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New Girls in Town 4

  • Release date:
    April 24, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 28m
  • Cast:
    Steve Hatcher|Jonathan Morgan|Brad Armstrong|Brittney Skye|Troy Halston|Holly Halston|Ashley Long|Pat Myne|Lezley Zen|Nikkie Love|Malitia|Michelle Michaels

The DVD:

New Girls in Town 4 features six different girls who are relatively new to
the pron business.  It's nice to see young talent early in their careers,
but sometimes, there's a reason these girls haven't been in more films.
Since there's absolutely no story to the DVD, there's not much to preface it
with.  Instead, just continue on and read about each chapter broken down
and graded.


Scene Selection:  There are 7 chapters on the DVD, each with an
animated scene in the main scene selection menu.

Main Feature:  The DVD is broken up into 7 chapters - an intro
and one for each girl: Brittney Skye, Malitia, Nikki Love, Ashley Long, Holly
Halston, and Michelle Michaels.  With such an easy breakdown, I'll just
review each chapter/girl...

First, we start with Brittney Skye.  She's 21, from Sylmar, and her
favorite sex is "Hard Sex."  Brittney's a buxom blonde with nice,
large tits, and a pretty big ass to go along with them.  I'd hesitate to
say she's overweight, but she's got some meat on her bones and she's a welcome
change from the cookie-cutter porno actresses we see that are skinny with fake
boobs (even though her boobs appear fake throughout the scene).  The
chapter starts with Brittney posing for some pictures and then transitions into
an interview.  We find out that she's done 10 adult movies (hence her
"new girl" status in the industry) and she loves hard sex - having her
hair pulled, etc.  The interview continues for about 3 and half minutes and
then quickly transitions into a sex scene.  Brittney and the guy start out
kissing and then he goes down on her (which we heard in her interview is how she
usually orgasms).  After a minute or two of that, Brittney returns the
favor with a blowjob which quickly moves to fucking.  Brittney is
completely shaved and looks great while being fucked, but despite some good
camera angles, the lighting is pretty poor and some of the scenes are pretty
dark.  They then switch to doggy-style and continue going at it, switching
positions once more before he cums on himself...pretty lackluster ending.
Grade: B

Chapter two introduces us to Nikki Love, a 19 year-old from Newport Beach who
loves girl/girl sex (always a plus in my book).  After the same
introduction as above (quick scenes of her being photographed), they switch to
an interview which features pretty much the same questions as before, and we
learn she's been in the business for less than a year and only does girl/girl
scenes.  We then jump right into the girl/girl scene where there's some
kissing and then the other girl goes down on Nikki.  After that, they kiss
some more, switch positions and continue licking each other.  Both girls
look pretty fake and while Nikki is somewhat attractive, the other one
isn't.  Finally, Nikki uses a toy on her partner for a minute and we then
move quickly to the next scene.  Grade: C-

Next up is Malitia from Dallas.  She's 25 and enjoys oral sex.
Again we have the photo shoots which then move into an interview.  Malitia
has nice perky tits, but quite honestly, she really doesn't have that porn-star
look.  I don't know...something about her just didn't do it for me...after
the interview, she is paired with a man who fingers her after kissing for a
while and then she proceeds to give the guy a blowjob.  They then fuck in a
few different positions before they cut scenes and she sucks him off.
Grade: D-

After Malitia, we go to Holly Halston, 25, from New York - favorte sex act:
Grudge Fuck.  Aside from the massive fake tits, Holly's pretty good
looking, though she looks older than 25...this is only her third video and she
explains that she used to be a dancer and pretty much likes sex in any
hole.  After the interview, Holly's in a foam-laden spa with a guy, moaning
and talking a bit too much...seems as if even the smallest touch sets her
off.  After some kissing, the guy proceeds to eat out her nicely shaven
pussy and she then gives him a blowjob.  After putting the rubber on with
her mouth, they finally exit the spa where the fuck on the floor for a while
before he pulls out and gives her a nice pearl necklace.  Grade: B

Michelle Michaels is up next - she's 18 from Fort Worth who loves marathon
sex.  Michelle is easily the best looking of all the girls on the DVD.
She's got small, but obviously natural breasts and short, blonde hair.
There's the standard photo shoot and then the interview.  Nothing too
special in the interview - other than she's done everything sexually she's
wanted to try except for sex in a movie theater.  After that, we transition
to her sex scene where she's already giving a blowjob to a guy.  For 18
years old, she seems pretty experienced and gives quite an intense blowjob to
the guy.  Michelle's got a nice, petite body and a very small landing strip
above her pussy which is shown off after the blowjob as she climbs up on to the
bed and hops atop the guy.  With her on top, they fuck for a while before
switching positions.  Now, with him on top, she spreads wide open, allowing
the camera a nice view of her pussy.  Unlike other scenes, this one is well
lit and the angles are pretty good, though sometimes, it's hard to see what's
going on.  After they're done fucking, he pulls out and comes on her
face.  Grade: A-

Ashley Long is next, our first entrant from outside the U.S.  She's from
London, aged 22 and enjoys oral sex.  A leggy blonde, Ashley is decent to
look at and has very nice (but very small) natural tits.  She's got a
strong accent in her interview and we learn that she's been in eleven films and
enjoys sex (hence her entry into the adult business).  Similar to
Michelle's scene, we immediately transition into her giving head and then they
switch to fucking.  Ashley is shaved completely and has a few tattoos, but
nothing to big as I've seen on other stars.  The two then switch to doggy
style and then he spreads her on the couch and fucks her.  Like quite a few
of the other scenes, the lighting is pretty bad and the shadows are quite
distracting and obscure the view.  After some more fucking, he comes in her
mouth (no swallowing) and then she sucks him for a little longer.  Grade:

Photo Gallery:  Features some photos from the film - lasts for 2
minutes and features photos aside from the "Star Galleries" of the
special features.

