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Feeding Frenzy 11

  • Release date:
    March 22, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 44m
  • Cast:
    Riley Reid\Lisa Ann|Jada Stevens\Ashley Fires|Vicki Chase|Kendra Lust

Feeding Frenzy 11
Jules Jordan
Directed by Jules Jordan
Date of Production: 2/19/13
Running Time: 2:43:26


Riley Reid
Lisa Ann
Jada Stevens
Ashley Fires
Vicki Chase
Kendra Lust

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: 14:46
Multiple Chapter Stops
Cumshot Recap: 19:54
Photo Gallery
16 x 9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Jules Jordan Biography
Cast List
Trailer Trash: 6 trailers

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Not having much experience with the blow bang titles, I can say that I am going to go in pretty deep. I have this title, followed by Wet Food 4, and later on this month, the newest installment of Massive Facials. And the good news is that a few of these titles have similar girls in them. So either by the end of these three movies I will be a fan of the blow bang, or never want to see another one for awhile. So let’s get things started with Jules Jordan and Feeding Frenzy 11.

Just in the opening teaser part, I realize Jules usually has some hard rock/metal music in his movies, compared to Elegant Angel which is usually techno/hip hop, no real insight or reasoning, just thought I would share that.

Well I can say that we started things off with a bang, pun intended and then fell a little off the mark, but were brought back to life by a nice Riley scene and ended on a decent note with Kendra, showing off her skills. I can say it is hard to cum up with a review for a blow bang movie, pretty much the same stuff happens in each scene, with just a few variations at times. The girls have different intensity in their oral skills and of course, you have Ashley who let the guys fuck her a little, and Lisa and Kendra with the wine glasses filled with cum. Like I said I have a few similar titles from other companies coming up to review, but I would have to say that we are starting off on the right foot, with this RECOMMENDED title.

Ashley vs. 5 guys (Blow/Gang Bang) (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

From the few times I have gotten to meet this lady in person, I know she knows how to get your attention and keep you at attention, and just listening to her tease and play for the camera, you are hooked. She crawls and purrs on the floor, continuing the dirty talk. Yeah this girl really wants to have some fun with those cocks. She makes her way into the living room and the crew of cocks are ready for her, as she lays on the floor and teases her pussy, and works her ass for them. And like a swarm, she is quickly surrounded and has her hands and mouth all over the cocks. And to say she has some intensity when it comes to oral skills, is an understatement. Well I guess these guys are also going to get a little fucking time with Ashley too. She follows up with some nice tongue work and then shoves two cocks in her mouth at once. I have a feeling the bar is going to be set pretty high after this scene. Plenty of spit and gagging as she continues to make her way around the cocks. It seems that perhaps it is edited a little out of order at times, or they just reset to the starting positions during the scene. She crawls over and attacks a cock, then bends over as one of them slides in her pussy and then ends up hoping on for some cowgirl, then makes her way to next guy and shoves her ass in his face, while she leans over and shows a few cocks some love. Yeah when Ashley is in a scene you know she is going to be at 11 throughout the whole scene. Some nice face fucking as one of them shoves his cock deep in her throat. She ends up back on her knees attending to the circle of cocks that surround her. She shows she can even deep throat the biggest of the cocks around her no problem. They end up in bathroom and she is on the floor with her mouth open wide as they plant their seeds one by one in her mouth, and she doesn’t swallow until they are all done. She ends up fingering her pussy, then some sperm play in her mouth and a few last swallows and we are done, unfortunately.

Vicki vs. 4 guys (Blow Bang)

I am not used to seeing this girl in gonzo stuff like this, I think most of the time I see her in mostly G/G, so this should be interesting. It seems some oral workouts are going to happen today, but first some nice showcasing of her ass for the camera, followed by an unleashing of her boobs. She is quickly surrounding by 4 tools to help train her oral skills. And as she deep throats and gags on their cocks, the spit and drool begin to pile up. This is definitely a different side to her and she isn’t afraid to let her freak flag fly a little, and even decides to let Jules in on the action too. And that brings her total cocks up to 5. She crawls on the bed and makes her way around, getting face fucked, while flashing a smile to the camera. She grabs on tight to his balls as the spit really piles up as she test out her vocal skills, with a mouth full of cock. A decent showing but still no where near what we saw in the previous scene. Some very nice licking and teasing as she makes her way from his balls to the tip of his cock in one lick. After she makes her rounds on each guy, she ends up on her knees with two cocks as she sucks and gags on them until they jerk themselves off and leave some cum in her mouth and on the side of her face. She gargles the cum and seems it has improved her singing.

