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Precious Pink Body Business 7

  • Release date:
    February 25, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 36m
  • Cast:
    Ricardo Bell|Christina Bella|Clark|Antonio Ross|Wanda|Mario|Niki Belucci|Anita G|Patrick Handsome|Melanie (Hungary)|Olena (ukraine)

Precious Pink: Body Business 7


Genre: All Sex

Director: Patrick Handsome

Cast: Anita, Amer, Christina, Guy, Anita G., Nikolett, Richard, Zita, Zsolt, Olena
Note: The end credits listed a completely different cast list as follows; Veronica, Angelica, Morenna, Melissa, Ginger, Marco, Dominico, Salvador, Vincent, Aurtorro

Length: 96.5 minutes

Date of Production: 8/6/02 (box), 5/9/02 (credits)

Extra's: slide show, director's profile, trailers, cast list

Audio/Video Quality: The video had a slight graininess to it and the lighting wasn't great but was otherwise good. The audio track was dubbed and the music was distractingly loud (and weird) but since there was no real dialogue outside of some moaning, it was okay.

Body of Review: Those of you who'd like to see porn without any plot or needlessly weak acting would do well to check out the Precious Pink series. In it, all that type of stuff is dispensed with and after a short tease sequence, the performers get working on each other. The cast are all Europeans who are lean, have a similar look, and have sex without stop for your pleasure. Here's a breakdown of scenes by the cast list:

Scene One: Anita, a dark haired beauty with a lean body, started off with some tease and then had sex with Amer on a livingroom floor. There were no condoms in this movie and she had oral, straight and anal sex. At times it seemed a bit mechanical but it was still pretty good to watch.

Scene Two: Christina, another Euro-honey who looked much like Anita, provided a similar tease before jumping Guy. She did seem to be watching the camera more than trying to satisfy him but the technically proficient sex had all the things you'd expect from a Hustler movie-oral, straight, anal, and, of course, no condom.

Scene Three: Anita G. and Nikolett both decided to give Richard a heaping helping of loving. There were the same sex acts as above but I liked the look of the gals even more so they got extra credit. very warm scene.

Scene Four: Zita, yet another dark haired lean cutie, took on Zolt in the living room. While it had the same kinds of hardcore sex, perhaps I was running out of steam as the scene didn't work for me as much as the others had. Fair.

Scene Five: Olena and Richard got busy in the hot tub. Okay, this brought me back to the having fun stage as the playful antics of the young couple were quite hot. There seemed to be a lot more anal here but otherwise it was well balanced.

Summary: I prefer features but there's something to be said for this type of movie too. The cast looked good, had some fun and tried not to be too mechanical in their performances. If you like the way some of them look, you'll find it has tremendous replay value while even a casual aficionado of adult entertainment will want to watch it once. As such, I'll rate it as recommended but adjust the rating according to your preferences.



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