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Wicked Sex Party 3

  • Release date:
    May 29, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 25m
  • Cast:
    Mark Davis|Jonathan Morgan|Monique DeMoan|Brad Armstrong|Joel Lawrence|Lee Stone|April|Dale DaBone|Envy|Nick Manning|Miko Lee|Wanda Curtis|Charmane Star|Pat Myne|Temptress|Candy Cotton|Bobby Vitale|Gina Ryder|Sydnee Steele|Frank Fortuna|Eric Price

Wicked Sex Party 3

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Orgy

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Temptress, Sydnee Steele, April Flowers, Stevie, Wanda Curtis, Gina Ryder, Envy, Miko Lee, Monique DeMoan, Candy Cotton, Charmane, Mark Davis, Bobby Vitale, Eric Price, Nick Manning, Pat Myne, Lee Stone, Joel Lawrence, Jonathan Morgan, Brad Armstrong, Frank Fortuna

Length: 85 minutes

Date of Production: 11/11/00

Extra's: 16 minute long All Access: Making of..., interviews with Envy, Stevie, and Wanda Curtis, several photogalleries, star statistics, promo reels, links to awards, the company website, etc., trailers, Wicked Casino game, FSC commercial, double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. For the most part, the picture looked okay, if not up to Wicked Picture's high standards. The colors were too saturated and there was some grain with a few compression artifacts at times. None of it really detracted from the action but it's something I feel obligated to mention, even though I'm sure the reasoning had to do with maintaining a mood for the performers. The audio provided a choice of either a remastered 5.1 English track or the original 2.0 Dolby Digital track. There weren't a lot of vocals but I would've preferred to hear the moans and groans over the blaring music.

Review: Those familiar with Wicked Pictures know how the company had a series of orgy movies where all kinds of top talent would get together and have a great time-with the action taped for our viewing pleasure. The first volume was led by the beautiful Serenity, the second by the lovely Stephanie Swift, and Wicked Sex Party 3 by the talented Temptress. Rather than give you a blow by blow virtual screenplay of the action, let me tell you that all the scenes used condoms, there were three main sections/orgies, and oral and vaginal sex were the mainstays (with some lesbian action along the ways).

Okay, the movie started off looking at the lovely April and Eric in a pool. I've always found it weird when he was with a woman other than Jill Kelly (he was said to prefer men) but they kept up with their neighbors, Sydnee and Lee, before swapping out partners. Warm stuff although I still maintain that an orgy needs at least 5 people to be classified as such.

Once they're through, the main orgy begins with the super babe Stevie, in her third movie macking out. Temptress was looking fine as were most of the others to some extent. My biggest gripe about the show at this point was the way too loud music which overpowered the vocal track a lot. Everyone's in the house at this point and all available surfaces, be it the couch, chairs or floor, are covered with a multitude of bodies. Pretty warm stuff.

After that orgy finished up, it looked like the next day came and round three began. Gina, April, Sydnee and Stevie were the main draws this time and each looked plenty hot. I think Brad captured a lot of the action as well as possible under the circumstances but I always get the feeling in an orgy scene that some couplings are shortchanged. Such is the case here-I preferred to see my favorites and the camera was always moving so others I'm less interested in would get more airtime then I'd give them at the expense of my favorites. In any case, the overall feel was good and there was definitely some chemistry going on here.

So, how exactly am I supposed to rate this one? Do I give it credit for the great cast, the solid direction, and overall heat as I usually do or do I start with a score and subtract points based on the music, sometimes less great picture quality, and lack of variety in sexual antics? I suppose the fair way would be to point out that there was a lot to like here, the extras better than average, and that the cast seemed to have some real fun. Not Wicked's best movie but certainly worth a Recommended for what you get. Fans of the cast may assign higher ratings just as fans of circus act sex may lower their personal rating but you do get a lot of fuck for your buck here.



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