Jada vs. 4 guys (Blow Bang)

Buttwoman is about to be cum woman, as it’s all about the mouth and not her ass, although don’t worry, you will still get a few glances here and there, as she makes her way to the house. She makes her way into the house and she’s got 4 guys who can’t wait to get their hands on her. She ends up on her knees, and makes her way around the cocks, but then stands up and they show off her ass to the camera, then flip her around and give her pierced pussy some love. But she is here to suck some cock, so it’s back to her knees and once again surrounded by cock, and does a nice job of keeping them entertained. The spit begins to build up, on her chest and neck,  as she makes her way around. She bends over and swallows a cock while they give her pussy a little more love with their fingers. One of them gets really aggressive as he tries to shove his cock and balls in her mouth. I am guessing that when she is bent over sucking off one guy, the rest are all staring at her ass, wanting to slide inside her.  She lays on the foot rest and plays with her self a bit, then leans her head over the edge and gets face fucked deep until she is about to gag, and even more shoving of some balls in her mouth. They offer her pussy some tongue love, while she works a few cocks in her face. And then back on her knees as they deposit their cum in her mouth, a small load followed by three that cover her face nicely.

Lisa Ann vs. 6 guys (Blow Bang)

The legendary Lisa Ann is up next and they spend some time on her ass, as she makes her way around the house. But let’s not forget about the boobs too, as she pops them out from her bra. They start to chat about what is going to happen and she can’t help giving her pussy a little tease with her fingers. The bus arrives and she gets 6 guys surrounding her, give her ass and tits some love, while she starts to jerk them off. She asks for permission and makes her way to her knees and makes her way around the cocks, helping a few get hard for her. Some nice energy while she makes her way around the cocks, making sure her mouths and hands are full of fun. She ends up back in the center of the room and gives them a little strip tease and then ends up on all fours making her way around the room, giving each guy plenty of time in her mouth. She even lets a few of the guys slide their cock in between her huge tracks of land. She ends up on her back and playing with her pussy and then like a swarm, they surround her as she sucks and jerks them off, while they offer her pussy a little finger tease. Back on her knees and she makes her way around, seems like we are down to 4 guys, seem to be missing a few cocks. He gives her a wine glass and it seems she is going to be drinking their cum today. Now we just have to wait to see how big of a gulp she is going to need to swallow it all. She licks and teases around the glass and then shows off the goods to the camera, but it seems one of our missing cocks shows up and adds to the drink, which she swallows down her mouth.

Riley vs. 5 guys (Blow Bang)

It’s time to take the sex kitten Riley out for a walk, and give her a few treats to enjoy and some treats for us to enjoy too. She doesn’t get far into the room and she is already reaching for some cocks, while they are spanking and getting a face full of her ass. She smiles and licks her lips and I think pretty much all of us can say we are at attention right now. She teases them through their pants and before they bust through the pants, they are all out and ready for her to enjoy. Ladies and Gentleman, I think we have ourselves a possible contender for spotlight scene. And there is plenty of spit as she makes her way around, although she seems to leaving one guy out of the fun, be he is focused on her back side, but then joins the party as she leans back and slides him deep in her mouth. See maybe small, but this little sex kitten can fit two cocks in her mouth with such ease. And you have to love her playfullness and moans as they continue. And of course standing her up and showing off her ass for the camera, you can see why one of them dives his face right into her booty. Shows off her tongue skills and then they lead her over to the couch, crawling on all fours, and then pounces on a hard cock and balls waiting for her. And as the spit continues to flow, she is back to get face fucked by a huge cock, while that magic tongue is once again making an appearance. Back in the center of the room and she is surrounded by cocks and is laughing and giggling as she makes her way around, and once again ends up with two cocks in her mouth. And then she begins the dirty talk and begs for their cum, like the dirty little girl she can be.  She thanks them and begs even more why she waits for the others to spray her mouth and face with their cum. She leans back and gargles the cum for the camera, and then offers them a few more sucks before we are finished.

Kendra vs. 5 guys (Blow Bang)

Nurse Kendra is here to help relieve some sexual frustration from these lucky guys. She seems to really like Bill as she opens his pants and then tells the other to pull them out. She stops and gives each of the guys a little taste of what is to come, and then is quickly surrounded as they give her pussy and ass some love, before she is back to swallowing them. They pelt her face with their cocks while she continues to gag on cocks. She bends over as they pelt her ass with cocks and also give her pussy some more love with their fingers. They help her out of her uniform and get a few grabs of her tits, and then head off into the next room and take a seat on chairs, as she makes her way down the chain. Some very nice mouth and hand work, while showing some attention to their balls. She offers some spit and slides one of the cocks in between her tits, when her mouth isn’t wrapped around it. After the blow train, she ends up back in the center of the room surrounded by cocks, all wanting some time in her mouth. They slap her face and try to shove their cock and balls in her mouth, while the jerk and suck fest continues. They end up back in the kitchen and she brings out a win glass and is determined to fill it up with their cum. The give her a shots worth of cum in her glass and she swallows it whole and licks up some of the cum off the glass.


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