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Latin Girls 6

  • Release date:
    September 22, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 20m
  • Cast:
    Guy DiSilva|Lee Stone|Ashley Blue|Frank Gunn|Avena Lee|Valentino|Melanie Jagger|Larissa|Ray Anderson|Wandasex

Young Latin Girls 6


Genre: Young Latina Females

Director: Ray Anderson

Cast: Ashley Blue, Valentino, Frank Gun, Avena, Guy DeSilva, Larissa, Lee Stone, Melanie Jagger, Wanda

Length: 80.5 minutes

Date of Production: 3/31/03

Extra's: 5.5 minutes of Behind the Scenes, 11.5 minute long Director profile (BTS for the Asian Fever series), trailers, photogallery, cast list, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color and looked very clear in most scenes. The fleshtones were accurate and I saw no artifacts from the DVD transfer. The audio was in stereo English but had minimal separation between the channels. When the music played, it was too loud and some background noise was noticed but overall, it sounded pretty good.

Body of Review: Latin women are known for their sexually charged performances on film and a lot of men appreciate these skills enough to seek them out. In order to address this growing market, Hustler has a series, Young Latin Girls where fans can see this type of action and enjoy watching women who are 1) young looking and 2) Latina. In the latest volume of the series, Young Latin Girls 6: Putas Put Out!, Director Ray Anderson continues to provide us all with a bunch of cute gals who like having sex on camera. Much like Volume 5, the action was pretty good and here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Pool Party: Ashley, a young looking cutie with a tight and natural body, did both Valentino and Frank by an outdoor pool. In the Behind the scenes feature, it was mentioned that she was going to do double anal but it never worked out so you'll have to be satisfied with the oral, straight, and anal action with a double facial. It was a warm scene though.

Scene Two: Afternoon Rest: Avena, another cutie with slightly curvier curves, did Guy in an outdoor hot tub. There was no anal this time but I thought the action was lots of fun between them.

Scene Three: Outdoor Fun: Larissa, a brunette with a lean body and get DSL's (dick sucking lips), took on the massive Lee at night by an outdoor rest stop. While the sex was oral and straight only, her moans seemed real enough for me to enjoy. Not a bad scene between these two.

Scene Four: Taco Stand: Melanie, a gal with thick legs and a sweet looking ass, took on the massive Lee at a taco stand. She has a couple of extra pounds but wore them well here and the sex included anal for fans of ass sex. It was warm and ended with her taking his ass-flavored penis into her mouth.

Scene Five: Getting Cozy: Wanda, an attractive and vocal gal, and Guy, had an erotic scene by a fireplace. The sex here also included anal and was a bit less energetic than other scenes I've watched lately but still had some warmth. It ended with a popshot to her face and mouth.

Summary: If you look at the three gals on the front DVD cover, you'll have a solid idea as to what you're getting into since the women looked very much alike. They were lean, had long black hair, and sexual appetites that would keep any Gringo happy for a long, long time. The action was varied enough with half the gals doing anal and the others showing some experience with a penis. Much like the rest of the series, if you like one, you'll like them all but this one is worth a rating of Recommended. I hope future volumes will include a bit more sex for the money since many companies are going to using much closer to two hours (or more) for the same cost.



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