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Net Skirts 10.0

  • Release date:
    April 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 52m
  • Cast:
    India Summer|Ariella Ferrera|Anikka Albrite|Charlotte Stokely|Alice March|Anastasia Pierce|Aryana Augustine

Genre Lesbian, MILF, Older/Younger, Toys.

Director B. Skow

Cast Anastasia Pierce, Aryana Augustine, Ariella Ferrera, India Summer, Anikka Albrite, Charlotte Stokely, Alice March.

Duration 172 minutes

Date of Production January 2013. Released 19 April 2013.

Condoms None

Extras Glamour and XXX stills, plus trailers to other Girlfriends Films movies, series promos and GF's website info, but not the NetSkirts site. Why not?

A/V Quality Filmed in HD on 3 Sony XDCAMs, presented in 16:9 widescreen. No technical glitches seen or heard.  Standard GF music on title screens. Well lit, but some shots were compromised due to physical layout, e.g. in scene 3, a shot was missed because there was no room on that side of the bed.

Preview Any porn series with 10  editions has to have something going for it. All the previous entries were Recommended by XCritic reviewers.  I picked this title based on the cast, namely, Ariella Ferrera, India Summer, and Anikka Albrite.  It doesn't make much sense to cast a multiple award winner like India, and leave her off the cover. The concept of a social networking site for Thornhill's lesbians is a good one, but seems a little flimsy to base a whole movie on, let alone 10.  This is another flick with 4 scenes and 7 performers.  Anastasia Pierce, who I've only ever seen in web trailers is the lucky double feature.  She's a mature Swiss import known for kink/fetish work.  If you're looking for bodies, they're here in all shapes and colors.  There are petites, slims, a MILF, and a couple of classic porn-barbies; not to mention two blondes to complement all the brunettes.  Breast lovers will be pleased with Ariella and Aryana, while ass afficionados, like myself, have Anikka to ogle.

The View The opening scene introduces Anastasia Pierce, with her friend India, going to visit Aryana Augustine, who Anastasia had connected with through the NetSkirts.com dating website.  Anastasia is not is not my cup of tea, although she could pass as a sister for Magdalene St. Michaels or Zoey Holloway, both of whom I like, go figure. As the three are chatting, Aryana's sister Ariella comes home and joins the group.  When Anastasia and Aryana retire to the bedroom, the other two tag along, and stay to watch the entire tryst.  This was a slowly developing encounter, as Aryana was playing the submissive and Anastasia had quite a few kinks to try out.  Cuffs, a vibrator and a strap-on came into play. (There was only about 4 or 5 minutes of strap action.) Anastasia seemed to prefer the purple vibe while Aryana seemed to reach her peak twice thanks to her new friends oral ministrations.  I was more pleased with this scene than initially assumed, and the kink meter jumped a few notches when India led Ariella over to the bed and tried to get the sisters to kiss. That got my attention, and surely increased the anticipation for what was to come as Anastasia and Aryana left the room to the other two.

MILF of the year and Unsung Siren of the year from XRCO (2012) are the only credits needed to introduce India Summer.  Ariella Ferrera might be the dopest thing out of Medellin since Pablo got killed.  This scene was the best I have seen in months.  Ariella came through with her patented leg shake, a few times, in fact, and India, as always, came through with her sophisticated milfy wantonness.  I don't want to go into too much detail to spoil it, so I'll say that if you don't like this scene, you probably shouldn't be watching girl-girl porn. This is what it should look like when two pros with history together put on a show.  Too many orgasms to keep count and glistening from sweat at the end; Holy lesbians, Batman!

This third scene had a blessedly short intro dialogue, which you will understand, only after viewing the next scene..  Big booty, blonde, Anikka Albrite was sad and crying about something irrelavent (explained later) and and Anastasia was there to make her feel better with consoling licks to her sweet spot and some energetic tribbing.  Not a fan of Ms. Pierce, I concentrated on Anikka, and that beautiful derriere.  The cameraman fumbled when he shot the trib session from the wrong angle, namely, from the front of Anikka, instead of her captivating rear. I got the impression that a fair amount of footage of Anastasia oralizing Anikka was cut, for no reason I can understand. There were basic moves and too few great shots to get me very excited, kind of a let down after the preceding tour de force, but what are you gonna do?  In the end this was a scene that ended up as just a single, when more focus on the younger, prettier girl could have squeezed out some extra bases.

The intro to the fourth scene chronologically precedes the intimate moments of the third scene; this bad continuity is an editing problem that hurts the overall product.  Another issue was casting; Charlotte Stokely would have been a more visually appealing choice as Anikka's younger sister, due to a greater degree of physical resemblance; although, I'm not sure if Alice March, a more petite brunette, could have carried off the lesbian mentor role as well.  I can wholeheartedly commend the acting here; in and out of the bedroom, it played more like reality TV than innuendo filled porn-speak.  This scene was a good one; the film's second best, despite any major fireworks.  The tender nature of the girlplay matched the exploratory tone of the lesbi-curious intervention scene opening.  Charlotte and Alice did the I-go-down-you-go-down dance, after the preliminary necking, and ended with a nice tribbing that looked to have more steam than the movie had time left.

Final Thoughts - Review A good flick that exceeded my expectations and actually has me interested in the development of things to come in Net Skirts 11.0.  Anybody voting or nominating Best Girl/Girl scene needs to check out India and Ariella here. Annika's ass saved the third scene and I'll be on the lookout for more from Charlotte Stokley and Aryana Augustine.  GF needs to put some more work into the NetSkirts website to develop it as a marketing tool for this series.  Another suggestion is to list information about the sensual aids they use.   Net Skirts 10 finished one or two meaningful extras and some editing work short of an HR. I can recommend this to couples or singles with no hesitation.  A very firm Recommended rating is what this movie deserves, one scene was great, one was o.k. and the other two just didn't do it for me.



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