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Shape of Sin

  • Release date:
    June 3, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 18m
  • Cast:
    Dee|Chris Cannon|Anton Michael|Briana Banks|Nicole Sheridan|Voodoo|Lola (I)|Doug Jefferies|Cheyenne Silver|Toni Brooks|Chi Chi LaRue|Tino Lopez

Shape of Sin


Genre: Feature

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Cheyenne Silver, Chris Cannon, Briana Banks, Dee, Anton Michael, Lola, Tino Lopez, Nicole Sheridan, VooDoo

Length: 79 minutes

Date of Production: 5/1/02

Extra's: 5 unrelated bonus scenes, short Cheyenne biography, positions room (go to the types of sex acts you want without scanning), photogalleries, 20 minute long behind the scenes feature, double sided dvd cover, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame format color. While the picture was generally clear, there was a fair amount of grain present and the colors were pretty accurate. The dvd transfer didn't seem to add any compression artifacts or other problems but maximizing the compression rate may have made the picture look better. The audio was in stereo with little separation but generally clear, even if the music was too loud at times.

Body of Review: Those who are familiar with porn probably know how hot looking Cheyenne Silver is, and has been over the years, in whatever movies she has made. For a time, Vivid held this gal under contract and she still works with them but most of her new releases were actually filmed awhile back. As this cutie travels on the strip circuit, I even met her myself recently, she gains even more fans to watch such releases as Vivid's Shape Of Sin. The movie is a feature porno but has very little story to get in the way of the pretty warm sex. While Cheyenne looks good here, Nicole's scene is actually the best but here's a breakdown of all the scene for you:

Scene One: Cheyenne, the lovely gal on the dvd cover, and Chris had a very warm scene in a dressing room. Oral, straight, and anal sex but also some decent foreplay to get them going.

Scene Two: Briana, the lean blonde, and Dee, everyone's favorite light skinned black gal, took care of Anton in a dinner. Also a pretty good scene but oral and straight only.

Scene Three: Lola, the Cuban cutie that looks like a young Sydnee Steele, and Cheyenne, went at each other on a lounge chair. No toys, just oral and manual manipulation of each other but still warm.

Scene Four: Lola, having worked herself up in the previous scene, took care of Tino in a bed. Slow at first but they gradually got nasty with her rimming him and jamming her finger up his ass before they screwed. Hot scene for Vivid.

Scene Five: Nicole and Voodoo, a real life couple who always have great chemistry together, had the best scene of all in a club. It included oral, straight, and anal with lots of passion. Yow!

Summary: Nicole's scene alone was worth making this a rental but combined with the other scenes here, I'm rating it as Recommended. The production values and sex scenes, combined with attractive gals having fun, made this a fun movie to watch. Even the bonus scenes were pretty good so you'll have lots to keep you busy on those hot summer days.



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