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Breakin’ ‘Em In #2

  • Release date:
    May 13, 2002
  • Cast:
    Jon Dough|Vince Vouyer|Angel|Paris|Sledge Hammer|Brian Pumper|Brandon Iron|Ashley Long|Kaylynn|Lexington Steele|Madison Day|Dion Giarrusso|Trixi|Peaches (II)

Breakin' 'Em In #2

Red Light District

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Vince Voyeur

Cast: Trixi, Brandon Iron, Ashley Long, Madison Day, Brian Pumper, Jon Dough, Angel, Lexington Steele, Paris, Peaches, Kaylynn, Vince Voyeur

Length: 139.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/16/01

Extra's: 12 trailers, photogallery, 3.5 minute Behind the Scenes, bonus scene with Kaylynn giving Vince a BJ

Audio/Video Quality: Both the sound and picture were clear with few problems worth mentioning. While not as perfectly crisp as some of Red Light District's newest releases, both were better than the majority of the gonzo market.

Body of Review: Breakin' 'Em In is a series designed to showcase women fairly new to porn having hardcore sex with some of the Red Light District extra's. Most of the women look to be just above legal age which is quite a draw for a lot of people as well. The scenes were shot in a minimalist setting, a warehouse, but the main point here is to show the women, not a lot of extraneous and expensive background. Here's a quick breakdown of the cast by scene and what they did:

Scene One: Trixi, in what was her 2nd scene in porn, took on Brandon for some oral and straight vaginal sex with a facial. She had nice red hair and large natural breasts with a weird scorpion tattoo. The sex was a bit less rough than he is known for but pretty strong and there was some chemistry.

Scene Two: Ashley, an attractive blonde with a lean, natural body, and Madison, in her first scene with a guy with large, 36D breasts with a curvy body, took on Jon and Brian. The sex included oral, straight, and anal with Ashley being the most active of the two women. There was some cum swapping and swallowing at the end. Pretty hardcore stuff.

Scene Three: Angel, an attractive gal with kinky hair and a very lean body, took on Lexington. The sex included oral and vaginal sex with a facial but he was obviously too much for her to handle and the scene was only fair (to me).

Scene Four: Paris, a girl next door type, took on Brian, Jon, and Sledge in a scene full of oral, vaginal, anal, DP, and a huge facial. Sledge's spotted dick looked a lot like Herschel Savage's except for it's length. To be honest, I didn't like the scene as it turned me off to hear her talk about how show got into sex as a 12 year old girl with a 27 year old guy. Sorry.

Scene Five: Peaches, a tiny gal with an 18" waist, had her first scene on camera with Jon. She took on Jon and looked to enjoy herself with the oral, straight, and facial. She had, by the way, a very attractive face and nice looking DSL's.

Summary: If you have a thing for young looking women, you'll want to check this one out. I haven't seen all of Red Light District's other youth-oriented series but I'm told they are by far the top of the heap these days. The women seem to be having fun, the technical values are well above average, and the guys are better than the disposable parolee's used by most of the other gonzo companies. I'm going to label this one highly recommended since it provided pretty much what it advertised and gives so much fuck for your buck. Having watched some of the newer releases by the company, which are somewhat better for hardcore raincoater enthusiast's, it's interesting to see the subtle improvement's they've made over the last year or so. It's also good to see they finally had the sense enough to hire Lexington as a director. I think any of the companies that turned him down were foolish as he's likely to add even more power to a strong RLD line up.


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