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Joey Silvera’s New Girls 5

  • Release date:
    September 17, 2003
  • Cast:
    Joey Silvera|Tyler Knight|Dick Delaware|Brian Pumper|Ariana Jollee|Trent Tesoro|Mark Anthony|Kayla Marie|Shayna Knight|Kila Lynn|Gwen Nicole|Christie (II)

Joey Silvera's New Girls 5: Bitches Come They Go!

Evil Angel

Genre: New Performers , Gonzo

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Shayna Knight, Mark Anthony, Tyler Knight, Kila Lynn, DJ Raver, Christie, Trent Tesoro, Ariana Jollee, Dick Delaware, Kayla Marie, Gwen Nicole, Brian Pumper

Length: 140 minutes

Date of Production: 9/1/03

Extra's: 31 minutes of extra footage, photogallery, cast list

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame and was generally very clear and crisp with only a few compression artifacts. The fleshtones were accurate and the shadows were kept to a minimum. The audio was presented in stereo English and sometimes a bit low but otherwise not an issue.

Body of Review: Joey Silvera, known as much for his long career in porn as for his love of "she male" action, is also a driving force behind Evil Angel's quest to provide new women that haven't been in a lot of adult films. In Joey Silvera's New Girls 5: Bitches Come…They Go, he provides the viewer with a host of new gals that are very attractive and willing, a great combination for an adult movie. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast in this no condom movie:

Scene One: Shayna, a gal I first saw in Virgin Surgeon, took on both Mark and Tyler in an automotive repair shop. Fans of interracial sex (Black men and White women) will be pleased to know that she seemed to enjoy such action as much as she does any other color of guy. The sex included a lot of oral and straight, proceeding to anal with a DP. The scene ended with a facial for those who care. Warm action!

Scene Two: Kila, a blonde hotty from New Hampshire (a place where most of my kin reside), took care of DJ, while she was dressed in a French Maid outfit (a personal favorite). First, she dominated him, to the point where she tied him to a chair, and then proceeded to blow him while he was prevented from speaking (duct tape does that). The couple then had more conventional sex in her pussy before he blew his load. It wasn't a bad scene and I hope that future scenes like this will push the envelope a bit since he seemed to top from the bottom at times.

Scene Three: Christie, yet another lean gal with a new face, did Trent on a couch. The two seemed to enjoy the oral and straight sex but she also appeared to be a bit self-conscious. The camera angles weren't optimal either so the scene became my least favorite of a pretty solid set of sex scenes.

Scene Four: Ariana, a frisky little brunette in a scene that was "shot long ago" per the header at the beginning, had both Dick and Trent outdoors on the lawn before taking it inside on a couch. She did oral and straight as well as anal with a smile before some ATM action. The highlight of the scene was her squirting all over the camera lens though.

Scene Five: Kayla, a gal with a beautiful face, had sex with Trent and Tyler on a couch indoors. She didn't do anal but her sloppy blowjobs and ability to take them pounding away at her pussy and still be into the action was pretty warm. For those keeping track, she looked a bit like Aurora Snow when that performer first appeared in the jizz bizz.

Scene Six: Gwen, another little blonde and one who looked a lot like Jill Kelly Performer Haven, let Brian loose with her body in the weight room. If you're a fan of the JKP contract performer, you'll enjoy this gal a lot more since this new gal seems to enjoy sex a lot more than the rarely seen starlet ever did. I thought the couple had some chemistry and the heat was obvious to me but she has a way to go before she becomes an established champ in regards to her skill.

Summary: Fans of younger women that are new to making porn certainly have a lot of choices these days. I think the New Girls series is one of the best on the market today for fans who want to see the raincoater action Evil Angel is known for. While the sex is not as hardcore and circus act oriented as some of the more established series the company puts out, you'll be hard pressed to find anything harder with attractive gals like these. In Volume 4 of the series, I found a lot to like and in this one, I think the series continued to provide enough fuck for the buck to merit a rating of Highly Recommended. If you like seeing more established professionals doing various anal tricks, I have other titles to recommend more readily for you but this is a solid choice for the rest of you.


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