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  • Release date:
    October 9, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 20m
  • Cast:
    Anikka Albrite|Riley Reid|Manuel Ferrara|Mick Blue|Ramon Nomar|James Deen|Prince Yahshua|Jon Jon

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Erotica X/Mile High Distribution

Genre: Gonzo, Anikka Albrite

Director: Mason

Cast: Anikka Albrite, Riley Reid, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Prince Yahshua, Jon Jon, James Deen, Ramon Nomar

Length: 200:15 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/7/2013, 7/17/2013, 8/4/2013, 8/10/2013

Extras: The best extra was a 23:16 minute long Behind the Scenes interview where lovely Anikka got to explain some of her work in the movie, some of the others, including the interviewer/director chiming in as well. There was a slip cover, a pop shot recap, and a slideshow as the other extras.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anikka was presented in a crisp, anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Mason for her new line called “Hard X” as distributed by Mile High Distribution. Mason handled all the camera work as well as took charge of Art Direction and other decisions here, the editing by Lake Manor Post similar to what she worked with previously at Elegant Angel in many ways. The music was by Kloud Nine and suited the visual aspects of the show, the lack of a continuous company watermark on the lower right hand corner of the screen definitely helped minimize distractions. I liked that so much of the show revolved around tease outside on sunny days, Anikka always looking her best in natural sunlight, some shots taking chances but succeeding in almost every case. The addition of interview material between the scenes was appreciated too, I just wish other companies would get on board with this idea in their own showcase titles, Mason proving she still has what it takes to compete against the big boys of gonzo porn.

Body of Review: Mason is a popular female director who has a new line called “Hard X” distributed by Mile High Distribution. Anikka. is the first from this line, a showcase effort starring sexy babe Anikka Albrite in a myriad of footage including four full scenes, one solo outing, and some fishnet tease standing all by itself as an attempt at something that didn’t quite work according to the director. I really like titles that showcase proven beauties and I’ll be the first to tell you how I’ve clamored for Anikka to get her own “Darkside”, “Buttwoman”, or “Ultimate Fuck Toy” showcase over the past year, only Mason seemingly able to beat the rest of the industry to the punch for this one. As a fan of both the director and Anikka Albrite, I fully admit that I went into this one hoping it would look like Mason’s previous works for Elegant rather than watered down erotica used to sell sex starved housewives on the concept of porn; thankfully, this team up worked in spades to become one of my favorite shows of recent months.

The back cover described the movie like this: “Hard X is proud to present Anikka. Anikka Albrite is one of the most beautiful and voluptuous big bottomed superstars ever! For the very first time watch her perform in her 1st anal scene, bursting with powerful hardcore action in and unforgettable celebration of Anikka's epic posterior. Anikka is directed by the award winning Mason and also features the adorable superstar, Riley Reid. Including interracial, intense three way action, behind the scenes interviews, and an intimate solo scene. Anikka is visually stunning and unforgettable portrayal of a unique and extraordinary star with a colossal booty!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Anikka Albrite, the blond beauty with the bodacious booty featured on the front cover, was up first with sexy babe Riley Reid, both of them wearing the skimpiest of bathing suits as they teased under the sun out by the pool. Anikka’s slingshot suit had less material than Riley’s matching black outfit but only marginally, the two glistening in the sun as they kissed and caressed one another in coy fashion to the upbeat music from Kloud Nine. The resolution of the camera was enough to catch the fine hairs covering the bodies of the ladies, the addition of some sprayed on oil a nice tribute to the past. The ladies eventually went inside the house to examine each other on a large ottoman, Riley tonguing Anikka’s asshole and gobbling her gash before the feature act reciprocated. Manuel Ferrara joined them to add some manly oral on them and finger Anikka’s perfect pucker, both ladies sporting minimal pubic patches as they enjoyed each other orally. Manuel began by vaginally banging Anikka while Riley assisted on oral, the ladies trading places a number of times in various positions for some very active riding (even a little foot fetish action). Their eye contact was superior and they teamed up to blow Manuel with a ferocity that showed a little competition going on, slobbing his knob aggressively while applying some hand to gland friction. I really liked that they never slowed down too, the ladies assisting with oral as he’d bang the other just the icing on the proverbial cake. It ended when the gals knelt in front of Manuel and he tossed off a round of genetic juice to their faces, the baby batter savored as nectar and swallowed to the last drop before he diddled Anikka to a majorly fluid orgasm all over his hand and Riley’s face.

