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Ass Cleavage

  • Release date:
    March 26, 2003
  • Cast:
    Mark Davis|Manuel Ferrara|Steve Holmes|Monica Sweetheart|Angela Crystal|Pat Myne|Carmen|Lea De Mae|Karen|Toni Ribas|Britney Foster|Greg Alves

Ass Cleavage

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Anal

Director: Mark Davis

Cast: Lea DeMae, Tony Ribas, Manuel Ferrera, Karen Kam, Monica Sweetheart, Steve Holmes, Mark Davis, Angela Crystal, Carmen, Britney Foster, Pat Myne

Length: 122 minutes

Date of Production: 1/12+13/03

Extra's: Behind the Scenes, photogallery, fetish menu (jump to the types of sexual action you prefer), interviews with Lea, Monica, and Britney, a 14 minute long striptease section (the ladies took turns)

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in full frame, 1.33:1 ratio format. It was very well done-almost as well as Red Light District does, with only some minor issues relating to lighting (which, in turn, raised minor problems with grain and color). The audio was in stereo but I didn't notice any separation in the two channels. It was clear with no few problems-and they were generally minor issues with volume discrepancies.

Body of Review: Zero Tolerance is a new company that is supposed to focus on Gonzo, all sex porn. At the beginning of the dvd there was a mission statement that went on about what they weren't going to have in their movies which was summed up at the end with a comment about having no tolerance for bad pornography. I hope they keep this in mind as they set out to conquer the Gonzo market.

Okay, this is the second release I've seen from this start up company and it already showed improvement over Who's Your Daddy, their first release. This is a good sign and I think it's obvious who the real director was-Mike Quasarman. In the behind the scenes feature, he looked to be in charge and I'm sure that's a good thing as he's directed an awful lot of porn while others took credit for it over the years. That said, except for the lighting, with related issues, the picture looked good. I expect that from Mike's work and hope he finds a home here since being fired from Metro.

In Ass Cleavage, the idea was to find women with enough booty to hold a small American flag between their ass cheeks. Considering this is Memorial Day, I think it's appropriate to mention this, even if the listed director is English and the de facto director is from Canada. Much like the flag being shown on every release by Red Light District, using the flag is a good way to show your patriotism in light of all that's gone on in the world over the last few years. All but one of the gals here took anal and most of them seemed to at least passingly enjoy the action, although I'd be lying to say they had real orgasms. I'm not a fan of ATM action (ass to mouth) but there was some here too. Luckily for those who aren't fans of condoms, they weren't used here. That said, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Lea, one of the hotter looking gals in the jizz bizz, took on both Tony and Manuel in a very hot scene. While I don't think she actually got off, I did and that's enough for me. Seriously though, she has looked cuter but she's maturing and that may mean hotter action from her as time goes by.

Scene Two: Karen, a gal I haven't seen much of and that's a shame, took on Tony is what was probably the tamest scene on the dvd (it didn't have anal).

Scene Three: Monica, a gal I never tire of seeing in action, took on Mark and Steve. This is as good as it gets here.

Scene Four: Angela, yet another cutie, took on Mark and Tony on a bed. This scene was more playful than the last but the lighting wasn't optimal and that made the colors too deep and the grain too frequent. Still, a decent scene to watch though.

Scene Five: Carmen, the least attractive gal here (in my humble opinion) took care of Mark on a couch. The sex was okay but the focus on fingering her ass and making her lick it wasn't really working for me. Pass.

Scene Six: Britney, a beautiful gal with implant scars, had a scene with her significant other, Pat. The two had fun and I thought she enjoyed it (getting paid for what she does at home for free must be nice). Lots of anal here too.

Summary: I liked this one enough to rate it Recommended based on it's solid production values and cast. There were still some rough edges here but overall it showed some real improvement over the company's first effort and I'm hopeful that they'll continue to show such improvement in the future. Good job Mike!


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