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4 Finger Club 11, The

  • Release date:
    June 19, 2001
  • Cast:
    Bailey|Venus|Michelle|Vanda|Phoenix|Haven|Syren|Nomi|Ashley (II)|Judy

The Movie:

Those seeking some sexy girl-on-girl action should certainly go no further than the "Four Finger Club", a girl-on-girl series that has - at least in this case, haven't seen the rest - very attractive girls pleasuring each other with their toungues, toys and - as the title suggests - four fingers. The scenes are above average, as the girls really have chemistry with one another and take their time - these are warm scenes and erotic ones, but they're certainly not without some energy, as the scenes often go from gentle nibbling to more frenzied lovin'.

The first scene is with Bailey and Phoenix. Bailey, an actress I saw in her appearance in the "Real Sex Magazine" series, looks a little more filled out here and sexier as a result. The two are terribly cute with each other, chatting lightly about what they enjoy while brushing up against each other. The two girls start things off soft and erotic, kissing and biting each others nipples before spending a little time performing oral on each other, using fingers and toungues. The two then break out the Sybian vibrator and have quite a bit more fun - each jumps on it and demands the other turn it up to maximum power. Both let loose some uninhibited moaning and groaning, ending their session appearing soaked and spent.

The next scene is between Ashley and Haven, two adorable, petite blonds who take an instant liking - or make that licking - to each other. The two start with some tender, loving breast play before using their 4 fingers and toungues on each other. Although the first scene with Bailey and Phoenix was good, these two get more into it, licking each other and fingering with abandon. One gets a big dildo shoved in her while using a pocket vibrator on herself. It all ends with one of them riding the Sybian vibrator while the other squeezes her breasts.

Julie and Wanda are buxom foreign girls who are rather gentle with each other; they have good chemistry and seem to be into each other, but they don't have the energy of the other scenes. Wanda screams with pleasure as she rides the Sybian to end the scene out. Venus and Michelle, both buxom (a little floppy) and dark-haired, are the next couple. Although I'm convinced the two are into each other, Michelle kinda ruins a nice moment while she's fingering Venus, screaming for the girl to finish in a way that's more intimidating than sexy. The program ends with another similar scene from French blonde Nomi and brunette Syren. Although there's a couple of scenes that are so-so in comparison to the rest, I thought this was a well-done and often quite hot program that made some good choices (no music, for example).


VIDEO/SOUND: Perfectly decent 1.33:1 full-frame picture often remains crisp and clear, but occasionally shows some light pixelation. The 2.0 soundtrack does get a little distorted during some of the louder moaning and groaning, but is otherwise clear.

EXTRAS: On the flipside you'll find trailers for the "North Pole" series, "Four Finger Club", "She Squirts", "Video Virgin Gold", "My Plaything" and other selections from the company. Interviews are also included with actresses Bridgette, Lisa, Jewel De'nyle, Kate, Mariah, Vanity, Jewel, Lisa Romero and Tyler.

Final Thoughts: "Four Finger Club 11" is a solid girl-on-girl title; a couple scenes don't quite stand up to the rest, but there's plenty of great looking girls throughout who have good chemistry with their partner. Recommended.


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