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My Father’s Wife

  • Release date:
    May 8, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 34m
  • Cast:
    Ian Daniels|Asia Carrera|Mike Horner|Brad Armstrong|Aria|Flick Shagwell|Sydnee Steele

My Father's Wife

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Flick Shagwell, Mike Horner, Asia Carrera, Sydnee Steele, Brad Armstrong, Aria (aka: Maria Silvia), Ian Daniels

Length: 95 minutes

Date of Production: 3/27/02

Extra's: Commentary with Sydnee Steele and Director Brad Armstrong, 24 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, short interviews with Mike Horner and Flick Shagwell, photogalleries, trailers, links to the usual stuff, double sided dvd cover, bloopers, star statistics, promotional reels, Wicked Casino, FSC commercial

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. It was a bit soft on the focus, done on purpose by Brad, but otherwise looked good. The transfer seemed solid with no compression artifacts or other picture problems. The audio was in remastered 5.1 Dolby Digital but I didn't really notice much separation between the channels. There was also a 2.0 channel track but it didn't seem to be any different except for maybe lower on the bass.

Body of Review: Brad Armstrong is one of Wicked Pictures' best directors and they're at the top of the heap when it comes to feature porn. I recently enjoyed his movie Falling From Grace where he paired off with the lovely and talented Sydnee Steele and thought that they have some real chemistry together, why doesn't Wicked put them together more? Well, much to my pleasant surprise, I found a new movie with the two starring in it called, My Father's Wife.

The movie takes another look at infidelity using the couple, this time as a step mother and child-about as closely as a large company will look at semi-incestuous relationships in these days of a Cambria list. I'm told that people are most successful at writing what they know about and if Brad's past winners are any measure, he must really know about cheating. In any case, the plot is pretty well handled and the acting above average with a cast of lovely looking/performing women so here's a quick look at the pairings in the scenes:

Scene One: Flick, that British brunette known for her love of anal sex, and Mike, had a scene in an office with him playing her college professor. She does do the anal here and the scene was fairly warm.

Scene Two: Asia, the intelligent gal from NJ, and Sydnee, a dancer from Dallas years ago, had a lesbian scene together. I think the two shared some chemistry but the editing of the sex into the story part towards the end of it detracted from the heat.

Scene Three: Aria, a wild gal with an insatiable appetite for males or females, and Brad, had sex on a bed. The scene included anal and looked like fun. I can see why he casts himself in his own movies. Yum! Oh, and lots of foreplay here too.

Scene Four: Sydnee, in an aggressive move, cheats with Brad by giving him an awesome BJ in the kitchen. I'd have preferred a full scene but it still looked hot.

Scene Five: Asia, always willing to take one for the team, had sex with Ian in a bed. Not the hottest scene of the movie but she did display her charms and he wasn't looking as bad as he had been (for awhile he's been looking like a zombie with dark circles under his eyes). No anal here (Asia's done it before but not often) but it was okay.

Scene Six: Sydnee, still looking hot, took Brad in a full scene. I liked her corset as it really enhanced her look and the chemistry with real heat was fun to watch. Very little anal but there was the mandatory condom (as in all the scenes with guys).

Summary: While not the feature packed winner that was Hercules, this is yet another solid effort by Armstrong. He handles the smaller slice of life pictures quite well and this is no exception. Rather than praise his many other accomplishments in the adult field, I'll just suggest this as a Highly Recommended dvd to check out with your significant other (as long as she's not opposed to watching anal action).



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