Interviews/Bonus Sex Scenes:  There's two bonus scenes here - one
with Cherokee and the other with Alexis.  The Cherokee scenes include some
behind-the-scenes clips which seem to be taken during a photo shoot.
Apparently, they went all out here with the different video filters and
transitions - it's quite annoying actually.  They then go to an interview
with Cherokee where she tells us she's done 12 videos in her first 2 months and
then talks about her entrance into the industry.  The interview is a nice
feature and lasts for a while (about 4 minutes) and they then cut inside for an
extra scene featuring Cherokee and a guy - the secene features your standard sex
- guy eating girl out, girl giving guy blowjob, guy and girl having sex - the
scene lasts about 11 minutes.  Grade: B+

The second bonus scene features Daisy Dukes.  It's pretty much the same
as the first bonus scene with some short clips from a photo shoot and about
three minutes of an interview.  They then cut to a sex scene with Daisy
Dukes and some random guy.  She starts by giving him a blowjob and then
proceeds to have sex with him.  Nothing too special or out of the ordinary
here.  Scene lasts about 7 minutes.  Oddly enough, the girl in the
menu for the Bonus Sex Scenes isn't included in either scene.  Grade: C-

Bonus Masturbation Scenes:  Featuring Ashley Long, Brittney Skye,
Cherokee, Daisy Dukes, Holly Halston, Malitia, Michelle Michaels, and Nikki
Love.  Each scene is about 2-3 minutes long and features the girls
solo.  A nice feature, but the clips are short and don't feature any toys.

Star Galleries:  Featuring Ashley Long, Brittney Skye, Holly
Halston, Michelle Michaels, Malitia, and Nikki Love.  Each feature is about
a minute long and just features some photos of each girl.  Boring and

Promotional Matrials:  There's three promo reels from 1998, 1999
& 2000, each about 3 minutes long featuring clips and pictures from Wicked's
offerings from each year.  The "Essential Elements Promo" really
serves no purpose and just superimposes model's images over some fire, water,

Trailers:  Features trailers from Dreamquest, Crazed, Double
Feature, Flashpoint, Heartache, Hell on Heels, Knockout, Pornogothic, Satyr, Sex
Safari, Spell Bound, The Bride of Double Feature, The Kissing Game, Vengeance,
and Working Girl.  Wow, that's a lot.  Some of the trailers are
interesting, and while they're just shamelessly promoting their other titles, if
you want to pass, go right ahead - but some of the trailers feature some good
action and give you some sort of idea what the movie is about.

Wicked Awards - Winners and Nominations:  This feature requires a
DVD-ROM or directs you to www.wickedpictures.com/dvd/wickedawards.html.
If you put it into a DVD-ROM, there's an HTML file on the disc which just
directs you to the above URL.

Wicked Web:  Directs you to www.wickedpictures.com.

Wicked Casino:  This feature requires a DVD-ROM.  With your
DVD-ROM, you can install the Wicked Casino which will allow you to play a few
games (Roulette, Blackjack, etc) for fun, and of course, you can play for real
money.  The games are fun, but nothing you can't download from any other
casino on the web.

Company Profile:  This feature requires a DVD-ROM or directs you
to www.wickedpictures.com/dvd/wickedprofile.html.
If you utilize the DVD-ROM, it will open an HTML file which directs you to the
URL above which features an HTML page that is either not complete, or not
updated in quite a while.

Free Speech Coalition:  An ad for the Free Speech Coalition - not
much here - just how to further free speech I guess.


The video quality is pretty high.  I didn't see any artifacts or
pixelation.  Wicked did a very nice job with this DVD from a technical
standpoint, however, the lighting in the scenes is something that needs some
work along with the camera angles.  I'm usually not a stickler for such
things, but it was annoying when some of the scenes were too dark because of
shadows in certain places.


The sound is presented in Dolby 5.1 and Dolby 2.0.  Like most DVDs of
this nature, the sound is centered in the middle and the extra speakers are
pretty much pointless.  It's nice to see 5.1 and if your system has it,
turn it on, but for most people, the 2.0 is quite sufficient.


New Girls in Town 4 is an interesting disc.  I enjoyed most of the
scenes, but a few of the girls were less than what I've come to expect in the
porn business.  Quite surprisingly, one of the cuter girls was in the
Special Features section rather than the standard part of the disc.
Cherokee could have easily replaced Malitia or Ashley.  All in all, I'd
recommend the disc for those who enjoy DVDs without a storyline - the chapters
move from girl to girl quickly and the sex is quite good (despite the lighting
problems).  Recommended.



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