Scene Two: Anikka Albrite, next up in her red cover attire (I know, it can barely be seen) and matching red shoes, was up next in the advertised first anal scene after a sweet tease session by the pool outside. Anikka was oiled up and glistening in the sun when she sat in a chair to emphasize her juicy ass, inserting a jeweled anal plug and tasting it to start stretching out for the pecker of Mick Blue to do her on screen honors. Once the tease was over, Anikka was walking up some stairs, the fleshtones considerably more saturated, until she hooked up with Mick. She was naked and he wore some ordinary street clothes, her hand immediately finding his growing bulge to massage as he enjoyed her fleshy body too. He spanked her and dropped down to go down on her, spending some time on her splendid ass while giving her a taste of the glass plug too. Rather than wait, they went right to anally boning while standing up, the usual format such a first act takes being a lot of vaginal sex and a few moments of anal just before the pop shot. Mason went a different path by prolonging the length and amount of the anal though, the couple actively giving an extended look of Anikka coming to appreciate his turgid pecker porking her precious pucker, some taste testing included as well as Anikka grabbing at his cock to put it back into her ass a few times, such the power of her learning to love anal rather than merely put up with it for a bigger check. By the time they finished, she had gotten off numerous times and took a massive wad of population pudding to her mouth, Mick tossing her back on the bed to fuck some more in the heated tryst.

Scene Three: Anikka Albrite, next outside washing a sporty white Cobra with a garden hose, wore a tiny yellow bikini top and handmade cutoff booty shorts as she rubbed all over the vehicle like a hood rat. I found this interesting tease to be really hot, including her ass rubbing against the windshield and sudsing up, before she walked naked to the house to engage in carnal activity with Prince Yahshua and Jon Jon. Prince met her outside and they ended up on the tan couch where the couple kissed, Anikka dry humping him as his hands wandered around her fleshy ass. He sucked her boobs and she unfastened his pants to get to his erection for a powerful blowjob, her titties bouncing, hands jerking, and mouth pushing increasingly deeper to pleasure him. She actively rode him vaginally when Jon came in naked and erect, Anikka taking advantage of the situation to reach over and blow him as Prince kept drilling her slick slit to full effect. From there, the guys took turns hammering away at her wet pussy and equally wet mouth, some choking applied but the scene otherwise proving yet again Anikka’s IR credentials in terms of enjoyment, passion, and energy. The guys gave her more oral too and fed her their rounds of spunk to be swallowed, Prince dropping the first and Jon the second load of ball batter, Anikka licking the remains off the glass door.

Scene Four: Anikka Albrite, wearing a green top and pink panties, was up next in a plain bed (claiming it as her own and “most vulnerable spot”), for a solo scene. Anikka removed her top and applied a wand vibrator to moisten her panties, removing them to insert a metallic curved rod (sniffing her juicy panties before setting them aside). She used her own saliva as lubricant and got off a time or two, the sheer simplicity of the short masturbation sequence enough for me to include it as a separate scene.

Scene Four: Anikka Albrite, last up in a desert while (barely) wearing some fetish lingerie, had car problems so she ditched her broken down beater to look for help (I loved the bumper sticker too: “Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow”). Her skimpy bikini and fishnet stockings looked great on her, her stylish boots interesting visually as well. As she walked along the desolate stretch of land, stopping to look at some of the ruined houses and pick up a lifting glove to wear, she came across as a post apocalyptic warrior of sorts, finding signs of civilization near a wind farm that led to a crappy auto garage where she met James Deen and Ramon Nomar. Symbolism aside, the guys were soon all over her like white on rice, pawing her as much as she pawed back. Ramon stuffed his face between her delightful ass cheeks as James fed her a heaping helping of hospitality in the form of his cock, Ramon soon stuffing her pussy with his own pecker to bang her in a standing position. She swapped around to savor Ramon’s cock as James banged her from there, alternating between their rods orally and vaginally as she actively rode them both. The ground was dirty and the car they screwed on after that was a mess but none of them showed any cares about the conditions, that was how into the sex they all were. The dirt and grime went everywhere too but she was a well oiled fuck bunny machine here, impaling herself on cock and slobbing their knobs like crazy. I was half surprised there was no anal this time considering how it would have fit right in but it was a strong scene all the same, the guys roughing her up a bit before depositing their splooge all over her face and Ramon pounding her pussy one last time to an orgasm.

Summary: Anikka by director Mason for Mile High Distribution under their “Hard X” label was a great showcase for Anikka Albrite in every way. Sure, she did her “first anal” and that is what many will take away from the show given Anikka’s many heated scenes to date but every scene worked really well, the few minor technical issues inconsequential given the great deal of outside tease that looked so good or the active enjoyment the gal displayed in her scenes. The solo scene could have been longer, the scene breakdown menu on the title page did not even list it as a scene, and the interracial scene could have been better with just one of the men (preferably Prince Yahshua) but even there, things turned out very passionate, my rating for the movie being Highly Recommended, or even better if you are one of Anikka Albrite’s fans already (in which case this title is a “must have”). In short then, Anikka was a fine entry into the starlet showcase genre thanks to a great performer but also due to a director able to get the most out of her in the varied scenes and tease montages. I look forward to seeing a lot more of this type of movie from Mason in future endeavors if at all possible, her knack for strokable gonzo footage superior to a great many of her peers in the industry.


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