + even MORE spanking make THIS the
best girl/girl/girl scene on the disc. Forget what I said about scene eight. 


Scene One ["Barfly" featuring April & Bobby Vitale]

Scene Two ["Vixen" featuring Catalina & Anton Michael]

Scene Three ["White Room" featuring Chloe & Tony Tedeschi]

Behind the Scenes of Vixen

Summary: Thankfully, there's only one scene on this disc that's repeated
on the other Tia collections. It kinda bugged me that out of the ten scenes on
the disc, more than half of them are lesbian. I'm wondering if that's what the
title refers to...? Beats me. Lesbian fans will like this collection [especially
for that final scene] and Tia fans will want to add it to theirs [for scenes
Seven AND Ten]. 

This one gets a Recommendation.


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