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South of the Border

  • Release date:
    July 23, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 19m
  • Cast:
    Erik Everhard|Steve Holmes|Mike John|Angelica (Chile)|Caro Liva|Melissa (Chile)|Roadogg|Rochel (Chile)|Sofia (Chile)|Ymay (Chile)

South of the Border

Red Light District

Genre: Latin Women, Gonzo

Director: Mike John

Cast: Angelica, Erik Everhard, Steve Holmes, Rachel, Carolina, Gabriela, Imy, Sofia, Mike John (extra smut section only)

Length: 139.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/8/03

Extra's: 8 minutes of Behind the Scenes actions, 16.5 minutes of extra smut (Mike John got some), trailers, photogallery, "romantic review" which is basically a cumshot recap, double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. There was a bit of grain a few times but nothing really bad and a bit more lighting might've helped (some angles weren't quite lit right). The audio was solid although some of the gals made too much noise.

Body of Review: The latest director wanting to own a piece of the action is the infamous Mike John. Once known as one of the most twisted directors in the jizz bizz, he finally wised up and went with the industry leader of gonzo, Red Light District. In the first release of his that I've seen, he provided the fans with a look at some Latina women, all of whom were either attractive or at least willing to participate in circus act sex. The title is South Of The Border and is perhaps the strongest release I've seen centered on Hispanic gals in a long time. Here's a breakdown of the scenes, keeping in mind that no condoms were used and most of the gals needed a trim of their crotch hair:

Scene One: Angelica, a furry little 24 year old, took on both Erik and Steve after warming up for the camera a bit. She had bleached blonde hair and large breasts to go with her unshaven crotch. The scene culminated in a DP for those who care but there was some real energy here and her talents in the power suck were noticed by this reviewer. Yum!

Scene Two: Rachel, a 27 year old with an ample sample, took on Erik by himself. He slapped her ass a bit and both of them seemed to respond well to each other as they literally attacked each other when boning. A bit of anal but by no means a lot in this solid scene.

Scene Three: Carolina, the hotty from the dvd cover, told Mike that she's 20 years old and wants to make friends with his pals, Erik and Steve. She took a double vaginal here but not anal as expected. It caused her a bit of pain to do even that so I have to tip my hat to her for pushing her limits. She swallowed here which is bound to make her friends from north of the border although she didn't appear too happy with the whole event.. Good scene.

Scene Four: Gabriela, a 21 year old bleach blonde from Columbia, had lots of curves and a smile for Mike. After showing her fine ass, she teased Mike a bit on a bed. Her Bart Simpson tattoo is bound to cause a few headaches over at Fox but I doubt they''' fret in public. Erik does the honors here and only a touch of anal (with back to front action) before letting her titty fuck him to orgasm in her mouth. Yum!

Scene Five: Imy, not the cutest gal on the dvd, enjoyed both Erik and Steve on a bed. To make up for her looks, she did a DP, then a double anal (DAP) and ATM before taking their loads into her mouth and swallowing. Good action for those into circus act sex.

Scene Six: Sofia, an okay looking gal with a couple extra pounds on her curvy body, did both the guys with lots of oral and straight before DP, double vaginal, and swallowing action. Solid.

Summary: Rather than write like I get paid by the word, I'll sum it all up like so: South Of The Border provides a tremendous amount of fuck for your hard earned buck so I'm rating it Highly Recommended. It could've used a bit of polish here and there and a few of the gals, most of whom were new to porn, could've cleaned up a bit but overall, it was a dvd that was easily worth the going rate. Good work John, keep them coming!



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