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Ultimate Nikki Dial

  • Release date:
    April 29, 2003
  • Cast:
    Kaitlyn Ashley|Tiffany Mynx|Nikki Dial|Briana Banks|Aurora Snow|Ann-Marie

Are you a Nikki Dial fan? I can't see any reason why you shouldn't be. She's a voluptuous hellcat who also exudes a nasty kind of innocence, as if she could be the girl next door. A fabulous body and a longing for incredible sex make this porn starlet one of my favorites. The Ultimate Nikki Dial presents 10 scenes from her career that represent her fairly well. Let's look at them one by one.

Scene 1

This scene from Endlessly is likely to be controversial right off the bat. Nikki stars with Marc Wallice, who was blacklisted in the industry for infecting his costars with HIV. But let's avoid the controversy for now and look at the sex. This scene shows off all that's great about Nikki right away—that flowing brunette mane, that perky cheerleader face, those full breasts, those great bedroom eyes, that innocence, that amazing posterior. She delivers a blowjob, and the action proceeds only through a non-penetration couch missionary scene. Then we get to see Nikki taking a pee, and somewhat repulsively, she bestows another blowjob while seated on the can. Then, a proper sex scene follows on the bathroom counter, followed by doggy in front of a mirror. Finally, she poses and plays with herself atop the bed—an extremely nice touch. Grade: B

Scene 2

Here's a nice threesome scene from Anonymous, starring Nikki, Tiffany Mynx, and Steve Drake. It starts as a gyrating lingerie party and graduates to full-on lesbian wrestling and saliva-swapping and standing cunny-lapping, and wow, this is a nice scene. Then, bearded Steve brings his member into play and we get some blowage amidst the lesbian tongue action. Then we move to doggy style while the lesbian muff-diving continues. This is a very fine scene. Grade: A

Scene 3

Next up is a foursome between Nikki, Stephanie DuValle, Dick Nasty (nice), and Shawn Ricks, from Designer Bodies. There's a hard-edged video quality to this one that makes the scene feel even sleazier than it really is. The guys are sorta repellant, and Nikki definitely isn't looking her best, as if she's past her prime. Anyway, there's all kinds of sex variations going on here. Grade: C

Scene 4

This three-way outdoor lesbian scene from Out of the Blue 2 stars Nikki, Kelly O'Dell, and Randi Jones. The girls are wearing too much makeup, and the hairstyles (yeah, even those hairstyles) are totally, like, out of the 80s, but the action is delectable, full of lascivious laughter and good energy. There are all sorts of positions, even a three-way chain, and some toyplay. Grade: A-

Scene 5

Tom Byron and Kaitlyn Ashley join Nikki in this scene from Surprise. To its credit, the scene begins with a lesbian tryst, but Kaitlyn isn't looking so hot. Then, Tom joins in, and the scene is all downhill from there. Why does he seem to strive for such repulsiveness? Grade: C-

Scene 6

Nikki and Tony Tedeschi star in this scene from Starlet. It's a softly lit bedroom scene that goes from fingering and cunny-exploring to blowjob to doggy style to missionary to pop. Grade: B

Scene 7

Here's another lesbian scene, this one from Wildflower, starring Nikki and Randi Jones. Set atop a picnic blanket, it features all kinds of vagina exploring and a huge black dildo. Grade: B+

Scene 8

This scene from Sex stars Nikki and Rocco Siffredi. It takes place in an office and progresses through some nicely acrobatic positions. We get the usual gamut of hetero scenes, but they're brightly lit and damned erotic, thanks to their energy. This is a great hetero scene all around. Grade: A

Scene 9

This scene from Sex 2 pairs Nikki with Tom Byron, and actually, Tom doesn't look too atrocious here. His greasy tangle of hair is tied back. There's a nice 69, but why does Nikki see fit to lick Tom's anus? A good reverse cowgirl follows, then some missionary, then some doggy. Grade: B

Scene 10

Nikki fucks Tony Tedeschi in this scene. It's a pretty standard hetero scene shot in a kitchen. My complaint: Too many shots of this guy's hanging, slapping balls. But there's some great cowgirl action atop the table. Grade: B


The full-frame image varies from scene to scene but in general provides fine detail and vivid colors. The older scenes exhibit grain and wobbly video. Dialog and moans are clear, but the music tends toward tinniness. The sound presentation is just fine for the purpose of this DVD.


In the Bonus Room section, you get three extra scenes, none of them starring Nikki. First is a scene from Chatterbox, starring Ann Marie, Evan Stone, and Marty Romano. Second is a nice lesbian romp from Grand Opening, starring Stormy and Marey Carey, that involves tongues and toys. Third is a scene from Pretty starring Aurora Snow and Dillion Day, that takes place outdoors on a bench. Each scene is a fragment of a longer scene.

Behind the Scenes is a 17-minute look at the making of Chatterbox.

You also get a Photo Gallery, a series of Previews, and some Sexy Talk.


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