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Kickin’ it with Anna Malle

  • Release date:
    February 3, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 36m
  • Cast:
    Anna Malle|Billy Glide|Hank Armstrong|Rod Fontana|Herschel Savage|Shaena Steel|Renee LaRue|Blair|Maren Beautte|Tom Chapman|Violet Love|Roy Karch|Roy L. Shaft

Kickin' it with Anna Malle

VCA Xplicit

Genre: All Sex

Director: Roy Karch

Cast: Anna Malle, Maren Beautte, Rod Fontana, Roy L. Shaft, Blair, Tom Chapman, Herschel Savage, Renee LaRue, Billy Glide, Vylet Luv, Shaena Steel, Hank Armstrong

Length: 96.5 minutes

Date of Production: 11/99

Extra's: a list of 3 other movies

Audio/Video Quality: It was surprisingly clear given the lower budget nature of the movie. The use of color as well as some black & white photography added something to it as well. The sound did seem to have some dubbing but it wasn't a problem here.

Body of Review: VCA is known for having some of the highest quality dvd releases in the adult market but few of their newer fans seem to know that the company made a lot of titles in the past that weren't feature, plotted porn. Recently, VCA decided to start marketing these older titles in their Xplicit line which typically show just the sex and have few extras. The good part is that the cost is much lower too. While I like cool extras and want to see a variety of them, many fans just want to pay for the sex and fast forward through the other stuff. Kickin' It With Anna Malle is the first in their new line of dvds that I've seen.

If you are a fan of Anna, a high energy, admittedly sex crazed brunette, this is a good place to see her at work. She is naked throughout the movie and participates a bit in most of the scenes, so you'll get to see plenty of her. If you're unfamiliar with her, check out the dvd cover for a glimpse. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes which were all at least pretty good:

Scene One: Maren, Rod, and Roy enjoy each other's company on the lawn. Anna joined in near the end and there was anal and a DP. Not bad.

Scene Two: Blair and Tom played strip pool and then both won. I liked how she put the condom on him (a rarity in porn) and pushed her butt back when they screwed. The scene had some real chemistry and I'm not sure if I've ever seen her look better.

Scene Three: Herschel, waiting for Anna on her the bed, skipped right to the intercourse here. He dirty talk was very pronounced and heat generating. The sex included anal and was well done.

Scene Four: Renee, looking fresh here, took on Billy in a bed. I would've liked to have seen more of her here but it was still fun to watch. Anna masturbated in the background. The action continued after the next scene started. I hate such edits but I was just glad that Renee wasn't shortchanged. Yum!

Scene Five: Hank, Anna's real life husband, took on both Vylet and Shaena. The scene wasn't bad at all but it would've been better with Anna joining in.

Summary: Anna has built up a following for a good reason: she has fun with what she does and so do her fans. While I'm not a fan of implants, they are less of a problem when watching someone who has such energy that you start to forget about such things. The picture was very clear and except for some dubbing, the sound was too. In all, a good release for the low cost nature of the dvd. I wonder if the no-frills Xplicit line will become a hit for fans as much as it's equivilent line at Wicked Pictures (who also started a low priced line recently).



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