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James Deen’s Sex Tapes: Off Set Sex

  • Release date:
    September 20, 2013
  • Runtime:
    4h 2m
  • Cast:
    James Deen|Riley Mason|Marie Luv|Tatiana Kushnev|Katie St. Ives|Anikka Albrite

James Deen’s Sex Tapes: Off Set Sex

Evil Angel/James Deen Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: James Deen

Cast: Anikka Albrite, James Deen, Lia Lor, Marie Luv, Riley Mason, Charlotte Stokely, Tatiana Kush, Katie St. Ives

Length: 241:52 minutes (141:26 minutes & 100:26 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013

Extras: There was a company trailer, filmographies, a cast list, website links, photogalleries for the scenes, and movie trailers but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: James Deen’s Sex Tapes: Off Set Sex was presented in anamorphic widescreen as directed by James Deen for Evil Angel. This time James took care of handling the camera himself, taking a page from Manuel Ferrara’s “Raw” series in terms of the POV and setting down on said camera to capture sexual liaisons using less editing or other post production cleanup efforts (Mike Quasar took James under his wing to handle the editing “together”). The results varied substantially but it did add some energy to the proceedings, the problems with lighting, framing, and other visual elements overridden by the sheer strength of the encounters (real or faked, who cares?). The only point of contention was that the company watermark seemed more intrusive in the lower right hand corner when low lighting was an issue. The aural components were on the basic side too, the vocals easily heard in most cases, but also the ambient noises indicative of having sex in apartments or other places not designed as studios.

Body of Review: James Deen has long been held up as an example of a male performer that can actually act, his many roles in parodies and features garnering quite a bit of acclaim. He also participates in gonzo these days, his latest turn at directing coming from the acclaimed Evil Angel in the movie James Deen’s Sex Tapes: Off Set Sex. This was his second movie for the company and he tried something different, reviving the basics of gonzo POV shooting like Manuel Ferrara does in the very popular “Raw” series I favor so much. While James might never be otherwise placed in the same lofty league as Manuel in terms of popularity and skill with the ladies, he did a good job here with a select bevy of beauties showing a great deal of sexual diversity. Marie Luv was as tight as ever, Charlotte Stokely as pale, Anikka Albrite again showing just how passionate she can be while Katie St. Ives continues to impress with her versatility under fire (love those eyes too). In all, I was surprised at how much I liked this double disc outing, the four hours of engaging fun making me glad I took a chance on the production even if some retailers still do not sell it at this writing.

The company website described the movie like this: “Handsome crossover porn stud and mainstream superstar James Deen likes his ladies to improvise. To capture hot fucking, Evil Angel's newest director is willing to stray far from the beaten path and film the heat as it happens - wherever and however things develop. His latest production, "James Deen's Sex Tapes: Off Set Sex," is a sizzling adventure starring some of the porn world's most stunning sluts in their natural habitat, far from the sterile warehouses and fake film sets of the profession. Curvaceous blonde beauty Anikka Albrite invites the director into her apartment. She models upscale underwear, kinky fetish heels and skin-tight leggings; James drills her sweet cunt and receives a ball-slurping blow job. Next, all-natural dirty blonde Lia Lor invites James into her messy apartment for some kinky, unscripted sex and conversation. Lia eats his bunghole and takes a doggie-style pussy pounding, and James makes the dirty girl drink from the toilet! Ebony porn beauty Marie Luv takes an off-the-set interracial ass fucking that climaxes when James feeds the insatiable black cutie-pie a gooey mess of cum. Freckled blonde slut Charlotte Stokely and sultry, black-haired, tattooed cutie Riley Mason casually smoke cigarettes during a sexy threesome. James butt-fucks super-cute Tatiana Kush and lets her submissively suck cock ass-to-mouth. Lastly, young Katie St. Ives visits the director's apartment for an intimate yet ferocious banging. "James Deen's Sex Tapes: Off Set Sex" shows that the wildest porn passion cums out into the personal domains and private bedrooms of the real world.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Anikka Albrite, a blond bombshell of a hotty, was up first with James Deen, the man waiting for her outside her place at night. He stood under some palm trees trying to hook up with her via phone, Anikka came to get him at the apartment complex as he used his new camera. She wore a plain sundress as she escorted him back to her messy place, the couple making out on a couch after he set the camera down on a table behind a shopping bag (smooth move genius!) and her cat roaming around freely. She stripped off her dress and posed for him, trying to put on some new lingerie as he wanted except that he preferred just fucking her instead. The placement issue came up here big time regarding the camera but thankfully it was moved after awhile, some lingerie put on for them to continue with the oral and vaginal fun. He gobbled her gash briefly and she slobbed his knob frequently (and aggressively), some stretch pants put on that were skin tight but for all his comments regarding lingerie, he preferred her naked all over him. The scene even continued after he jerked off his load of genetic juice on her tits in the distance, some of the baby batter going to her open mouth in the chemistry filled scene.

