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Dead Man’s Wish

  • Release date:
    February 13, 2002
  • Runtime:
    1h 27m
  • Cast:
    Philippe Dean|Mona Lisa|Victoria|Monica|Richard Langin|Mike Foster|Nikita|Christophe Clark|Regina|Cardina|Andrew Youngman|Katarina Martinez|John Walton

Dead Man's Wish: Private Gold 20

Private/Fraserside Holdings, Ltd/Milcap Media

Genre: Foreign, Feature

Director: Christoph Clark

Cast: Marylin, Christoph Clark, Katarina Martinez, Andrew Youngman,
John Walton, Philippe Dean, Mike Foster, Regina, Cathy Cash, Richard Langin,
Katalina, Victoria, Mona Lisa, Nikita

Length: 87 minutes

Date of Production: 7/97

Note: The Film Notes mentioned that this was filmed during the Fall of

Extra's: trailers, photogallery, Film Notes, cast biographies,
various languages and subtitles

Audio/Video Quality: The audio was a bit weaker than expected with
some of the levels too low. The picture was usually pretty good but
sometimes better. The camera angles were not always optimal.

Body of Review: Dead Man's Wish is a story about a man, Christoph,
who finds out he has only a few weeks to live. His wife, played by Mona,
asks him what he wants to do for his remaining time and he indicates
watching other people screw. Personally, if I had a few weeks to live, I'd
be the one doing all the screwing around but that's just me. Be forewarned
that if you watch this movie, you might want to have someone fluent in
French beside you since even the English language dub is almost completely
in French.

As Private releases some of it's older, weaker movies, expect to see similar
problems pop up. Fans of features may be the most adversely impacted since
the language during a sex scene generally doesn't matter much. Here's a
breakdown of the scenes based on a variety of sources, including the internet, the
film notes, and cast bio's. Any problems can be forwarded to Private since
they didn't include credits:

Scene One: Marylin and Christoph screwed on a bed. Not the best scene
I've seen from Private.

Scene Two: Katarina, playing a hooker in a public park, is paid by
Andrew, John, Mike, and Phillipe to give two of them a BJ. She kept great
eye contact up until she took some semen in her eye. I wish they had used
her talents better but she's attractive and it was fun to watch.

Scene Three: Regina, the maid here, took on all four of the men from
the last scene in the living room. She took it in each hole and had a DP. A
pretty warm scene.

Scene Four: Regina, proving that cleanliness is next to godliness,
cleaned Christoph's pipes before taking him anally at his desk. The scene
was well shot but the lighting could've been a bit better.

Scene Five: Cathy and Richard boned on a couch. Anal fans will
rejoice that she seemed to enjoy herself.

Scene Six: Marylin took care of Andrew and John at a bar. She looked
a lot hotter here, even when taking her DP, than she did earlier.

Scene Seven: Katalina, Mike and Philippe, had a hot scene at the bar.
There was even a plug for Coca Cola with one of their machines in the

Scene Eight: Victoria, Mike and Philippe boned at a strip club on a
table. Not the best scene here.

Scene Nine: Mona, looking very cute with her long red hair, took on
John and Andrew at the same club. Well done.

Scene Ten: Mona, still looking fine, Christoph, still looking old,
and Nikita, that very cute blonde all hopped in bed together. The scene had
an ass to mouth shot but was still well done.

Summary: I decided it wouldn't be fair of me to rate the acting as I
don't speak French but I will lower the overall score since the movie is
advertised as having an English language audio track when, in fact, it does
not. I don't count the occasional word in English as a fully dubbed audio
track. The sex was a bit above average for other companies and below average
for Private. The cast appeared to be, with only a couple of exceptions,
their second tier of performers. That still rates them above average for
many other companies though. If you're looking for a feature movie to enjoy,
and don't speak French, pass on this one. If you just want a rental to
masturbate to, it'll get the job done but keep in mind that this is not
Private's finest hour.


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