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  • Release date:
    February 11, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 16m
  • Cast:
    Mickey G.|Brittney Skye|April|Anton Michael|Wendy Divine|Cheyenne Silver|David Stanley



Genre: Feature

Director: David Stanley

Cast: Cheyenne Silver, Mickey G., April Flowers, Anton Michael, Wendy Divine, Brittney Skye
Nonsex role: Al Alabaster

Length: 76 minutes

Date of Production: 3/5/02

Extra's: 11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, 2 photogalleries, bloopers, positions room, unrelated bonus scenes, double sided dvd cover, spam

Audio/Video Quality: Thankfully, the picture here was pretty good and looked like some effort was put into it. Some recent Vivid releases, including Moxie and Hard Tails as examples, have been really weak in this area. It's good to see Vivid getting back on track. The sound was a bit arty at times in keeping with the dream sequences and all but otherwise okay.

Body of Review: Sparks focuses on a couple who've grown to used to each other and have lost the "spark" that kept them hot for one another when they were younger. April and Mickey play the leads here and spend most of the nonsex moments fussing at one another. He cheats with every gal he sees and she's not above doing likewise. The attractive cast has only oral and straight sex with condoms here. The cast by scenes:

Scene One: Cheyenne, looking cute, and Mickey, looking like he always does, had sex on a table. The scene was fairly warm.

Scene Two: After a quick teaser scene with Mickey and April, we get to see the lovely Cheyenne again, this time with Anton in the bathroom. This scene was considerably more energetic but not as good as she normally is.

Scene Three: Cheyenne, in the third scene in a row here (woo-hoo!) had sex with April in the same bathroom after finishing with Anton. Pretty warm.

Scene Four: April, in a bit better setting on a bed, took care of Mickey's needs. Not bad but she looks much better in higher budget releases (try her in some of Jim Holliday's VCA releases as an example).

Scene Five: Wendy, another cute gal, and Brittney had the best scene in the office. The gorilla suit was a bit bizarre but otherwise they looked good together.

Summary: As the technical stuff gets better, along with the cast I might add, so too does the heat index rise. In Sparks, Vivid has a pretty good movie for renting and fans of Cheyenne's will probably want to spring for a copy since she was in so many scenes here. This was certainly not the best Vivid release and the story was poorly written and weak but it did have some real merit. Check it out as a rental and hopefully Vivid will include more length with their feature in the future to add real lasting value.



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