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Best Friends

  • Release date:
    January 29, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 32m
  • Cast:
    Billy Glide|Shanna McCullough|Melissa Monet|Aria|April|Olivia Saint|Stormy Daniels|Eric Masterson|Wendy Divine|Randy Spears|Jim Enright

Best Friends

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director/Producer: Jim Enright

Cast: April Flowers, Olivia Saint, Stormy, Aria, Randy Spears, Eric Masterson, Wendy Divine, Billy Glyde
Non-sex roles by Shanna McCullough and Jim Enright

Length: 92 minutes

Date of Production: 5/24/02

Extra's: 19+ minute All Access (Behind the Scenes) by Mark Stone, 5 interviews, 5 audio biographies with direct to scene feature, 7 photogalleries, 5.5 minutes of bloopers, Wicked Casino/Awards/Profile on dvd rom, FSC commercial, promo reels, double sided dvd cover, CREDITS!

Audio/Video Quality: The audio was very clear on the 5.1 track with the 2.0 track not as good. The picture was not as good as usual with some of the problem going to the lighting and the rest related to the color being a bit off. Wicked is usually head and shoulders above over 95% of all porn companies and this one looked like it was rushed on the set.

Body of Review: Best Friends seems to be a popular name for a porn movie. I remember reviewing one of them by VCA a year or so ago and Vivid also seemed to think it was a swell title. That's okay though since Wicked tends to be the top of the heap when it comes to featured porn with a plot. The basic story is about a guy, played by Randy, and a young lady, played by April, who grew up together and never quite connected even though they were a perfect match. Once you get past the premise (I think Randy's a great porn actor but there's no way he grew up with the vastly younger April), I think you'll like this one if you like plotted porn. There really wasn't much story to get in the way of the sex and the five scenes were all pretty good with a couple that really stood out. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Babes Stormy and April were joined by Olivia in a lesbian scene on a bed. I thought it was very warm for such a scene.

Scene Two: Aria, looking most fetching in white lingerie, had oral, straight, and even anal sex with Randy in a bed. I thought there was a lot of chemistry and energy here in this hot scene. In the interest of full disclosure, she was very nice to me at the AVN show last month but the woman really does have some great talent in bed. Yum!

Scene Three: April, looking attractive and lean, had sex with Eric after he tied her up a bit and blindfolded her. This scene just didn't have as much warmth for whatever reason. It wasn't bad but it wasn't a standout either.

Scene Four: Wendy, back when she had dyed her hair red, took care of Billy and her real life sweetie, Eric. I liked her fishnet stockings a lot and her ass looked very think and sweet. the sex was oral and straight but had some real heat.

Scene Five: April, having figured out that Randy was the right guy for her, has sex with him in bed. Another oral and straight scene and this probably made the movie good enough for enlightened couples everywhere as the two had worked up to this point slowly throughout the show. Very fun to watch.

Summary: The sex was fun and often hot, the women attractive enough for most men with a pulse, and the setting plenty for those who like nice surroundings. While the technical matters did detract a bit of the heat in a few scenes, they were still better than a great many other companies. I think I liked Jim's Love Muffins better but this had a lot going for it. That the extras added some real value is typical for Wicked Pictures and my biggest gripe would be that I wanted to see Shanna (the attractive wife of Jim and one of the crew here) naked if not in a scene. The story could've used a bit more work too but that's a minor complaint given the nature of the business. I really liked the uncredited singer/song that the movie opened up with too (it was kind of haunting).



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