Scene Two: Lia Lor, looking a bit frumpy in her sweatshirt and black panties, eating when James Deen came to the door, invited him in to her apartment. She was another cat lover and James could not resist messing with it, Lia calling herself a “crazy cat lady” as Sandy meowed at her. Lia just came back from visiting her family in Houston Texas, claiming only Austin as a cool place to be (for the record, Austin is viewed like a colony of aliens from southern California by the rest of Texas and most of the civilized world). The couple ended up on the couch opposite of one another, the gal sniffing his sock and eating his stinky feet as he had been walking all day. He used his toe in her pussy and she reciprocated by jerking him off with her feet, both of them then masturbating before she slobbed his knob with some hand to gland action added in. It was a solid hummer and she tossed his salad as well, the vaginal fucking including a lot of standing positions as the two went at it like long lost friends. He then made her go to the bathroom to bone her like he owned her, pushing her head in the toilet until a short tryst in the bedroom led to the final blowjob where she slurped up his population pudding.

Scene Three: Marie Luv, a lean black gal with tight abs, was up next in the last scene of the first disc with James Deen. They had already fucked according to her but she wasn’t happy with the camera (“Are we at work or what? Or something like that) even though she inhaled his pecker with a ferocity usually reserved for the best cocksuckers in the jizz biz. Marie loved giving him head but she also seemed turned on when they vaginally fucked, James thumbing her ass until she ended up taking his whole cock inside her ass as well (which slowed her down considerably). There was more oral too and James massaged her pussy as he drilled her ass so deeply, her verbal noises sounding like she was dying but her legs shaking like she was getting off too, the gal plastered in the face with his resulting spunk, the guy having come over as a booty call she made when twittering him.

Scene Four: Riley Mason, a smoking hot brunette, and pale blond Charlotte Stokely, were up next with James Deen in a trashy home of sorts. They had just finished another scene when Charlotte licked Riley clean of James’ juices, Riley blowing the guy while her blond buddy spanked her fleshy ass. Riley then backed up to take his pecker vaginally, all three of them taking a break while smoking something that caused Charlotte to act stoned. The blond diddled herself while encouraging James to hump her, the scene cutting way to a clean bedroom where Riley picked up where she left off. He choked her and boned her at the same time, her bald beaver getting puffy and red as he continued to work her while she stretched her legs out widely. Riley and James then kept going with vaginal penetration and more oral until he let loose with the splooge juice into her mouth, her eye contact superior as she gave some post coital head and gargled the spew until swallowing it.

Scene Five: Tatiana Kush was up next on her knees as she blew James Deen, her glasses on and shirt pulled up over her bra while they spoke of this as some extra behind the scenes footage (apparently for another project). She bent over to take his rod vaginally but James commented that he wanted her ass as well, the dilemma solved when he went from the front to the back with little hesitation. I found her old sneakers as a marked contrast to the usual stripper shoes the ladies wear, James boning her like he owned her in both holes as she cleaned him up orally between positions, the anal pushing him over his limits to cause him to lose his ball batter to the ending blowjob, Tatiana swallowing his pride while laughing at his worrying.

Scene Six: Katie St. Ives, a perky young lady with awesome eyes, was up last as she smoked on an outside patio. She commented on James Deen getting a camera, clearly not wanting him to shoot her as she inhaled her “Marlboro Smooth”, explaining she stopped smoking in her car at least. This was his place according to her comments, the apartment up high with neighbors really close to him per her commentary. They both played with the camera a little as they moved to the bedroom, her pajamas and his street clothing not lasting enough (James whining about his hatred of Netflix “they don’t have anything!”) as they carried on about entertainment choices. Once comfortable, her pajamas were pulled down and he stuffed his face between her ass cheeks to rim her, moving right into vaginal penetration positions and kissing though she took breaks to blow him regularly. Katie looked great and liked to fuck, her adoration for James regardless of him smacking her fleshy ass very clear. They continued pounding in some active riding until he pulled out to douse her with semen all over her crotch, the spew running down her leg as they kissed.


Summary: James Deen’s Sex Tapes: Off Set Sex by director James Deen for Evil Angel seemed like a cross between trying to establish a set formula (ala “Raw”) and footage left over from other shoots or perhaps taking place after a more formalized scene was taken. As such, the quality of the material varied way more than I cared for yet I will give the guy credit where it was due in how he selected a cast of ladies willing to be roughed up by the diminutive man, the inclusion of rough sex almost a trademark for his personal dynamic. I rated this as a Recommended for a broader, more generalized audience because it was a good alternative to the overly used formulas the industry seems to enjoy so much, the lack of predictability enhancing the value at times just as the technical values sometimes kept a scene off to the side or displayed in less than optimal ways. If you are a fan of the ladies such as Lia Lor, Katie St. Ives, Marie Luv, Anikka Albrite or others here, or if you enjoy the way James treats women in general, by all means elevate the rating as you see fit, porn is a majority of one in that sense (those who like women treated kindly can always go watch Seymore Butts titles, Buttman works, or even Manuel Ferrara’s titles for the most part). In short, James Deen’s Sex Tapes: Off Set Sex offered up a lot of fuck for the buck, including a little anal, in a way that screamed “unconventional and unpredictable” so give it a look if you aren’t happy with most modern porn that seems so formulated by comparison.


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